George Soros behind Merkel´s Refugees Chaos, Abolition of Germany´s Decency, and Fall of Schengen: The Germans need Shock Therapy for Disobedience to Its Master

Summary: Angela Merkel shows a unique tenacity in relation to Germany´s and thus Europe’s open borders – with catastrophic flooding by Muslim immigrants, of whom only 20% are war refugees.

Now, therefore, nation states are breaking down under the load and introduce border controls controls, because the EU has totally failed to protect us from the floods and the crimes that follow. Denmark, Sweden, Norway (and Finland) have had enough – and are closing their borders partially to migrants. This makes Schengen fall – and, in the long run, the EU also.

But more than that has disappeared by Merkel’s irresponsibility and callousness: decency and morality at state level. For years, Sweden tolerated an increase in rapes by 1472% – now the country can no longer bear it because of voter pressure. It now comes to light that the German government covered up the ongoing migrant crime wave in Germany for years by press and police censorship.

On New Year’s Eve, 1000 Arabs / North Africans in Cologne fired firecrackers and rockets into a crowd and patted women in all parts of their bodies, one was raped.
In Hamburg, too. About this, the Mayor of Cologne said it was unacceptable to link 1000 Arab / North African with refugees! Well, in Cologne, the foolishness of the carnival season has, therefore, already begun. And Merkel said: Immigrants are a chance for Germany!! Otherwise not a word!! This tells all bout her NWO amorality. It has made Germans furious.

Merkel’s noticeable behavior coincides exactly with the strategy of Rothschild agent, George Soros . And no wonder:
Through the “Atlantic Bridge”, Bilderberger Angela Merkel is directly under the dictates of Rothschild´s / the Jesuits´US Council on Foreign Relations, the actual and undemocratic government of the United States. Soros is a CFR member – and founder of the European CFR.

Soros is angry with Germany because its Federal Bank and the Federal Court prevented the fiscal union that Soros (and therefore Rothschild) demanded: This Union would make Germany the paymaster for the irresponsible South European bust economies. Alternatively, Soros wanted to see Germany leave the euro. Merkel was very docile in this respect – but that was not enough.

What makes Soros angry is that Germany has made the EU a “not-open society” – but by the lack of a fiscal union a closed society, instead – where he can no longer milk the countries of southern Europe by means of German money flows.

If you defy Rothschild / Soros, you have to be punished. Soros now sees the EU already disbanded – and blames it on Germany. He says it´s a nightmare!!

He sees only one way: to submit the Germans to a shock treatment – so that they will be crying out for EU dictatorship.
As I described earlier, Soros has organized the refugee masses (an industry with 1.2 million employees) and pays the fare of migrants to Europe.
This is now his shock treatment.

Now Soros / Rothschild have this plan for Europe: “To be a part of the European Union, means that you have to renounce on your national identity to be part of everybody. It is no longer acceptable to be yourself “. (And this is meant as an order!)

Now he is achieving this by his alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood, which for years has a detailed plan for the Islamization of Europe. This plan has been known for years by the EU Commission – and is now implemented by it and Merkel.


IMerkel-666 have previously described Chancellor Merkel, as the evil Spirit of Europe, a female Mason (Rotary Club) showing the “666 of the Antichrist”  hand sign to signify   her Masonic “god”.  So when she says the Lord has sent us the mass immigration  she means the Lord of Masonry, Lucifer  and here and here.   Besides, she is a US errand girl (see below). She has received the gold medal in 2008 of the governers of Masons, the Jewish B´nai B´rith Lodge – and something indicates that she – the daughter of a red clergyman and a former faithful member (FDJler) of GDR´s counterpart of the Hitler Jugend – is of Jewish origin herself – just like Soros and his master

She has done her worst to kill European nation states – and now to kill the Schengen and the EU. And she is successful – as shown below.


Sputnik 5 Jan. 2015:

But Merkel´s open arm policy is doing more than killing nation states.  She is killing human decency – making the Germans very angry.
The New American 1 Jan. 2016: and WND 30 Dec. 2015German government officials have covered up crimes committed by the large number of refugees from the Middle East flooding the country.
This assertion was made by Bild. Besides, drug dealers were said to recruite refugees as drug couriers almost as soon as they registered as asylum seekers,
to sell stolen goods such as mobile phones, which in many cases were sold to other refugees.

