Veterans Today: The NWO Mafia Is a Sinking Titanic – But alas, We Are the Titanic Passengers – Not the Mafia

Tens of millions of people have died or suffered grievously because of this satanist Illuminati agenda. All citizens of the West, and especially Zionists and Masons are complicit. Our political, economic and cultural leadership consists of collaborators in the Masonic Jewish credit scam. (Money is created in the form of a debt to a handful of satanist families.) The “leadership” is complicit in the cover up of numerous false flag attacks, some like 9-11 killing thousands. 

It’s just a matter of time before Zionists lose control over public discourse and the masses identify Freemasons and Zionists as the source of their ills.
I expect the trend toward mental and physical enslavement will continue in 2016, with the government acting as a proxy for the Masonic Jewish (Satanist) bankers who are behind the NWO. i.e. world Communism (Henry Makow 1 Jan 2015). 


JewishTentacles_of_power16Veterans Today 31 Dec. 2015:  We now know for certain that the Khazarian Mafia (KM – a cover name for elitist London City/Wall Street Azhkenazi Jews who are not at all Khazars) is a large, Worldwide inter-generational secret Luciferian occult system of unimaginable evil based on ancient Babylonian Talmudism known as Baal Worship – see Shabbataean-Frankist Satanism 

The KM is characterized by the use of private KM central banking with fake money. They have used these debt-notes to entrap the World into debt-slavery.

They have created: an elastic unlimited source of funny money they have used to buy, bribe and own elected officials; wars engineered for increased power, profit and cheap access to resources accompanied by mass-murder and maiming of thousands and even hundreds of millions; drug trafficking; pedophilia; sex-slavery; and secret Satanic rituals including child torture and their blood sacrifice.
The “Select Few” who are the KM leaders also serve as the top several Policy-makers in America.

FRS-slaveryIn 1913 the Khazarian Mafia (KM) was able to hijack the American Monetary Creation and Distribution System through their private Federal Reserve System (FRS) which then provided the KM with an unlimited means for  Massive bribes  and here and here  to Members of Congress and USG officials – and the UK Parliament – through various lobbying groups which in reality serve as espionage fronts for the Khazarian Mafia (KM) Banksters.

But the FRS or the KM has never been brought to justice because of its massive unbridled money power to buy, bribe, corrupt and hire contract hitmen to sanction anyone including Presidents who come after them.

Certain “loyal to America” sectors in the Pentagon and American Intel want them brought to justice one way or another for this mass murder of 3,000 Americans that day and the later deaths of 39,000 first responders and neighbours.
In addition there are about 70,000 locals that are fighting for their lives from strange cancers and lung disorders from the 9-11-01 attack and cannot get any justice because of a crooked Federal Judge who is owned by the KM and is an American Dual Citizen Traitor… (That means Khazar).

The Khazarian Mafia (KM) created a massive Worldwide Web of Debt which has oppressed most of humanity.

We now know for certain that all these Mideast Wars for at least the last 50 years have all been used to maintain the KM’s hegemony over oil production and to gain cheap access to the natural resources.

Up until now the KM Bankster’s American FRS has been an unsinkable ship of a secret “hidden from plain sight” supra-national KM mega-state.

israel-9-11That is, until recently, until the KM used Israeli Intel and Dual Citizen Traitors in the USG  attacked America on 9-11-01 and here and have now been exposed for this false-flag action designed to manipulate Americans into fighting another war for Israel, the KM, its associated large defense contractors and Big Oil.

But this is now coming to an end (?) thanks to crafty efforts of the Russian Federation and China which have been setting up new banking and trade systems outside the US Petro Dollar.

The new checkmate of the KM by Russia in Syria is now exposing the KM and it its constituents.
Russians  have captured some of ISIS´ commanders that are singing like canaries.

This video tells that Rothschild is in control of everything – also of Putin who is “defying” the Rothschilds. Everything in this world is a lie. They have placed a Muslim in the US – and a “Christian” puppet in Russia.  Putin has not conquered Rothschild – it just seems so, for an uncanny purpose. This is the time of the great deception.
The Rothschilds´ Hegelian screenplay goes on with a feigned phoney war between Rothschild and Putin.

We are now all learning the terrible truth that the leaders of these nations have been working together to create Terrorist mercenary armies to start wars to create extreme profits for the KM Banksters and their associated large international defense contractors and Big Oil.

sharonWhat much of the World is now learning is that ISIS and all Mideast Terror groups are actually private mercenary armies that have been created, trained, supported and paid by Israel, USA, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the UK and much of NATO.

Their pan has been expand their Worldwide Fiat Counterfeiting System until it collapses and then institute a Worldwide electronic monetary system in its place, one they would control.

They could then use all NSA spy data to take any dissidents out of their electronic system preventing them from buying, selling, working or even eating.

But alas, the top several leaders of the KM System, e.g. the “Select Few”, have become very, very old and now approach death from aging and physical deterioration.
Naturally, the KM has started to realize the danger of  present threat to their World Hegemony and has taken massive steps to neutralize the truth and here nuggets which have been spreading from the Internet like wildfire.

Zbigniew Brzezinski and Hillary Clinton admit that the global elite is losing the information war

But the repressive laws the KM pass are destined to failure because the American Public’s rage toward appointed and elected officials of the USG grow every day for neglecting to represent them and instead serving only wealthy special interests.

The KM has thousands on Internet trolls, stooges and sock-puppets to neutralize truly important truth nuggets. But these efforts are losing effectiveness as many Alternative Media users become too sophisticated to be psyopped anymore.

The banksters know that and are preparing to run off to safe places like New Zealand and Patagonia/Argentine from WEF, Davos Jan. 2015

Our Politicians in America are working very hard to protect the interests of the KM and the Israeli-American Defense Machine but they are presently failing.

TITANIC1Yes, anyone who has carefully considered all aspects of this issue will conclude that the KM System used to be an unsinkable Titanic.

But it is now increasingly evident to many that KM is now headed directly for a collision with a large and growing iceberg of worldwide populism.

This staged play on the global stage never leads to the break-down of the Jesuit/Rothschild  elite and here. They want to destroy us – and have secured their hideouts at the periphery of the globe. The East-West conflict is under their complete control and will reach its climax when God tells them to act. For they are promoting God´s end time plan (Jeremiah 25:29 – on, Joel 4, Luke 21, Matth. 24, Albert Pike/William Carr) as the tool od God´s wrath (Isaiah 13:5).
Their Hegelian thesis (US bad) and antithesis (good Putin/ Illuminati Antichrist?) is part of their Satanic deception – and they are very successful.
For people are so constructed that they believe, if one side is bad the other side must be good. That both are equally bad, one side just cleverer, is unimaginable to them.


Left: The Georgia Guidestones

The Illuminati are not a sinking Titanic. The world population is the sinking Titanic – and is going down while the NWO rock music plays.

Do not expect “salvation” from any political configuration or person.  They are all deceptors.
Our salvation from from the upcoming chaos caused by the “Prince of the World” (John 14:39) is the 2. coming of Jesus Christ.



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