Has Putin´s Domestic Troubles with Rampant Poverty Driven Him into False Flag Crimes?

The West is waging war on Putin: By sanctions and depressing oil prices they make Russia´s income sources shrink. Military renewal and covert warfare in Eastern Ukraine as well as in Syria are expensive and brings the Russian population into the situation so well known in the Hitler era: “Guns instead of butter”. Under the leadership of Rothschild agent George Soros, the  same historical forces are  trying to make “regime change” in Russia through first “white colour revolution” since presumably rebellion in an ongoing war between Rothschild and Putin/ i.e. the London City vs. Orthodox Judaism, Chabad Lubavitch  and here.

Opinion polls show Putin popularity of about 90%. But that does not mean that Russians are happy and absolutely pleased with Putin´s domestic policies. They seem to blame Putin´s domestic  policy failures on the Jewish oligarchs and here in his government and entourage.

russian-povertyInternational Business Times 10 Sept. 2015: Almost one in every seven Russians is now living in poverty. In the first six months of 2015, the number of Russians living below the minimum income of 10,017 rubles ($147) a month grew to 21.7 million people — an almost 15% increase from the same period last year, according to data from state statistics agency Rosstat, cited by the Moscow Times.
However, the Moscow Times report added that the effective poverty rate is likely to be far higher than the official figure.

The rise in poverty has been fueled by spiraling inflation, which hit a 13-year high in March and consumer prices rising almost 17 % from last year. The country’s GDP also plunged by 4.6% in the second quarter of this year.

According to a poll published earlier this month by the Levada Center, a Russian non-government research organization found that 78 percent of respondents were worried about inflation, 42 percent about increasing poverty and 36 percent about unemployment, compared to just 22 percent who said the Ukrainian conflict was a concern.
A March report from Russian investment bank VTB Capital predicted that spending on food would account for 50 percent to 55 percent of all household income by the end of the year, up from 40 percent last year.

russian-poverty2Russian Poverty 14 July 2015

Moscow’s sanctions on imported Western food, combined with its weak economy, have caused the cost of several staples to skyrocket. Despite expanding its food imports from Latin American countries, Russians may soon be facing shortages of food, which could trigger social unrest, the Stratfor report cautioned

Israel Shamir is a Swedish citizen and leading Russian Israeli  internationally acclaimed radical spiritual and political thinker, Internet columnist and writer 

In The Unz Review, 23 Dec. 2015 Shamir Israel writes: 
Even the most optimistic ones are disappointed by lacklustre economic performance, and they blame the government of Prime Minister Medvedev and his liberal monetarist team.
Meanwhile, Putin rises above the blame game, but the government is less and less popular.

The following list by Shamir Israel shows that Putin´s loyalty is not undivided to the Russians

  • Euro-vs.-ubelAs the rouble drops, even the rather pro-Kremlin mass-circulation newspaper KP published a call for the economy and finance ministers to resign or to be fired.

    Left Euro-Rubel exchange rates from the ECB.

    Putin is stubborn and unusually loyal to his
    (Jewish) colleagues. No accusation has ever convinced him to dismiss a man of his team – however corrupt they are.

  • Putin stands by the most hated politician of Yeltsin’s era, Jewish Mr Anatoly Chubays. The Financial Times called him Father to Putin´s (Jewish) Oligarch entourage. After leaving the government, Chubays has been appointed to lead the RUSNANO, a state-owned corporation notorious for its embezzlement and waste. Putin saved him many times over from prosecution.
  • Putin went, hat in hand, to Yekaterinburg for the grand opening of Boris Yeltsin’s Memorial Centre  and referred kindly to the loathed late President who appointed him his successor. People were furious seeing their president enjoying himself among the carpetbaggers of Yeltsin’s regime.
  •  In Russia, a major chunk of Russian media, state-owned or subsidised by the taxpayer, transmits pro-Western and anti-Russian agenda (The Moscow Times), alleged the eminent film director Nikita Michalkovn. He called upon Putin to banish the enemies within, but state TV refused to broadcast the video.
  • Putin’s recent press-conference provided a chance for more criticism. Beside the points mentioned above, the journalists asked why state enterprise CEOs are paid millions of dollars a year, while everybody else is called upon to tighten the belt. They asked why the Russian Central Bank keeps buying US bonds and supports the US Dollar at the expense of the rouble. They asked why import substitution does not work etc.

