Paris Massacre: Yet Another NWO False Flag Operation For Police State in Europe and Boots on the Ground in Syria

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria  (IS(IS), ISIL) is a construct founded, funded, trained and equipped  and here by the US, NATO, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

These powers govern IS(IS) and its actions.
The bombings by the air forces of these states in Syria have served to pave the way for IS(IS) – and destroyed Syrian infrastructure, chasing Syrians to Europe.
Sputnik 2 Oct. 2015: The United States spent a whole year bombing the desert instead of hitting terrorist targets in Syria, the head of the Russian parliament’s international affairs committee wrote on Friday.

empty-building-bombed-us21. Century Wire 24 Sept. 2015: US bombed empty buildings in Syria. Acc. to CNN´s  correspondent Arwa Damon: ISIL terrorists who were held up in the town may have been tipped off weeks in advance to the US airstrikes on Tuesday.  “15-20 days before the airstrikes, (ISIL) buildings were evacuated, and fighters then mixed in with the local population”.

The US Defence Intelligence Agency in 2012 (before ISIS) launched a paper in which was written

This Salafist principality has developed into the Islamic State (IS(IS) – or as it now calls itself: The Caliphate.

I have previously written that the task of IS(IS) and Al Qaeda – which was established just like IS(IS) by the US – is to serve as excuses for US warfare in the Middle East and North Africa – to draw Russia into the war, the final clash between the US and Russia.

Infowars 13 Nov. 2015: French Foreign Policy Responsible for Paris Attack
French people opposed Hollande’s military intervention in Syria.

The Telegraph 14 Nov. 2015
. Pres. Hollande:  “France, because it was attacked in a cowardly, shameful and violent way, will be merciless toward the Isil barbarians. It will act, using all means according to the rule of law, in all terrainsinterior and exterior in accordance with our allies. 

Pres. Hollande:  “It is an act of war”.

Paris like the Wild West

The South Front 14 Nov. 2015: The Paris attacks were clearly coordinated, took place in multiple locations and involved different methods.

1. Two suicide bombers detonated their explosives at locations near the Stade de France, where a soccer match between France and Germany was taking place. French President Francois Hollande was at the stadium at the time of the attack
2. Gunmen opened fire on a Cambodian restaurant in a drive-by shooting
3. Shots were also fired at the Bataclan concert hall, where terrorists held up to 100 hostages
4. Then, gunmen also opened fire on Rue de Charonne
5. About an hour after the initial attacks, attacks by other terrorist cells took place at the Louvre and Les Halle

The Guardian 14 Nov. 2015: Statement claiming to be from the terror group says France is ‘top target’. Attacks were retaliation for France’s bombing in Syria, Isis says

There are certain similarities to false flag operation on 9/11 and here  and Charlie Hebdo also a false flag operation:
1. In spite of the extent of this coordinated attack French and NATO intelligence did not discover it before it happened. Nor did they in the case of Hebdo and 9/11. That this should pass 2 times is very unlikely
2.  Sputnik 14 Nov. 2015: An Egyptian and a Syrian passport were also found – and fingerprint of another terrorist belongs to a “French” terrorist
3. Within hours and without investigation the wanted culprit was pointed out. 
charles-de-gaulle4. The timing is remarkable: France just placed its aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle off the Syrian coast
NATO is losing in Syria after Russia´s intervention. Everybody sees that only boots on the ground can turn the tide.
For superstitious Masonic Luciferians the day was perfect: Friday 13.
5) The terror acts promote the desirable police state with censorship of above all the internet with its precarious criticism and revelations –  surveillance ransacks, confinements to quarters etc
6) Further attacks announced – to provoke Us to occupy Syria.
7) It is remarkable that Le Monde´s photographer  (Al Alam?) by chance was at the right place  at the right time to film the massacre. He must have been very cool.

Hollande-being-notified8) Look at Pres. Hollande´s face, when he is told of the asssasinations –  above photo – and thereafter photos below.
His body guards around him seem to be listening too



Does he look Surprised 0or shocked?
Is he even smiling?
The body guards now follows the football match!


Pres. Hollande is thoughtful. His surroundings, who apparently also heard the news, seem relaxed, following the match. Is the lady behind Hollande even trying to hid a smile?


Pat Henningsen: A perfect storm. The popular mood is now for military action. This will give the formal justification for military action. Ground troops and no-fly zone in Syria -> confrontation with Russia, the end of the Schengen Agreement are likely consequences of the Paris attacks.
Israel supports the US war hawks: ground troops. Very dangerous situation

Angela Merkel DW 14 Nov. 2015: “We, your German friends, we feel so close to you.  We are crying with you.” Standing in solidarity with France, she has called for a fight against terrorism in both words and deeds.
Although Merkel has been warned a month ago that there were already 4000 ISIS terrorists in the migrant floods swapping into Europe as young militarily able men – even calling them a “gift from the Lord! –  she goes on receiving half the Muslim world with open arms!

DW 14 Nov. 2015 qotes the Frankfurter Allgemeine: “This is about us. About our way of life. Our freedom. All of us would need to fight for them.”
Comment: And the Muslim  mass immigration goes on without hindrance – advocated by the media. Insulting hypocricy.

DWN 14 Nov. 2015:  Russia´s President Vladimir Putin calls on the  International Community  for joint „Combat against the Devil“.

If a no-fly zone and boots on the ground follow in Syria this will lead too a military confrontation with Russia. See Masonic Albert Pike /William Carr plan.
A retired German NATO General thinks that   like 9/11, this is a NATO case.
The Pope says this is part of WWIII.

God help us!

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One Response to Paris Massacre: Yet Another NWO False Flag Operation For Police State in Europe and Boots on the Ground in Syria

  1. Massimo says:

    Hi Anders,

    when a NWO sponsored black Op like the one that Hollande allowed in his own country is used to shake the whole world, you know for sure that something big is going to happen so, probably, you are right about the upcoming invasion of Syria. A lot of intelligence agencies were involved and the DGSE was fully accomplice with Mossad that France, incredibly, even allowed to take part to the “investigation” (read: massive cover-up). Do we have to believe that in year 2015 the centre of Paris, at the time loaded with at least 3.000 policemen and secret services agents (Holland was at the match), is as secure as Baghdad in 1950? It was clearly a staged false flag attack and some people really lost their lives, young people were specifically targeted to maximise the pathos, indignation and pain in the public opinion.

    Putin managed to destroy ISIS in Syria in about a month or so and he also planned to help Iraq to get rid of them, parliament voted to allow the Russians to bomb the NWO proxy army, so they are forced to intervene to slow him down and to be in control of the post-Assad era. Putin is quiet, although Israel shot down the Russian airbus, because he was forced to shut up. Why? He doesn’t want a direct confrontation with Nato or Israel but, at this point, after the Paris attacks, a confrontation seems unavoidable unless Putin decides to dump Assad and Syria in exchange for something (very unlikely)

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