RekerTo the following, the Mayer of Cologne, Henriette Reker asserted, “It’s completely improper… to link a group that appeared to come from North Africa with the refugees.”
(This deserves a picture and a prize during this annual Shrovetidee of the fools in Cologne) 

In Cologne on New Year´s Eve, 1000 Arabs/North Africans started firing crackers and rockets into the crowd and attacking women, groping everywhere on them. 90 cases have so far been reported to the police. And the politicians: The Minister of Justice criticizes the police!! – and Chancellor Merkel says nothing at all!!thereby speaking much louder than with many words.

Terror in KÖLN: Massivste Übergriffe auf Frauen + Diebstähle durch 1000 Männer mit Asyl-Hintergrund (ARD video)  and

It was the same in Hamburg

The Guardian 4 Jan. 2016 For the first time since the 1950s, travellers by train, bus or boat to Sweden have needed to present a valid photo ID, such as a passport, to enter Sweden from its southern neighbour Denmark, with penalties for travel operators who fail to impose checks. Passengers who fail to present a satisfactory document will be turned back.
Almost 163,000 people applied for asylum in Sweden in 2015.

Critics of Sweden’s refugee crackdown fear it will cause a “domino effect” as countries compete to outdo each other in their hostility to asylum seekers.

Last week, Norway’s right wing government proposed a package of new measures that it claimed would make Oslo’s asylum policies “among Europe’s toughest”. More than 35,000 asylum seekers arrived in Norway last year, compared with 11,500 in 2014.

ADansk-tysk-Merkel-Lars-Lökke-Rasmussenlso from 4 Jan 2016, Denmark has introduced border control  on the Danish-German border.
Deutsche Welle 6 Jan 2016: “Thorsten Borring Olesen, a professor at Aarhus University’s School of Culture and Society, Løkke Rasmussen’s introduced checks are so timid that they don’t threaten Schengen and Germany, as well as key players of Danish industry.”
There’s little doubt that the [ID checks] are mainly political theatre.”

Look once again at this photo: The inspectors are…. immigrants. This is the NWO: They let the fox guard the hen house at the Danish-German border. Who can expect efficiency here?


New year´s Eve 2015/16 meant good-bye to decency in Germany – thanks to one person: Chancellor Angela Merkel. Germany has now entered the age of the New World Order – a temporary goal of the Illuminati efforts to create total chaos.
But there is also good news: The EU is collapsing – as its Schengen collaboration was scuttled by Angela Merkel.

“I think that this invasion [to Europe] is organized by the Muslim Brotherhood using financing from a number of states,”  (Czech President Milos Zeman, Sputnik 4 Jan. 2016

Soros’ connections to the Muslim Brotherhood can be traced through his relationship to his new spokesman Marwan Muasher, as well as Mohamed ElBaradei, Muslim Brotherhood leader and member of Soros´Crisis Group who sits on the board of Soros’ ICG. (The New American 30 June 2011).

The Muslim Brotherhood has a plan for the Islamisation of Europe – with EU knowledge.

Rothschild agent  George Soros,  is the mastermind  behind Europe´s mass immigration – and no doubt Merkel´s puppeteer.

Wirtschaftswoche 4 Jan. 2016 George Soros:  I just appreciate  Merkel’s fierce determination on open borders. “Europe? It no longer exists”!
I have spent billions of dollars to help transform Europe into an open and cosmopolitan society. To me, Merkel is now fighting for that, too.
Comment: Which is neither Soros´ nor Merkel´s but European electorates´task!!)

The Commando link from Soros´master to Angela Merkel
Wikipedia: The Atlantik Brücke (German, Atlantic Bridge): In those Cold War times, the U.S. was looking for influence on Germany. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) probably gave the idea for founding the Atlantik-Brücke.
Founder (Jewish) Eric M. Warburg was a friend and consultant for John J. McCloy, Chairman of the CFR and President of the World Bank.
Members are i.a. Angela Merkel, German Pres. Gauck, Helmut Kohl, – and helmut Schmidt was, too.
Soros is a member of the US CFR – and founder of the European CFR.

On 6 Nov. 2015, I wrote about the widely branched Illuminati and their corporate  forces behind the mass immigration to Europe. Their International Migration Initiative  is rooted in politicians, and many other institutions – as well as in a lucrative  Migration industry occupying 1.2 mio. people.   George Soros is the fare paymaster for the floods of migrants and is the founder of the Open Society, the Arab springs, the colour revolutions  and his white revolution in Russia – which Putin sees as scaring.  Soros’ / Rothschild´s open society plan is necessary for the Rothschild banking / finance, etc. corporations to completely plunder open societies. States that refuse are considered closed, the so-called rascal states – and are bound for Open Society Revolutions.

