Clues to the Destruction of Europe by Islamic Mass Immigration II: Former EU Commissioner, Goldman Sachs Chairman: “Undermine National Sovereignty and Homogeneity. Take Unlimited Numbers of Muslims”

Peter-SutherlandThe New American 10 Oct. 2015:  Peter Sutherland (shown), the United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General for International Migration, is hopping from one pulpit to the next, preaching the message that the refugee Tsunami proves national sovereignty is an “illusion,” a mere shibboleth(the man even speaks Hebrew)  that must be done away with.

Moreover, says Sutherland, the United States and the European Union “have not merely a moral but a legal obligation to protect refugees.” And that means, he makes quite clear, that the U.S. and EU are obligated to take in an unspecified quota — but potentially millions — of refugees and migrants, most of whom are currently streaming out of the Muslim countries of the war-decimated Middle East and Africa.

peter-sutherland2“I will ask the governments to cooperate, to recognise that sovereignty is an illusion. Borders are outdated. And that means taking on  old shibboleths, some of the old historic memories and images of our own country and recognising that we’re part of humankind.”

And we should have known, and we should know, that where there are terrible conflicts now, as in the past, the inevitable result is huge migratory flows.

However,  the ongoing U.S./EU/NATO/UN-led wars that Sutherland and his fellow globalists were/are waging under various rubrics (war on terror, regime change, Arab Spring) would have terrible consequences, including, as he now puts it “inevitable … huge migratory flows.” Now that the inevitable has happened (and continues to happen, because Sutherland and the globalists continue their obliteration and devastation of entire regions), those responsible for the carnage have a “solution” that will compound the desolation.

Who is Peter Sutherland beyond being a UN boss,
and why should anything he says matter anymore than the bloviations of any other nattering nabobs at the UN?
Sutherland is an Insiders’ insider who is well known worldwide in the corridors of real power.

The UN News Centre introduction about Sutherland:
1) “A former Attorney General of Ireland .
2) EU Commissioner for competition policy, and
3) headed the Global Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and
4) the World Trade Organization (WTO).”
5) Sutherland was chairman of Goldman Sachs International until this past June,   the “vampire squid” known for its predatory, corrupt practices;
6) He is a regular attendee and former Steering Committee member of the ultra-secretive, ultra-elite Bilderberg Group and here and here and here.


7)  He was European chairman of the Trilateral Commission;
8) He is past chairman of British Petroleum (BP);
9) He is honorary president of the Transatlantic Policy Network (TPN), one of the principal corporatist insider organizations promoting EU-U.S. merger through the TTIP;
10) He has been hailed as “the father of globalization” as a principal architect of the WTO,
11) as a top Eurocrat, he played a lead role in destroying national sovereignty by replacing national currencies (and national monetary control) with the euro, as well as engineering the “borderless Europe, which the current migrant crisis is now proving to have been so destructive.

On September 30, Sutherland was the main speaker at an event sponsored by Rothschild´s Jesuit Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) entitled, “A Global Response to the Mediterranean Migration Crisis” (see video and transcript here).

Sutherland candidly told his CFR audience of his “antagonism toward nationalism” and his longstanding obsession with “integration,” which is code in globalese for the gradual stealth merger (political, economic, social) of nations, to the point where a centralized international government eventually subsumes the remaining vestiges of sovereignty and people awaken to discover that they have lost their liberty, independence, and self-governance.

He then admits that the ongoing wars constitute “a rolling disaster,” but, of course, fails to mention that he and his fellow one-worlders in the CFR/Bilderberg/Trilateralist cabal had anything to do with fomenting and prolonging these destructive conflict. Instead, he launches into virulent attacks on the leaders of Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and others in the EU who oppose the globalist solution to this disaster, to wit, the flooding of Europe with an unending deluge of Muslim migrants and refugees.

A couple of weeks earlier, in a widely printed column entitled “Europe’s Bad Example” for the Soros-funded Project Syndicate, Sutherland  said this, too.
“The European Union’s reputation has been battered, despite bold leadership from Germany, Sweden, and the European Commission,”  Populists are having a field day,” he said

barroso 666-2Among the many elite activists adding their voice to this migration chorus is Jose Manuel Barroso, a Bilderberg Steering Group member, who recently stepped down as president of the EU Commission.
Addressing the International Bar Association (IBA) in Vienna on October 4, Barroso called for taking immigration policy out of the hands of individual nation states. “International migration should be subject to the same kind of international regulation as air pollution, the former head of the European Commission said yesterday.”

The IBA’s use of Barroso to turn the current migrant crisis into another appeal for international law and global government is not surprising to those familiar with the organization’s history and leadership. It should be enough to note that the IBA’s president, David Rivkin, and its executive director, Mark Ellis, both of whom had prominent roles at the Vienna conference, are both leading members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

As the chairman of Goldman Sachs International – Rothschild´s investment bankPeter Sutherland  impersonates the black rider of Apocalypse (hunger).
He is responsible for  buying and holding wheat futures till grain prices rose by a factor of 5-6. By the trick of “replication”, this bank can hold grain futures with nominal values of 100 dollars with only 5 invested dollars. – so enormous amounts of grain can be kept out of the market.
This creates grain prices which the poor of the world cannot pay – so they starve or migrate to Europe. This man is therefore responsible for  even more poverty refugees than he and his Illuminati fellows have manage to create through wars in Africa and the Middle East.

Goldman Sachs cheated the EU in collaboration with a corrupt Greek government: Goldman gave Greece a loan under the table so that Greece could join the Euro. However, Goldman took state revenues from lottery, airports etc – so that greece was forced to borrow money to pay Goldman´s interest. what followed is well-known.

This man, Peter Sutherland, now demands us to skip our national sovereignty for his ilk to loot us into LDC countries. He does in the name of humanity  and his tool now is Muslim mass immigration.


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