These are protests from the pro-Putin crowd, from people who supported his takeover of Crimea and his entry into the Syrian war. They could bear some deprivation, but they are upset by Putin’s condoning thieves, by his apparent cronyism, by his oligarch friends. Dr Stepan Sulakshin, the head of a Moscow think tank, publicly accused Putin of knowingly leading Russia into further degradation.

This bubbling dissatisfaction of Putin’s supporters may yet turn  dangerous for the president – and us.

The Daily Mail 18 Dec. 2014: The fact that economic collapse now threatens the Putin regime means the situation is terrifyingly volatile. Given his past form, it’s more than likely that Putin’s KGB-trained instinct will be to try to repress all opposition to his rule – even though it is growing by the day.

Worse, there’s a strong possibility that he will attempt to distract the population with a military adventure. Putin is cornered, like a wounded animal, with very few options left. That is why, right now, he is more dangerous than ever. (And Putin did enter military adventures in the Ukraine and Syria)

Here is a short excerpt from  articles in  The Daily Mail 25 Dec. 2015  and The Sunday  Expresss 26 Dec. 2015 with explosive contents.

On October 31,  Metrojet Flight 9268 exploded over the Sinai Desert. All 224 Russian passengers were killed.

Boris-KarpichkovLeft: Boris Karpichkov, a former spy with the KGB (later renamed the FSB under Putin´s leadership) who now lives under a new identity. He told the Guardian that the FSB murdered  Litwinenko

Karpichkov says Putin cynically authorised the tragedy not only to obtain worldwide sympathy at a time when Russia was being treated as a pariah because of its aggression towards Ukraine, but also to gain support for its ostensible belligerence against ISIS, which Putin would use as a cover to attack rebel groups in Syria who were sworn enemies of his ally President al-Assad.  Furthermore  to bolster Russia’s multi-billion-pound weapons business with the Middle East.
And then blame ISIS for it. How reliable Karpichov is is uncertain.

The major claims his information comes from a general lieutenant in GRU (one of Russia’s numerous military intelligence wings).

Then follows a classic spy story:
A hardboiled KGB-educated Russian spy charmed a Russian girl in Sharm-el-Sheik and asked her to bring a small parcel (with an explosive EHV7) to someone in St. Petersburg. This parcel was exploded on board.

Putin has allegedly used such murderous methods against his own people to generate support for war before.
In 1999, during Putin’s first term as president after coming to power following a career as a KBG spy (and FSB boss), he was accused of being behind the infamous bombings of four apartment blocks in Moscow as well as the cities of Buynaksk and Volgodonsk.
Within 24 hours of a series of explosions ripping through the apartment blocks, killing 307 civilians, Putin blamed Islamic fighters in Chechnya and launched a devastating air assault on the region.

At the same time, another bomb plot was foiled and Russian police traced suspicious calls, in which ‘terrorists’ discussed the atrocity, to a number in Moscow. It turned out to belong to the FSB (state security) – the boss of which Putin had been and which uncontrolled is terrorizing Russia.
Other suspects arrested for the bombing campaign were later released after showing their FSB official identification cards.
Even more damning, it transpired that a Russian official had expressed his condolences about the apartment building bombings in an official speech to a council meeting — 3 days before any of the explosions.

A special parliamentary commission was set up to investigate the plot in 2000. While Putin’s government refused to co-operate with the inquiry, two members of the commission were killed in apparent assassinations, and its senior lawyer was jailed.
The commission later blamed Islamists and Chechen separatists for the apartment bombings.

Yet Alexander Litvinenko, the former KGB spy who fled to Britain and was later murdered by two Russian agents, also alleged — along with several other former Putin allies — that the apartments were blown up on the Kremlin’s orders to win public support for a war in Chechnya.

All dictators in modern times have used false flag operations. Why not Putin? Apparently he has already done so previously
But if a spy in this case speaks the truth no one can tell.
However, Putin has the motive to do so in order to keep his people in suspense – and to break Zbigniew Brzezinski´s US-encirclement of Russia.

As for Putin´s former false flags – look here: Senior Russian Senior military and intelligence officers admit that the KGB blew up Russian apartment buildings in 1999 and falsely blamed it on Chechens, in order to justify an invasion of Chechnya (and see this report and this discussion).

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