Thank You, Angela Merkel and Sweden, for Promoting the Break-down of Schengen and the EU

hungarian-border-closureThe Schengen Agreement never worked: The external EU borders were always  open to immigrants from third-countries – and after the EU/NATO military started driving Afghans, Iraqis, Syrians, Libyans unhindered into the  EU the EU established welcome Centres equipping millions and millions of legal and in particular illegal immigrants with lifelong social care at the cost of ingenuous Europeans. Frontex has been unable and unwilling to stop the migrant floods –  even downright working as ferries for boat migrants from North Africa.

IMerkel-666n particular German judeophilic Luciferian US Vassal, Bilderberger 2005,   Rotary Club member, and here invited the whole muslim world, which is poor and will always remain poor, to come to Germany.
When they came Merkel infamously began to distribute them to her unwilling neighbours who had criticized her reckless invitation.

However, there are problems
DWN 21 Dez. 2015: The Hungarian ambassador to Germany, Györkös: “In reality,  at least 20 of 28 EU countries rejected the allocation of refugees. The Ambassador admitted that his compatriots were not necessarily  so open to the world . There is a “certain anxiety” especially of the Muslim immigrants”.
martinschulz666 DWN 21 Dez. 2015: In view of the refugee crisis and the success of right-wing parties   Martin Schulz, the President of the EU Parliament, has warned of a collapse of the European Union (EU). “We are threatening to fall apart,” Schulz told the Frankfurter Rundschau.

Merkel´s twisted morality goes further: She will punish EU states which will not take a share of hostess Merkel´s invited guests!
The Guardian 20 Dec. 2015: Germany’s foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has threatened legal action against EU countries that refuse to accept refugees under the bloc’s quota programme.
The German minister spoke specifically of Slovakia and Hungary.

DWN 17 Dez. 2015: Only 30% of Swedes support the parties of the silent Swedish coalition government.
As Dagens Nyheter reported, mainly the Greens´ voters are running away. Had there been elections now, the popularity of the Greens would be halved. As a reason, several  DN-interviewed politicians stated the liberal refugee policy.

Nloefven2ow the parties have responded by actually closing the Swedish borders as decided on Thursday: 1) An entry without valid documents is no longer possible. 2) Temporary residence permits are no longer issued. 3) Family reunification is hampered drastically. 4) There are enhanced identity checks, including on buses and trains.
In recent weeks, there had been numerous acts of violence. Several refugee homes were set on fire. A (Swedish) teenager killed students and a teacher in a school with migrants at Trollhätan. An asylum seeker who was to be deported, killed two Swedes in an Ikea branch (beheaded one).

EU Summit debacle: Nobody  bothers to hear Merkel any more
merkel-isoliert DWN 18 Dez. 2015:  The EU-summit on the refugee crisis has failed: The solution of the most pressing issues was postponed. Nevertheless, Chancellor Angela Merkel campaigned  for the additional reception of refugees from Turkey. However, this is rejected by most countries. Many of them have Sweden in mind, which  at the beginning of the crisis had  posed as very liberal – but has now virtually closed her borders  on Thursday through a parliamentary vote.
EU Parliament President  Schulz said that the EU countries are drifting apart. Merkel called for a closed EU approach. But obviously the opposite is the case.

But the resentment goes much deeper than  Merkel would like to admit. This includes in particular the increasing marginalization of elected national governments. A few days ago,  in a different context, Schulz had spoken of a “coup d´état” in Poland, i.e. a non- “cosmopolitan” democratically elected government – after which  the EU threatens Poland  withdrawal of her voting rights.

By the end of June 2016,  the EU will  decide on the controversial Commission plans for a European border protection – ignoring national sovereignty.

Without this sudden Masonic / Illuminati-instigated Muslim mass immigration, sneaking big immigration would have continued until  sleeping Europe would be islamized.
The sudden mass immigration has opened the eyes of the Europeans  having to open their  empty purses as welfare states are being dismantled – and on top of that having to put up with  violence and sneering remarks  instead of gratitude. This puts pressure on “our” cowardly Masonic politicians, forcing them to exceptionally  prioritize their populations over the immigrants – and at least make as if they want to stop the Muslim invasion masses.

Of course, they  do not mean it seriously and are not moved by moral scruples (because they have no morals) – but they fear for their seats in parliament (Sweden).

We can thank ideologically obsessed Angela Merkel and Sweden for this clarification and the looming collapse of the Schengen agreement  and therefore the EU now emerging.  This may mean that the Europeans find the value of their roots – so much more valuable than the root of Illuminism and Islam.


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