Resistance in Germany against Chancellor Merkel´s “Religious” Open Border Policy Rapidly Increasing among Germans and in Merkel´s Party

DWN 25 Okt. 2015Unusually drastic words are circulating in the head of Germany’s security apparatus. The newspaper “Welt” reported  great nervousness among security officials. There is bewilderment in the official apparatus according DWN messages. However, the inner circle around Merkel is so far fully on her line, which is why Merkel hears only filtered messages on resistance. BKA (Federal Criminal Office), BND (Federal Intelligence) and the Protection of the Constitution are furious, and say that they can no longer fulfill their duties in accordance with their statutory mandate under the prevailing chaotic circumstances.

These concerns had already been expressed by international security experts and the police union.
The political center is becoming radicalized because they mostly do not want this immigration and  it is enforced upon them by the political elite. We will see a departure of many people from this constitutional state. ”

Where does Mrs Merkel have her “religious” endless immigration policy from? (She says her Masonic god has sent the refugees as a gift!!). Here she shows the Masonic sign of the Antichrist 666. The mass immigration in the Name of the Luciferian NWO is an  occult process.

He does not see large support in the party for the  policy of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, so said Wolfgang Schäuble at the recent meeting of the CDU presidium. If the new asylum package does not  show effect soon, the relationship  of the party leadership with the base will be damaged. Der Spiegel reports about an alleged leadership debate in the CDU.

It is the first time in Merkel’s chancellorship that resistance is brewing. The resentment of party colleagues is aroused especially by Angela Merkel´s  stubborn refusal to rethink  securing the borders.

On Oct 25th 2015, PEGIDA in Cologne held a demonstration against the mass immigration. 3,500 of policemen and 23 000 participants were present.


The Bild newspaper had reported that a group around von Stetten who wish to force Merkel   to give up her policy on open borders.  The PKM works at an application for a border closure. According to the “Bild”, von Stetten said  the “examination of a border fortification” should not be a taboo. Domestic policy spokesman of the CDU parliamentary group, Stephan Mayer (CSU) told the newspaper: “I hope that the Chancellor sees beforehand that the policy of open borders can not be continued.

Mrs Merkel is apparently completely isolated from the German popular opinion.
Junge Freiheit 21 Okt. 2015:  71%  think Germany is  overloaded by the asylum crisis now and in the future. Similarly, many believe that the crisis was partly home-made, for example, by too many incentives for asylum seekers. This is according to a poll by the  Allensbach Institute for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

56% of Germans believe there should be an upper limit for asylum seekers.
Two-thirds of Germans believe their country will change dramatically through  the asylum crisis. 56 percent see this development primarily associated with risks, only 18 percent see it mainly associated  with opportunities. Only 14 percent believe asylum seekers are often well educated.

Unless Ms. Merkel changes her attitude 180 degrees, the ongoing asylum crisis will end in a historical social cataclysm, revolution – not only in Germany, but in all of Europe. Only the cancellation of the Schengen agreement can save us – reintroducing  protection of  our own national borders.


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