French Authorities knew beforehand about the Paris Attacks. Why was the Intelligence Passive?

Russia Today 16 Nov. 2015: President Vladimir Putin says he’s shared Russian intelligence data on Islamic State financing with his G20 colleagues: the terrorists appear to be financed from 40 countries, including some G20 member states 16 Nov. 2015: Back in August,  the French authorities knew that the Islamic state was in the process of planning an attack on a casino in Paris.

So says former anti-terrorist judge Marc Trevidic, who has worked with the anti-terrorist unit since 2010.

In a TV interview given to the French TV channel France 2 yesterday he explained that young men he cross-examined   in August told him, that the Islamic State had asked them to plan an attack on a French rock concert.
The last one I had come for cross-examination acknowledged, and said he had been asked to ‘clear’ a rock concert – an attack at a rock concert.
Not Bataclan, but maybe Rock en Seine (one three-day rock festivals that will be held in Paris ed.). I do not know, for he did not yet know the place, he would be assigned, said Marc Trevidic. 16 Nov. 2015:  Turkey  warned the French authorities twice on  29-year-old Ismael Mostefai who along with two others killed 89 people at the venue of Bataclan in Paris during Friday’s terrorist attack. – But we did not hear back from France on the matter. France only requested  information about the terrorist after Friday’s attack, so  British  The Guardian.
The 29-year-old suicide bomber  was born in France and comes from Courcouronnes.




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