Root of Today´s NWO Disaster: Jewish London City against Orthodox Jewry







Above from Evelyn de Rothschild´s Tweets  (Thank you, Martin Lauchenauer).


2005, Putin purged Rothschild´s money changers. However, today he surrounds himself with many more Jewish Oligarchs (below).

jacob-rothschild-pyramidputin-pistolI have long been wondering  about this game between the two Jews, Jacob Rothschild (Left – Illuminati-pyramid handsign)  and Putin (below).  I think it is Hegelian dialectics. And so it will probably ultimately turn out. Rothschilds are “pious” Talmudists and also  known as  Shabbatean-Frankist-.Satanists. Putin is known as an advocate of the Jewish infiltrated Russian Orthodox Church –   which is   ruled by Crypto-Jewish KGB / FSB agents.
However, at the same time, Putin’s mentor, Berel Lazar, is a Jewish  Chabad Lubavitch rabbi.

On the stage there is war between Jacob Rothschild and Putin. Is that also the case on backstage? Dares Mason Putin seriously  resist his Illuminati master?
The Russian Central Bank is still subordinated Rothschild´s FED! So, Putin has not really rebelled.

The story of he Russian oligarchs can be seen in this video. Putin who sacked the oligarchs who brought him to powerenters Berezovsky and Gusinsky and many others, enters at the 30 min. mark.

I: How the enmity between Jewish Rothschild and Jewish Putin arose.
Real Jews: The Russian nation owed $16.6 billion to the Rothschild-run International Monetary Fund while its foreign debt to the Rothschild-controlled Paris & London Club Of Creditors was over 36 billion dollars.
But Putin took advantage of the current boom in world oil prices. By 2006 Putin had paid off Russia’s debt to the Rothschilds.

Voltairenet: (Jewish Ooligarch) khodorkorsky-thumb1Khodorkovsky  set up a foundation modeled on US billionaire George Soros’ Open Society, calling it the Open Russia Foundation. He invited Henry Kissinger and Jacob Lord Rothschild on the board.
However, the real crime that landed Khodorkovsky behind Russian bars was the fact that he was in the middle of making a US-backed coup d’etat to capture the Russian presidency in planned 2004 Russian Duma elections.  and selling 40 % of the Russian oil company Yukos to  US corporations, which would have crippled Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) meets with Chukotka region governor and owner of Chelsea soccer club Roman Abramovich in the Moscow Kremlin, May 27, 2005. At the beginning of the meeting, Abramovich noted that the region's gross product grew by 400 percent and the average salary reached 19,000 rubles during his term in office. REUTERS/ITAR-TASS/KREMLIN PRESS SERVICE

Putin won the tacit support of the wealthy so-called Russian (Jewish) Oligarchs (following photos + many more to be seen under this link) by  allowing them to hold on to their wealth – Provided that they keep a share of it in Russia-  and did not interfere in domestic Russian politics with their wealth. (Right Oligarch Abramovich)

Covert Geopolitics July 2014:  The game being played in the Ukraine, by what are almost certainly proxy mercenary forces working for the Rockefellers and the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate, is now clearly a move to cut off avenRussian gas exports to Europe. (Left Oligarch Aven)
The Fed responded  to a Russian Gazprom move to   price over 90% of Russia’s gas exports in Euros, Rubles – not in dollars – by blowing the pipeline up.

The Rothschilds, for their part, have made a move against the other big Russian gas export pipeline running through Iraq and Syria. The ISIS army in Iraq has the ability to cut off Russian gas exports running through land it controls. And now it turns out that Nathaniel Rothschild has begun exporting oil out of the new nation of deripaskaKurdistan on the northern border of ISIS through Israel. (rechts: Oligarch Deripaska)

The British have made a big move to have the Chinese Yuan replace the US dollar as a linchpin to the London financial markets.

II: The Liberty Beacon 11 March 2014:  It is a clash of power between the kantorRothschild Zionists and the Orthodox Jews aligned with Putin. (Links Oligarch Kantor).

When one has the ambition to become the master of the world, one can not see swathes of minerals wealth escape. That is why the Rothschild Empire never ceases to expand eastwards after conquering the west.

khanBut then the empire runs into its most powerful enemy: Orthodox Judaism. Or perhaps I should say its closest competitor in the race for supreme power.  (Rechts Oligarch Khan)

It is a constant struggle between “modernism” which is the ideological property of the Rothschild Empire and cultural and religious “traditionalism” of Judaism. Even Israel, where the legions of Zionism are pitted against the religious power of Judaism, helps explain why Orthodox Jews are anti –Zionist.

MAMUD(Links: Oligarch Mamud). It is worth noting that during World War II, the allies knew about the systematic murder of the European Jewry, knew where the camps were and what was happening. Why did they not bomb the camps and destroy the facilities, saving millions of lives? We also know that Zionist money helped Hitler into power.  Perhaps, the Zionist Jews saw in this an opportunity to weaken their brothers in faith and politically prevented an intervention.
Comment:The Zionists were the  owners of  I.G. Farben´s Auschwitz – and wanted to  submit the Jews to extreme suffering. The purpose was acc. to Theodor Herzl´s tactics  to chase them to Palestine  where Rothschild gave them land at their disposal and see here year 1897.

Putin-jew However, let us be clear, both ideologies are advocating Jewish values and the sacredness of the land of Israel. Thus among the Orthodox Jewish power is the Lubavitch sect who took leadership in advocating strict adherence to Jewish law while supporting Zionism. This sect advocates the forced colonization and military defense of Israel. These Lubavitch Hasidic Jews have taken root in the Russian Empire and are now allied with Vladimir Putin in defending “traditional” society values against the “modernist” society promoted by Rothschild.

Confronting these traditionalist Russian Jews, we naturally find the modernist Jewish Rothschild Empire – those Jews who want to impose their divide and conquer schemes on the peoples of the world and even to that of Israel. Schemes borrowed obviously from the biblical kingdoms of Sodom and Gomorrah that we all see reflected in our Western societies, are part of the Rothschild designs, kingdoms doomed to disappear in God’s fire. Does Rothschild play the role of the cursed Satan in recreating the kingdoms of the Genesis?

porochenko(Right: Ukrainian president Poroshenko – Jewish and a Rothschild partner).  It is therefore logical to see that in the Ukraine, it is Rothschild Jewish oligarchs who finance and orchestrate the push towards the EU as a panacea for the people, when in fact it is a very obvious panacea for the oligarchs who will exploit their industrial heritage in the wider European market destined to become transatlantic, thus extending the limits of the Rothschild empire.

sorosRothschild agentGeorge Soros Slams Putin, warns Of “Existential Threat” From Russia. He destabilized the Ukraine into the ongoing civil war through his American Ukrainian Advisory Committee.

Ukraine is, like Russia, is a major Jewish political homeland for the world Jewish community.

British/Rothschild run Chinese Banks and investment funds are buying the assets of the world on behalf of the spider in the web: Rothschild.


This Jewish  conflict between Rothschild´s Zionism  and Putin´s Orthodox Jews  could be one reason for tensions between Israel and Russia in Syria. Apart from that, Putin is going after Israel´s/US´ product and ally ISIS.

I was not aware of the ideological aspect of the enmity between Putin and Rothschild. I could guess that this enmity is just theatrical – to deceive the World.
But it could lead to the long planned conflict between the Rothschild product, Israel, See years 1895-1957  and here which  the Chabad Lubavitch want destroyed as predicted in Ezekiel 38-39 in order ti speed the coming of their Messiah, ben David..
This sect has a profound influence on Putin

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