Veterans Today Takes Stock of US-Mafia´s Foreign Policy: Way into WWIII

I have written much on the screenply called the end time: The Hegelian dialectics thesis -antithesis and synthesis.
In my latest post, I wrote on the antithesis: Putin´s Russia. Today´s post is about the rich Whore of the apocalypse, I think: The USA which already back in 2011 declared WWIII – on al Qaeda. It´s the “war on terror

Veterans Today 28 Dec. 2015: Aapocaalypse-horsemenmericans are quite aware of  and the majority don’t approve of America’s insane foreign policy, the right wing Republican Party, the “opposition” not only does, they don’t think Obama is doing enough killing and certainly not in enough places.

When documents on 9/11- 2001   were sent from Russia in May of 2014, citing not only Saudi Arabia but a very different “cabal” of political and financial leaders — American, Canadian, Israeli and South African, backed by rogue groups in the CIA and Pentagon and backed by Saudi and Israeli intelligence.

There were no Islamic extremists, no bin Laden, only the secretive and powerful, names like “Bronfman” or “Netanyahu.” Nobody was hiding in caves, not the real perpetrators, same as today with ISIS, the terror group run from boardrooms in Zurich and London, not from tunnels under Mosul.

Why we take a look at this now is that Bush-era history may well be repeating itself. His brother Jeb is a presidential frontrunner; Donald Trump, a total unknown may be elected as well, and so many others, all working for the shady Koch Brothers and Israeli gambling boss Sheldon Adelson, are looking for a world war.

All have one thing in common, war with Russia
, a worldwide police state with universal surveillance and what is less understood, environmental collapse that will inexorably lead to world depopulation.maintain_humanity-georgia-guidestones

Left: The Georgia Guidestones

What we also need to look at, why I hesitantly mention 9/11 and the proven facts, nuclear weapons planted under the “triple towers,” arrests of Mossad teams across New York, radio jammers that block first responder communications, suspects flown out of the country, two planeloads of Saudis and Israeli…is that we are seeing it all again.


Not only are the players the same for ISIS but the Ukraine as well, for Boko Harum, for al Shebab in Kenya and East Africa, for the new expanded war in Afghanistan and a new terror war now sweeping across Europe and into the US as well.

Under Obama’s watch, however, police murders have either increased or have begun being reported after years of silence, we don’t know which is true, the Arab Springs have thrown a hundred million people into a political disaster – now clearly a CIA plot – and the Cold War is back on, based on another Mossad/CIA plot in Ukraine.

We have Obama and Kerry one moment spouting the most obvious and clumsy lies and following genocidal policies, particularly toward Iran, Syria, Russia and China, while only a short time later coming to the bargaining table with competent and rational initiatives. This is pure schizophrenia.

There is no question that Russia has been pushed into drawing a line in Syria against American aggression. Whatever anyone says, particularly how Obama is failing to fight ISIS, those who voice the most concerns about ISIS are those who helped found ISIS and  continue and here  to support that terrorist group. We are talking not only Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey but America’s Right, the same people who helped stage 9/11 in order to create an atmosphere of fear.
Thus, where in seven years, Obama failed to bring America into the light, pushing the world into a New Cold War and Europe into a period of political insanity not seen since August 1914. The same tired players — the American political gangsters, the McCain and Romney cartel, tied to Mexico’s Salinas family, the Adelson empire out of Macao and the Rothschild-Rockefeller “Federal Reserve Cartel” that controls world currency and banking — wield the real power.

This is what we are really seeing, an America ruled at an overt level by scamsters and criminals, oil, defense, insurance, nuclear power and coal, hand in hand with drug cartels and powerful families like the Walton/Walmart group.

Behind this, there is no “America” as such, only a thin “front” for channeling military power into the hands of worldwide organized crime.

The 3rd world war will come when Damascus is leveled with the ground (Isaiah 17) and Israel is attacked by Gog, the prince of Rosh (Ezekiel 38-39).

Wolfgang Eggert

The Chabad Lubavitch Jews have colossal influence on the governments of the world – and especially on Putin (Rabbi Berel Lazar). This sect – see the US Pentecostals, too – has  only one thing in mind: to speed up the 3rd World War to speed the coming of  their Messiah (e.g. Matt. 24). Their screenplay for the 3rd world war is the Bible prophecies.

That day has long since been established God. No man knows the date. God always acts through people – and the people who will be giving  the marching order, are undoubtedly the Jesuits / Rothschild world regents.

As to World Government: See EU Council President Van Rompuy 2009:

“Our” Masonic politicians “undoubtedly know the Albert Pike-William Carr plan for the 3rd World War. This plan is, however,  disputed.

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