Soros´ masters financed Hitler (probably himself a Rothschild and here) and through their IG Farben ran his Rockefeller´s Auschwitz! So, Nazism is no reason for these Zionist forces to hate Germany, which they needed to chase Jews to Palestine.
But they do nevertheless – and instigated 2 world wars and here   – because they could not tolerate Germany without a Rothschild central bank out-competing their countries with Rothschild central banks.

Soros being a Jewish boy  in Nazi-occupied Budapest, he would be expected to hate the Germans. But No. This time, where he worked for the Germans, betraying his own tribesmen,  was the happiest time  in his life, he says. George Soros  came to The London School of economics after the war and became a Rothschild agent.

Russia Today 4 Nov. 2015 quoting George Soros:  “To be part of the European Union means you have to shed your national identity and be part of everybody. It is no longer acceptable to be yourself”.
On 6 Nov. 2015, I brought a list of DEMANDS from Soros and his master to the EU as for the welfare of the millions of migrants they are sending. i.a. payment of large individual sums + welfare benefits for the “integration” of those unwilling and unable to be integrated.

Natural News 6 Nov. 2015: As reported by Breitbart London, after  Hungary ´s Victor Orban had accused Soros of deliberately encouraging the migrant crisis now engulfing the continent, Soros sent an email to Bloomberg Business, in which he claimed: “Orban´s plan treats the protection of national borders as the objective and the refugees as an obstacle,” Soros added. “Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle.”
Why does Soros and his master hate Germany so much as to destroy it?
sorosI came across this article by George Soros, The New York Review of Books 27 Sept. 2012   which explains why Soros hates Germany:
In the beginning, I regarded the EU as the embodiment of an open society. No nation or nationality was dominant”. But now Germany has made the EU a closed society.
Now : “Fiscal austerity in Europe is exacerbating a global trend and pushing Europe into a deflationary debt trap. That is, when too many heavily indebted governments are reducing their budget deficits at the same time, their economies shrink.”
(This means less loans in Rothschild´s banks and less sale for Rothschild´s mega-corporations – less Rothschild income).

Soros sees the euro and the EU as doomed because Germany did not obey his (and his master´s) Commandment to form a fiscal Union, in which Germany (and wealthy North European EU-states) was to pay  the debts of the irresponsible South European States: A European Fiscal Authority to buy the sovereign debts  (bonds) of Greece, Italy, Spain etc. with German money, so that the banksters could not  milk Europe´s prosperous states through draining the irresponsible South European countries. More than Merkel he blames the Deutsche Bundesbank and the German Federal Court.

By the end of July 2012 the Bundesbank had claims of some €727 billion against the central banks of the periphery countries.

Then Soros (Rothschild) demanded from Germany: 1) Germany takes the role  of a benevolent hegemon, paying the debts of the debtor countries or 2) Germany leaves the euro, letting the other euro countries devaluate an be on an equal level among them and more competitive.

But stubborn Germany will not – and it will not allow inflation! So Soros now asks what can bring Germany to make this choice?

External pressure?
The other euro countries are too weak. are too weak. That won´t do.

“The campaign to change German attitudes will therefore have to take a very different form from the intergovernmental negotiations that are currently deciding policy. European civil society, the business community, and the general public need to mobilize and become engaged.

Appealing to latent pro European feelings is necessary to save the EU. This would encounter a sympathetic response in Germany, where the large majority is still pro-European but under the spell of false fiscal and monetary doctrines”.

And then comes the threat of Germany needing shock therapy
“Only something shocking would shake Germany out of its preconceived ideas and force it to face the consequences of its current policies. That is what a movement offering a workable alternative to German domination could accomplish. In short, the current situation is like a nightmare that can be escaped only by waking up Germany and making it aware of the misconceptions that are currently guiding its policies. We can hope Germany, when put to the choice, will choose to exercise benevolent leadership rather than to suffer the losses connected with leaving the euro”.

That Rotschild´s/the Jesuits´ Council on Foreign Relations and Rothschild´s FED govern the US on behalf of Wall Street and the London City through the false Washington DC 2. Constitution of 1871  is well-known.
That their proxy, Washington D.C. governs Germany is also well-known – see German Vice-Chancellor Siegmar Gabriel´s statement i the German Parliament: Germany Has no government, is just an NGO, Merkel is just an Accountant.

Germany and the Germans – and so the EU – are  just pawns in the claws of the owners of Wall Street, the Fed, and the London City – represented by the US president – as expressed by German MP, Gregor Gysi.

Germany does  not even have a democratic constitution to protect its population – only the Basic Law, which was imposed by the victors after the 2nd World War.

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