Serious Indications of Coming Israel – Putin Confrontation in Syria. Ominous Development in Golan

Sputnik 16 Oct. 2015: “It looks like someone is deliberately destroying the civilian infrastructure in population centers making them unfit for habitation. Because of that civilians are fleeing these towns and contribute to the flow of refugees to Europe,” Kartapolov noted. He also said that an agreement on mutuals security for US and Russian fighter jets will ensue shortly. “All the technicalities have been agreed on.


Veterans Today 14 Oct. 2015 reports that thousands of Iranian Revolutionary Guards are now retaking the Latakia area from Al Qaeda and  other US-supported rebels – while the Syrian Army is cleansing Damascus and moving towards the Jordanian border, chasing Saudi-paid rebels into Jordan and Israel – all under Russian air cover.

A confrontation between Israel and Russia seems to be in the making in the Middle East


Veterans Today 13 Oct. 2015: Putin  Redlines Israel.
Israel’s willingness to confront Russia is based on its assumption that rogue Pentagon extremists are willing to stage a nuclear confrontation with Russia.

At the press conference after Putin´s UN speech, Putin announced an intelligence sharing relationship with Israel’ military high command based on what he noted was Israel’s national interests in the security of Syria.

Then he said something startling. “We still have to discuss the problem of Israel’s air attacks (on Syria)”. Putin’s statement about dealing with Israel and their illegal air attacks on Syria was ignored by the world’s press. Putin’s tone, almost as an afterthought, was far from benign or innocent.

Obama is reeling from the recent embarrassment at the failure of his “moderate rebel” and the  training program run in Turkey by the Pentagon.

usa-isisHowever, there is a story behind this, one no one has touched. According to Pentagon insiders, the operations of ISIS and her sister organizations are being led out of the Pentagon itself and here. This is how it was explained to me:

You know the Pentagon is run almost entirely by “end times” Christian Zionists. The military leadership of the United States believes that it is necessary for ISIS to conquer not only Syria and Iraq but Jordan as well. Only when ISIS takes over enough biblical sites, such as Palmyra and the Second Temple of Solomon at Tadmoor, will the End Times Prophesies be fulfilled.
(This is corroborated by the 2012 US document planning a salafist Principality in Eastern Syria – under US protection)

This is why the bombings don’t work, this is why ISIS supply operations are backed by US air drops, this is why ISIS has full access to American intelligence and this is why Israel is using its air force and now ground troops inside Syria to help ISIS.”

McCain meeting alqaedaRight: Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee  John McCain meets Al Qaeda during illegal visit to Syria in 2013

Russian air forces operating in Syria aren’t just there to stop ISIS but to put a stop to rogue Pentagon operations supporting and resupplying ISIS and to put an air umbrella over the region to stop Israel from using her massive air power under the black flag of the Islamic State. ISIS.

Though it was initially US funded and founded, Israeli trained, Turkish backed and Saudi funded, IS(IS) may well outgrow its masters and bring to America and Western Europe a reign of terror far more genuine than the insider staged attacks of 9/11 and here.

Russia may well be seeing Israel as the “weak underbelly” of America’s global empire, though many well informed experts wonder who is the tail and who is the dog in this relationship.

TRussian-No-Fly-zone -Syriahus, we return our initial hypothesis, with Russia placing advanced air defenses and air superiority aircraft not only on Israel’s border but clearly “umbrellaing” the Zionist state, checkmating their support of ISIS, checkmating joint ISIS and Israel operations pointed like a knife at Damascus.

The tacit admissions are these:
Israel is providing close air support for terrorist operations inside Syria.
2. Israeli ground forces have been operating inside Syria and Iraq since the beginning, well before even 2011 with Israel’s long established base of operations in Mosul easily transformed to serve their ISIS partner.
3. The Israeli units are now fully entrenched inside Syria and receiving both air support and resupply openly under cover of an enforced media blackout.

israeli-shark-russian-bearAs of this writing, Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe Yalon has indicated to Russia that he plans on continuing air operations on behalf of ISIS inside Syria and in support of Israeli “boots on the ground” inside Syria.

