“She Is not of This World”: Is Power Lusty Angela Merkel Sacrificing the Germans to Islam for the Post as NWO´s UN Secretary General?

“The recent illegal migration crises in the European Union could cost tax payers as much as 5 Billion per month, the ECIPS said”. (Veterans Today 9 November 2015).
And it´s just the beginning.


Undeterred, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is sailing a course of open doors in Europe, inviting the entire Muslim world to Germany. Already in March 2015 she knew by Frontex communication about the impending mass wave of immigration – up to 1 million, but she did not notify the German Länder and took no precautions, leading to chaos. Meanwhile, it is seriously reckoned that there will be 20 million Muslims in Germany by 2020.
If you want to know what that means, you can look at this table on proportionality between the number of Muslims and the level of violence in a community: Expect riots, Jihad militia formations, sporadic killings
as well as church and synagogue burning.

Now the tragedy goes on:

DWN 8 Nov. 2015: “How, for example, can we take young Africans legally to Germany, when it comes to professions which are shortage occupations with us? We will offer the Africans additional financial resources.  We will talk about, with which countries  we can also agree on readmission agreements.
Thus, Merkel supports the EU´s recruiting campaign to lure 2050 56 million Africans + their families to Europe by the year 2050.

Merkel’s despotism

Merkel-Flüchtlinge-de-Maiziere-600x407 Left:  Merkel and her skeptic minister of the interior, Thomas de Maizière

DWN 7. Nov. 2015:  Due to  Angela Merkel´s despotism, the interior ministers were reduced to shooting figures in Germany and Austria. Thus the rule of law is being systematically destroyed. The follow-up model can be seen already: The parties are above the law and could end up establishing the police state.

Angela Merkel´s „We will manage that“ (mass immigration) really means  „You must manage that!“ and refers to the voluntary helpers. Merkels order to manage it is directed to the population and means: “You have to swallow my policy” without protests.

Below: from Infowars 9. November 2015:



Who is Angela Merkel really?
As I have written several times, Angela Merkel is the Chancellor of the EU paymaster and has grown the evil spirit of Europe. She’s Rotary Club Freemason and here  and thinks that mass immigration is a gift from the “Lord God” (meaning to Freemasons  Lucifer  and here and here).
She has a past as a glowing FDJ member in the GDR and is the daughter of an ardent Communist.


Like Barak Obama and the previous Danish Prime Minister, Thorning-Schmidt, Merkel suddenly appeared out of  nothing to the highest political office in her country without special political or intellectual gifts. Obama was Rothschild´s choice, Thorning-Schmidt was favoured by  Rothschild agent George Soros because she helped him transplant the Jesuit Rothschild / Rockefeller US Council on Foreign Relations, (of which Soros is a member), the world ruler in his own words, into Europe as The European Council on Foreign Relations.

Who (except puppet Kohl) has selected Merkel – and why?

What is going on in Angela Merkel´head?

The New Yorker 1 Dec. 2014 brings a lenghty and deep description of Angela Merkel´s psyche:
Merkel, at sixty, is the most successful politician in modern German history. Her popularity floats around 75%—unheard of in an era of resentment toward elected leaders.

Merkel-fdj(In the GDR) she never ran afoul of the ruling party.“I’m convinced that she could get her doctorate only because she was active in the Free German Youth, even in her postgraduate days. Most people say it was forced, but I demonstrated that you didn’t have to join it”, said her study mate Schöneich.

Merkel herself once admitted that her participation in the Free German Youth was 70% opportunism.”

Merkel thinks things over more carefully and is always a few moves ahead of her competitor”.

She is about the best analyst of any given situation that I could imagine,” a senior official in her government said. ’ Merkel learned to approach problems methodically, drawing comparisons, running scenarios, weighing risks, anticipating reactions, and then, even after making a decision, letting it sit for a while before acting.
“She’s not a woman of strong emotions.“Too much emotion disturbs your reason”.
“Before you contradict her, you would think twice—she has the authority of somebody who knows that she’s right.”
“Once she has an opinion, it seems to be founded

Via the Democratic Awakening she became Lothar de Maizière´s spokesman. “She never put herself in the foreground. She understood that she had to do a job here and do it well, but not to be the chief. Lothar de Maizière was the chief.” Through modesty she earned de Maizière ´s trust.
In October, 1990, she won a seat in the new Bundestag, in Bonn, she got herself introduced to Chancellor Helmut Kohl, and de Maizière suggested that Kohl bring her into his cabinet. To Merkel’s surprise, she was named minister of women and youth.

She had no political agenda at all.

Gerhard Schröder, two years away from becoming Chancellor, called her performance as environment minister “pitiful.”

Cabinet meetings were dominated by Kohl, and though Merkel was always well prepared, she seldom spoke. Angie the Snake had a reputation for accepting little criticism.“You could feel her strength at the beginning.”

She didn’t belong. She joined the Christian Democratic Union after Democratic Awakening merged with it.
“She is strange to everything in the Party. It is only a function of her power, nothing else.”


Alan Posener, of the conservative newspaper Die Welt, told me, “The things that motivate the heartland of the C.D.U. don’t mean a thing to her”concerns about “working mothers, gay marriage, immigration, divorce.”

” Michael Naumann, a book publisher and journalist who served as culture minister under Schröder, said, “Her attitude toward the United States is a learned attitude.”
She didn’t always hide a feeling that West Germans were like spoiled children.

