EUObserver´s Bitter Obituary of Globalism, Regression into “Tribalism”??

In my latest post I wrote about DWN´s obituary of the Nation State. Today EUObserver ays good-bye to globalism – much too late. Huntington´s clash of civilizations (2) Foreign Affairs. Summer 1993, describes exactly the following preconditions of this clash.

The clash of  civilization is a tool of  the elitist Hegelian plan to divide and rule and so weakening the resistance  of the peoples to the elitist New World order. Samuel P. Huntington was a member of Rothschilds Council on Foreign Relations   was co-author of the Trilateral Commission´s paper “The Crisis of Democracy” and a frequent writer in the Council on Foreign relations Foreign Affairs.

But EUObserver forgets one thing: A clash presupposes 2 parties: In Europe, there is just one party: Islam. Indigenous Europeans are spiritually dead and will convert to Islam if demnaded to do so.
And that demand will come: See ISIS´plan for world Caliphate by 2017-2020 – supported and here by Muslim Brother Obama and here and his NATO. Who will not convert will be beheaded. 

EUObserver 8 Dec.2015: The attacks in Paris on 13 November 2015 will only accelerate the trend that was already haunting Europe and the rest of the world.

The world has left the path of of globalisation and is taking the trail of tribalisation. The victory of Le Pen is just a start. Unfortunately, history has shown time and again that nothing good will come out of this.

french-tribalismImportant traumatic events have plunged people all over the globe into an identity crisis. Their response is tribalisation: going back to the tribe they know best.
For two decades, the world seemed to be convinced that all indicators pointed in the same direction: more democracy, more economic openness, more human rights, more international cooperation. Not anymore.

The old anti-forces of the liberal order, authoritarian nationalism and religious extremism are back with a vengeance. The most obvious example of the return of authoritarian nationalism is Russia
The same trend is also clear in most member-states of supra-national Europe, not the least in Hungary and Greece. Religious extremism is on a scary height in the Arab world, and also in parts of Africa, India and Myanmar.

The US and Europe seem to be too tired and powerless to halt this decline.  It looks like both powers are facing a global system failure and have no idea how to deal with it.
The entire world is plunging into an identity crisis.

What is an identity crisis?
An identity crisis or existential crisis is a psychological state of mind of – mostly high-achieving – individuals who feel depressed, angry and lost, and who question the very foundations of their lives.

It usually occurs after a traumatic experience such as an extreme disappointment, a broken relationship, the death of a loved one or a sudden loss of status. These traumas result in a loss of confidence and self-esteem.

In trying to find a way out of this depressive disorder most people tend to go into anchoring: finding a well-known fixation point such as religion, closed social groups or one particular idea or ideology. People are looking for the security and warmth of a group, or what I call a tribe.

What’s interesting is that psychologists have found that in looking for a way out of an identity crisis people often prefer a negative identity rather than a weak identity.

Societies – just like individuals – can suffer traumatic experiences too. Just like individuals, societies often respond to traumatic experiences with an identity crisis by regressing back into what they know best from the past – what I am describing as tribalisation.

They go back to the tribal (old) ideas and tribal (old) behaviour. These tribal ideas are mostly based on myths of a great past as the only way towards a great future.

Tribalisation is a process that almost always includes the creation of enemies. The fight against external enemies is essential, while internal enemies are the “traitors from within” because they are weakening the tribe in their existential battle.

europe´s-identity-risisThe world’s current identity crisis
The world’s new wave of tribalisation is a predictable answer to several traumatic experiences and a loss of confidence and status.
Most Arabs feel totally lost now. The ones with the deepest identity crisis see the Islamic State as the last resort, in the Arab World but also in Europe. Others choose the other tribal solution: authoritarian nationalism. This is obvious in Egypt.

EUROPE: Tribalisation is hitting again in the heart of Europe. It is further weakening the EU internally and externally. It’s hard to say how this is going to end but a disintegration of the European Union may be around the corner.
In the United States the division between the Democrats and the Republicans is growing.

The economic crisis 2008-9, the Ukraine are mentioned as traumas – but of course not EU´s open border policy for muslim mass immigration!

Maybe, the elite know that Huntington´s plan will not materialize, because they have enslaved us  spiritually with prosperity.


There are so many Muslims in Europe that any attempt to deport or otherwise to neutralize them would lead to violence.
For these invitee invaders show by their demeanor, their statements, their suits and isolation that they are non-citizens, that they are strangers and want things to remain that way .

We were to be assimilated into their religion / ideology.

Huntington said  dispute along cultural dividing lines is inevitable and will lead to a big clash. No – instead Eurpeans will  convert to Islam. Anyway, they are already abandoning any culture and religion.
“Our” Masonic politicians know since the beginning. They just follow their imposed plan – without protest from their enslaved peoples.
This used to be called high treason. However, today the few who dare protest against the islamisation of Europe are considered traitors to the NWO


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