Are We Being Affected by Evil Spirits?

I know next to nothing about Emanuel Swedenborg, only that he was a Swedish naturalist and philosopher who  after a religious crisis had hallucinations and dream visions. Thereupon, he  dealt with his visions of afterlife. He developed a kind of unchristian New Age religion  and postulated that man is in equilibrium between good and evil spirits, depending on his own choice.

Now comes a psychoterapeut, Jerry Marzinsky, with a remarkable and far-reaching explanation of the mental illness of schizophrenia and more  through shifting Swedenborg balance in favour of negative, evil spirits.

This interesting video explains the theory in English. Abstract from the video below.

In the New Testament it is told that Christ expelled evil spirits from severely insane / epileptic people, commanding the evil spirits – and that they cried out to him, not to torment them (Luke 8: 2, 20). Christ imposed on his disciples to expel demons (Mark 16: 15-18) – and the Vatican has an Exorcist who says the Devil is in the Vatican – of course, because Satan was enthroned in 1963 as head of the Catholic Church.

What is schizophrenia?
This disease usually starts at a young age and is characterized by blunted emotions, taciturnity, delusions, lack of connection between thoughts.
Almost all have hallucinations – in particular auditory hallucinations.

Cause of Schizophrenia
WebMD: Above all, the disesas is hereditary. Scientists believe that an imbalance in the complex, interrelated chemical reactions of the brain, via the neurotransmitter substances dopamine and glutamate, and possibly others, plays an important role in schizophrenia. Neurotransmitters are substances which enable brain cells to communicate with each other.
Liquid-filled cavities in the middle of the brain, called ventricles, are larger than normal in some people with schizophrenia. The brains of people with the disease also  tend to have less gray matter, and some areas of the brain may show less or more activity.

Ischizophrenic-brain-activityndividuals with schizophrenia, including those who have never been treated, show decreased function of the prefrontal area, an area of the brain that we use for planning and thinking about ourselves.
Here  PET brain scanning left of a normal identical twin – right  of his schizophrenic twin brother.

My experiences which have led me to the idea of ​​an influence of evil spirits in our lives.
I: I’ll start with my grandson. Sometimes, when he was so young that he could barely speak, he stayed with us, because his parents had to work. He has very loving parents who are spoiling him in my opinion.
Almost every night he would wake up at 2-3 o´clock and weep inconsolably. I kept asking him why. At a time when he could answer he said: “Afraid of monsters”.
Since then he has been very busy occupied with monster movies and games and has thus lost his  fear of them.
With me, the idea came up: How does he know monsters. At that time he had seen no monster movies. Did  he somehow have a pre-existential memory of something?
When I was a kid, I had similar nightmares.

T-online 13 Juni 2015: In surveys, 70 to 90% of adults have  indicated that they had experienced nightmares in their childhood.
Statistics of international sleep researchers say that bad dreams in children are twice as likely to occur as in adults.
Then about 5% of all children  have  agonizing nocturnal adventures once a week. Girls are  rather haunted by threatening people and boys would frequently dream of fantasy creatures and monsters.

II: On one occasion during my service as a senior surgeon  at a Copenhagen eye clinic, a patient was admitted who had almost cut out both eyes  with a dirty knife,  afflicted  3 sections from front to rear in both eyes  and  cut his eye muscles, too. Only  one eye could be saved.

Afterwards, I asked the patient why he had done so. He told me that he heard inner voices, that were not his voice,  order him to do so. And he had so great  fear of these terrible voices that he obeyed their command.
Subsequent psychiatric examination revealed the diagnosis schizophrenia.
Others can follow the command of such voices and attack/kill other people.

Extract from the above video
The speaker tells  psychotherapist Jerry Marzinsky has for 35 years been using Swedenborg´s  contention for a working theory – and at the end,  Marzinski confirms:

negative energy Evil spirits affect our memory  with negative energy, calling   perhaps forgotten embarrassing and shameful memories forth. They always instigate our bad conscience about these memories. Consequently, we are dominated by negative energies and feelings.