We then come to this inexorable fact; Israel’s brash willingness to confront Russia is based on its assumption that rogue Pentagon extremists are willing to stage a nuclear confrontation with Russia through what they admit is an illegal and treasonous avenue of control that includes hijacking American nuclear capabilities.

syria-no-fly-zoneRussian fighter planes have already driven attacking Israeli planes out of Syria.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

Osnet 14 Oct. 2015:
Agreement ensures tactical situations do not result in unintended clashes in Syrian airspace. However the larger strategic picture created by Russia’s intervention in the Syrian civil is still very murky, and could prove highly problematic for Israel.

Most IS targets are in central and eastern Syria, areas where the IAF rarely, if ever, flies.

However, South-Western Syria, i.e. the Golan Heights , is very problematic. Iranian troops have pushed up to the Israeli border, firmly bent on keeping this Alawite area under control.
The Iranian forces are dependent on Russian air support. If Putin thinks Obama is too much of a chicken to confront him, he will let his air force do the job figuring Israel will be very hesitant to challenge Russian aircraft when it knows America is not going to intervene, no matter what.netanyahu-tells-putin-israel-will-wipe-out-syria-if-assad-attacks

On the other hand, he also knows that if he miscalculates, and Israel decides confronting Russian aircraft is less of a risk than an Iranian military buildup in Syria, his air force is no match for the IAF??

Putin has not bothered to hide his contempt for Obama, who he regards as a wimpy poltroon, to the point where has rebuffed American attempts to reach a similar agreement to ensure Russian and US aircraft operating in Syria do not end up in dogfights. Obama’s response has not been encouraging, US aircraft have been ordered to back down and retreat if they make any inadvertent contact with Russian aircraft.

Russia is interested in keeping Assad in power in limited part of Syria incl. Tartus – the Russian base. Iran wants all of Syria.
Putin may decide to support Iran’s “greater Alawistan” ambitions, and provide air cover and air defense to Iranian forces. If this scenario comes to pass, Israel will have to choose between two bad options. Either accept the threat of Iranian ground forces on the Golan border, or risk conflict with Russian air and air defense forces in Syria.


Underground__tunnels_missile_14.10.15DEBKAfile 15 Oct. 2015: Russia has sent 2.000 Cubans  to the Golan heights to drive Syrian tanks potentially  against Israel. Iran has sent 3.000 Revolutionary Guardsmen to Syria. To warn Israel, Iran has shown its missiles hidden in a tunnel in Syria – ready to be fired at Israel. Israel has withdrawn troops from her Northern border to quell Palestinian riots – and fears the Iranians might claw back some of the Israeli-conquered Golan Heights.

Putin means a good-bye to the Pharisaic wishful dream of Greater Israel a very painful situation for the Zionist Israeli leadership. Besides, Israel faces its mortal enemy, Iran, on its Northern border.
Israel might act desperately “like a mad dog” (Moshe Dayan) – even trigger its Samson Option.
This is very serious. However, Israel´s destiny is not a matter of human logics – but bound to God´s timetable which no man knows.

Would the US come to the rescue of Israel in such a conflict with Russia?
Muslim President Obama would not dare – and hardly care. He hates Netanyahu and his AIPAC, ADL and CFR masters. But would Obama physically survive such a passivity?

The US and Russia are now involved in a proxy war against each other in Syria.

World politics is an Illuminati/Jesuit/Masonic  staged theatre, as I have so often written. Are we approaching the 2600 years-old End-time drama involving Syria´s  (Isaiah 17) and Israel´s demise in war between  the superpower called Gog from the country of Magog in the extreme North – followed by Israel´s present-day enemies –  and Israel restored from all peoples of the globe (Ezekiel 38-39)? – as planned by the Chabad Lubavitch and Masons
Who is Putin really?

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