More Indications of Paris Massacre Being False Flag

The Paris massacre seems to have started as a governmentally planned exercise – which then somehow turned serious reality.

The following pictures from the  video below show just that – if authentic, for we can expect a lot of disinformation now –  hospitals in Paris had been admonished  previously to the attacks to be prepared for an ongoing exercise.  Such a foregoing drill developing into disaster also took place on 9/11 of 2001 and in connection with the 7/7 London bombs 2005.











Why did they let him go? French detectives questioned one of the jihadis

behind Friday’s terror attacks as he crossed the Belgian border and let him go after he showed them his ID card.
French security officials have admitted that Abdeslam was one of three men inside the Seat car which had been stopped on the border on Saturday morning. Officers in Paris had already identified Salah Abdeslam as a person of interest but that information had not been transmitted to those responsible for conducting the border checks.

The Daily Mail 15 Nov. 2015: The interior of the Bataclan theatre after the massacre. Corpses still strewn: Note the peculiarly regular  distribution of the blood. That´s not what you would expect from shooting wildly and  to all sides into an audience.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Online usage fee £500. Print use £750. All fees will be paid to a charity of the Daily Mirror's choice. THIS BETTER QUALITY IMAGE REPLACES EARLIER VERSION SENT. The scene inside the Bataclan Theatre in Paris, France in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on the venue on Friday 13th November 2015.

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