According to Marzinsky, the spirits always respond  in the same manner when the therapist tries to help his patients – and this applies to all brains and institutions:
1) They tell the patient: The therapist is crazy. Do not believe him.
2) Flee from this place (the hospital, for example)
3) Attack him!
4) Once, one of  Marzinsky´s patients said that his voices wanted to send a message to Marzinski through the patient: “You have no right to oppose US!”

obsessiveWhat can be done against the spirits?
1) The patient should tell himself (sometimes he already knows): These voices are not me. He should  pinch his arm.
2) They hate electric stimulation (electro-shock is a disgusting treatment that I have seen. It weakens the brain).
3) The voices flee temporarily, when the patient is praying to  Christ for help. They cannot stand positive thoughts. If positive thoughts occur they start screaming.
4) make clear to the patient that the voices are liars, and we should not believe one word of what they say.

I do not think  Sciziphrenics can be healed .

But now Marzinski says that we are exposed to all these evil spirits and their inspirations.
He thinks that we have all experienced to suddenly have an inspiration that we would never fulfill: to stand on the edge of a chasm and think: Should I jump out now? Or: Imagine if  you do some one in. What would happen then?
This is no problem for normal people. With schizophrenics it´s otherwise. And there are all transitions between ‘normal’ and schizophrenics. In psychiatry. pronounced cases are called schizoid.

That  evil spirits react as experienced by Marzinsky we already know from the NWO media:  “Stay away from this dissident. Hes is to be silenced.Don´t believe him.  Attack him. For he has no right to criticize  OUR way to destroy society. “

The Intelligence 6 Nov. 2011: Eleven leading neuroscientists literally said in in their 2004 “Manifesto”: “By what rules the brain works; how it reflects the world so that immediate perception and previous experience merge together; how  inside doing  is experienced as ‘his’ activities, and how it plans future actions, all this we still do not understand,  even in its beginning.”

This phenomenon enforces the assumption of the existence of a higher order, which ensures that the perception in each of us arises as an individually created and totally privately experienced”figure” and yet that all perceptions describe a common space. This is physically impossible. This higher order can only embody a spiritual law.
We can conclude that the phenomenon described proves that the brain can not produce perception or awareness as the materialist model postulates”.

There is scientific evidence that awareness can exist, even though the brain is dead.

So: Are evil and good spirits now these “higher order“? Why not. Man has a soul and the choice to serve the evil spirit, the “Prince of the World”  (John 14:30) or the Good Spirit, the Creator. The voices of these two are present in all of us as conscience.

It is reassuring that you can banish the negative, destructive power of evil spirits with positive energy – and in my opinion, this goes  best in spiritual society with Jesus Christ and the certainty of his speedy 2. Coming.
The evil NWO spirits know. Therefore, their followers have banned the teaching of Christ from the public space and even a 1 min. cinema spot with the Lord’s Prayer, the verses of which were spoken by different people  while heaps of  corpotare advertising for  shopping for the “Celebration of the season” are being shown . In many places, even Christmas” (Christmas) is increasingly a taboo word.

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  1. Don McMaster says:

    Thank you for this interesting discussion. I am very familiar with both Swedenborgs writings and the work of Van Dusen and their ideas and experience with spirits and madness, but I was unaware of more recent works which was in your video.

    Your introductory statement “He ( Swedenborg) developed a kind of unchristian New Age religion” is not accurate.
    1) Swedenborg never attempted to found a religion, he simply wrote down and published what he saw. He had a speech impediment so he was not a very good at public speaking.The organized religion you speak of was formed some 15 years after his death in 1772 death by those who read his published works .
    2) Swedenborg was in fact Christian, as most of his works make reference to the 4 Gospels, Revelation, and the Old Testament. His work ” The True Christian Religion” published just before he died supports his Christian outlook. Swedenborg on the other hand, rejects many traditional Christian doctrines of the Trinity , Atonement etc, based on the teachings of Paul, the Catholic and Protestant churches. Many of his works are also Buddhist like in nature, and so he appeals to some New Age thinkers

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