The NWO Pattern: After the Paris Massacre under False Flag. France Suspends Human Rights

Merkel-Hollande-Bürgerrechte-Menschenrechte-Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten 26 Nov. 2015: After the Paris attacks, France has partially suspended the European Convention on Human Rights.
The Paris government had informed the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe, Thorbjorn Jagland, a spokesman of the pan-European organization of states said on Wednesday at Strasbourg. Details of the exposed items were initially not disclosed.

France justified the measure by the proclaimed  state of emergency after the Paris terror attacks on 13 Nov. 2015. The emergency state  has now been extended by three months.

Citing Article 15 of the Human Rights Convention, France could justify the detention of a suspect, for example, without a court order. According to the spokesman of the Council of Europe it is the task of the European Court of Human Rights to examine whether the suspension of an article in a particular case is justified or not.
The state of emergency  in France allows curfews, house searches without a court order, even at night and  house arrest for people whose “activity” is seen as “dangerous to the security and public order. In addition, assembly bans can be imposed and concert halls and theaters

Already after Charlie Hebdo, the French had been put under military guardianship. In the past, by means of  special actions, intelligence services have  repeatedly  achieved  that citizens are scared in order to  then sell them the restrictions on their rights as a gift.

Thus comes true what I wrote in my article dated 14 Nov. 2014 “Paris Massacre: Another NWO false flag operation for NWO police state in Europe and boots on the ground  in Syria” and here.

Global Res. 15 March 2015: Hollande has equated “conspiracy theories” with Nazism and calls on  governmental regulations to prevent that thoughts deemed dangerous by the government are shared or published

It is full-blown  Fascism/Soviet Communism.

This is the way world dictatorship is being built

It is in this way that the NWO dictatorship is established.

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