Cyberpol Supercomputer 666: Big Brother Watches You on Internet – EU´s NSA


On 27 Oct. 2014, I wrote about ECIPS  (EUROPEAN CENTRE FOR INFORMATION POLICY & SECURITY) – a rather mysterious organisation with an  EU internet address. Since then, as of 15 June 2015, ECIPS has become an organisation by Royal decree. Cyberpol was recognized as an International Organization by Royal Decree on the 2 June 2015 WL22/16/595 governed by Title III of the Belgian law of 27 June 1921 on the non-profit organizations. ECIPS calls itself a “Global Watchdog”

TCyberpol-666he ECIPS has founded the Cyberpol in 2013.
Not only that: Cyberpol is now using the name 666 for its supercomputer to catch all these forces define as cybercriminality. 666 is the number of the Antichrist in the Book of Revelation (13:18). And this speaks volumes on the forces behind it.

It is worrisome that this unknown and purportedly very influential organisation addresses “our ways of life” and “mutual objectives”.

Why does A Luciferian role-playing game (Warhammer 4000) and an EU affiliated organisation have the same Masonic, dualistic double-headed eagle logo? Warhammer was shut down on 18 Dec. 2013.

warhammer 4000

ECIPS strictly forbids use of its logo. But it is the same two-headed Eagle or Falcon as here from Warhammer.

Veterans Today 25 Dec. 2015:  The advanced supercomputer of CYBERPOL named 666 is schedule to go live on the 13th April 2016, this according to insider information. Some speculate that is will be somewhere in a MoD Cyber hosting facility in Antarctica,
It is thought that when a cyber criminal activity is listed on 666, it can’t be removed and all data is shared simultaneously with all authorities. Effectively this will prevent any cyber criminals to escape in the future.

It’s clear that Big Brother is watching you and the message is loud and clear. DON’T DO THE WRONG THINGS on internet is written on your walls.

CYBERPOL:  The organization is an independent organization fully functionally under its own statutes.

The International Cyber Police Organization (AISBL) monitors the World Wide Web on international organized cybercrime. CYBERPOL identifies, investigates and identifies International cyber crimes.
CYBERPOL finds and monitors international malicious sites and IP with illegal and harmful contents, which may affect the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of all Internet users.

 ECIPS is launching its annual CYBERPOL Global Cyber Security Summit, a platform aimed at fostering dialogue amongst, key security players – such as Governments, Corporations, Banks, Private Businesses, Academics, Think Tanks, the Military and other partners.

Veterans Today 24 Nov. 2015: The CYBERPOL International Cyber Security Summit was attended by nearly 100 officials from 28 countries, 8 embassies and 28 corporations and private firms. Several high profile speakers from VERIZON, KPMG, ICSPA (International Cyber Security Protection Alliance), AWDC, SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe).
The President’s speech was followed by Mr. Raymond Kendall, the sixth Secretary General of INTERPOL Lyon, France.

Once again a secret organisation to surveil us totally undemocratic.
It claims to police the world wide web for “illegal and harmful contents, which may affect the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of all Internet users”. It claims it wants to change “our way of life” – without telling us how and why.
This is just one of many examples of how thw NWO sneakingly influences our lives without us knowing who are pulling the strings – even that strings are being pulled.

At the same time ECIPS speaks of free speech. It is uncertain who is actually behind this NGO – but it has EU-addresses and EU buildings on its websites.


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4 Responses to Cyberpol Supercomputer 666: Big Brother Watches You on Internet – EU´s NSA

  1. Adamus says:

    Just a few things they are not an NGO but an INGO a very big difference since an INGO is an official international utility ORGANIZATION. Having said that. They are a very powerful organization and to some extend made security services wake up after the 13 November Paris terror attack since it was all over the news the pressure exercised to step up security. They are certainly keeping a tab on things. Is it all bad. Not so sure they have done some positive things as well. Don’t take me wrong. I don’t like them but who els came to say that politicians ain’t doing enough tonprotectvourcways of life ? Nobody so far I know. Long before the EU migrant crises they published the exodus alert. Perhaps it’s not all what it seems. Just a view worthy of thinking about. Cheers Adamus.

  2. Anders says:

    Thank you, Adamus.

    I am fundamentally sceptic to all “all-seeing eyes”. They tell us they will protect us from terrorists – but not that their real purpose probably is to snoop into what should be peaceful citizens´ privacy – to exert global mind control and snooping on behalf of big brother. Just like the NSA.
    When such an INGO, clearly affiliated to the EU – but not part of that organisation – apparently places itself on our side I have a strong feeling of hypocrisy. I cannot help thinking of Hegelian dialectics.

  3. Euromed says:

    Nothing happened !

  4. Anders says:

    Hello, Euromed.

    Hopefully not. But we cannot tell – because this is about secret service.

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