She had learned self-discipline, strength of will, and silence as essential tools. Karl Feldmeyer, FAZ  said, “The G.D.R. shaped her in such an extreme and strong way as no one who grew up in the Federal Republic can imagine. Everything was a question of survival, and it was impossible to make errors if you wanted to succeed.”

In 1998, amid a recession, Schröder defeated Kohl and became Chancellor.

In November, 1999, the C.D.U. was engulfed by a campaign-finance scandal, with charges of undisclosed cash donations and secret bank accounts. Kohl and his successor as Party chairman, Wolfgang Schäuble, were both implicated, but Kohl was so revered that nobody in the Party dared to criticize him. Merkel, who had risen to secretary-general after the C.D.U.’s electoral defeat, saw an opportunity. She telephoned Karl Feldmeyer. “I would like to give some comments to you in your newspaper,” she said.

Feldmeyer read it with astonishment. Merkel, a relatively new figure in the C.D.U., was calling for the Party to break with its longtime leader.

Merkel wrote. “We who now have responsibility for the Party, and not so much Helmut Kohl, will decide how to approach the new era. She published the piece without warning the tainted Schäuble, the Party chairman.

Within a few months, Merkel had been elected Party chairman. Kohl receded into history.
“She put the knife in his back—and turned it twice,” Feldmeyer said.

Years later, Michael Naumann sat next to Kohl at a dinner, and asked him, “Herr Kohl, what exactly does she want?” Power,” Kohl said, tersely. “The biggest mistake I made was to choose my own killer”.

John Kornblum, a former U.S. Ambassador to Germany, who still lives in Berlin, said, “If you cross her, you end up dead.

“It seems she is not from this world. Psychologically, she gives everybody the feeling of ‘I will take care of you.’


Merkel is, no doubt, affiliated to Masonry – see her Mother Goddess, the spouse of Lucifer, hand sign

“She is a master of listening,”
“Schadenfreude is Merkel’s way of having fun,” Kurbjuweit said.

Throughout her Chancellorship, Merkel has stayed as close as possible to German public opinion. Posener said that, after nearly losing to Schröder, she told herself, “I’m going to be all things to all people.” “The Chancellor’s long-term view is about two weeks.”
When I asked Katrin Göring-Eckardt, the Green leader, whether Merkel had any principles, she paused, then said, “She has a strong value of freedom, and everything else is negotiable.” (Other Germans added firm support for Israel to the list.)

“People say there’s no project, there’s no idea,” the senior official told me. “It’s just a zigzag of smart moves for nine years.”
Germany remains so traumatized by the grand ideologies of its past that a politics of no ideas has a comforting allure.

Merkel is obsessed with demography and economic competitiveness

Obama  has won her reluctant respect, and Putin, who has earned her deep distrust.
After Putin’s speech at the Bundestag, Merkel told a colleague, “This is typical K.G.B. talk. Never trust this guy.” Ulrich, of Die Zeit, said: Detesting would be too much emotion.”

“Merkel and Obama are so different publicly, but they’re actually quite similar.”In moving her own party to the center, Merkel has created a space in German politics for a populist equivalent (AfD) to France’s Front National and the United Kingdom Independence Party.

Having read this  I have the impression of an inhuman, cynical person without empathy, feelings for others. “She is not from this world”.  I stand with the impression that she is unscrupulous , calculating, never does anything unconsidered – and that she has no other ideology than to promote herself, gain power which has made her a populist: Give people what they want – and then…

And I must ask how this apparently isolated and unimpressive woman could make such a career – suddenly oust mighty Kohl and Schäuble with such an authority. Where did she get this power from?

See this video from the 2 hours 55 min. mark – and you will have the answer

Secret strong forces are behind her – and I guess it has to do with Freemasonry.
If this exploration of Merkel´s genealogy is correct, she is of Polish Jewish origin which would certainly  be a solid backing in her career.

Consequently, her invitation to mass immigration – although she admits that criminality is particularly high among  immigrants  – must be part of her solidly thought-through plan: to gain power even at the cost of her people.

 The only ones she pleases are her Masonic brethren, the Illuminati and some brainwashed Germans.  However, she would not give up the power she has as the world´s mightiest woman, unless she would have something bigger in return – something necessitating her NWO creation through mass immigration, abolishing Christianity and nation states.
That´s why I think   The Guardian 20 Okt. 2015 is right:  She is planning her exit.
What could in Merkel´s eyes be bigger than being German Chancellor?
Perhaps the post as successor of Ban Ki-moon as UN secretary general? Or EU Commission President?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel addresses the 2015 Sustainable Development Summit, Friday, Sept. 25, 2015 at United Nations headquarters. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig) The Washington Post  writes that at the election in 2016 of the next UN secr. general, an East European woman hast to be elected as Ban Ki-moon´s successor.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel addresses the 2015 Sustainable Development Summit, Friday, Sept. 25, 2015 at United Nations headquarters. An  East European  woman should be chosen. Merkel is both!

Several blogs think Merkel will be the next UN Secr. General  here, and even Wikipedia mentions Merkel as potential successor to Ban.  Already in 2014, The Daily Telegraph knew that Merkel wanted to resign as Chancellor before the end of her term – to become UN Secr. General!
Considering this, One does have understanding for Germans suing Merkel for High Treason   through her invitation  to the world´s Muslims.

Matth. 16:26 For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

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