Very Exact Analysis of Islam´s Fatal Political Influence in Europe. Paul Joseph Watson.

This is about the most exact analysis I have heard about the guilt of the leftists´ and the total failure of cowardly moderates´ as for the demise of Europe  – politically, culturally, religiously, morally and as far as European human dignity is concerned.
These forces are allowing increasing Muslim violence, rape epidemics, dismantling Western welfare states – even persecuting those few who still dare criticize this violation of fundamental human rights of indigenous Europeans.

Watson also points to the inevitability of violent indigenous European forces growing much stronger – leading to more terror and even civil war.

Watson  mentions the guilt  of liberal governments wanting social clients as certain votes, because the mass immigrants will never become independent of state benefits.
Furthermore, he points to the EU creating the refugee crisis and then using it to expand its own power to dictate external border policing without the consent of nation states – pushing aside more national souvereignty.

What Watson does not mention, however, is the despicable role of the evil Pharisaic Illuminati  Rothschild agent George Soros and his treacherous errand boys/girls Masonic forces (“our” politicians) behind the mass migration subversion of our societies.

And he does not mention their real motive: The Pharisaic Adam Weishaupt/Mayer Amschel Rothschild ideology with 3 main purposes: 1) First and foremost to eradicate the teachings of Christ 2) To destroy family and all morality 3) To replace nation states with a new Communist  eco-one-world-order: Agenda 21. – the “International Community” of Masonic world leaders from 193 countries.
What that means? Do you still remember the Soviet Union?


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