Historian Webster Tarpley: War Party Takes Control of Obama

LATEST: US State Dept. announces that Assad can stay in power in a transition period! (Sputnik 19 Oct. 2015).



Tarpley.Net 17 Oct. 2015:  A series of ominous developments over recent days, suggests that the neocon war party and its allies among the “humanitarian bombers” is gaining power over the US government, and is increasingly pushing President Obama aside.

When asked at a public appearance about whether US boots on the ground would be needed in Syria, Secretary Of State John Kerry replied: “Will we need to put enablers on the ground? I think so. The president hasn’t made the decision yet.”

On the same day, under tremendous pressure from utopian Secretary Of Defense Ashton Carter, Obama conceded a virtually open-ended commitment of US forces in Afghanistan. These developments come in the wake of earlier bellicose outbursts by both Carter and Kerry. And at the United Nations, humanitarian bomber Samantha Power has violated all norms of diplomatic decency by refusing to join in condemning the shelling of the Russian Embassy in Damascus in the midst of a pro-Putin and pro-Assad demonstration as an act of terrorism — obviously, out of concern for the tender sensibilities of the terrorist groups supported by the CIA.

In order to retain his authority, Obama needs to carry out some high profile firings, with special emphasis on warmonger officials (Kerry and Carter).

Veterans Today 19 Oct. 2015:  US Secretary of State John Kerry has announced possible multi-party negotiations with Russia and Middle East states to find a “tangible’ political solution for the Syrian crisis. Moscow says the proposal is being examined.
Russia would welcome talks in any format, said the speaker of the upper house Valentina Matviyenko regarding the US proposal for multi-party talks on the Syrian crisis.

Moscow’s military actions in Syria have already resulted in Islamic State’s (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) infrastructure being seriously disrupted and extremists reported leaving the country en masse.jihadist-beards

Right: Jihadists cut their beards, run to Turkey  and become refugees in Europe. They only respect raw raw force – which they will never meet in decadent Europe.

“Propping up [President Bashar] Assad will ultimately fail and also unfortunately lead to more bloodshed, more refugees, more extremism and more jihadis,” Kerry told reporters during his official visit to Spain.
Last week Washington refused to receive a Russian military delegation, headed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, to discuss coordinated action on the fight against terrorism in Syria, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

The so far insoluble problem in spite of the hypocritical good-will on both sides is Syria´s legal President Assad, only opposed by 10 %o of Syrians. Russia wants him to stay – the US wnts him to resign.
In reality, both parties want to dominate Syria, the NATO for a gas pipeline to make Russian gas to Europe superfluous – and to encircle Russia (Grand Chessboard – Brzezinski) as well as to establish a Rothschild controlled central bank – as in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Russia wants access to the Mediterranean and Middle East to promote Eurasia and its global super power status, keeping the US off her threshold.

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