The Transpacific Partnership Unexpectedly Agreed upon. No Parliamentary Debates Allowed on TTIP and TPP – Top Secret NWO Revolution !

BBC 6 Oct. 2015: The Transpacific Partnership (TPP) has unexpectedly suddenly  been agreed upon  – leaving China  out.
Otherwise, nothing is seen about this in the MSM.



Can Cham: Supporters say it could be worth billions of dollars to the countries involved but critics say it was negotiated in secret and is biased towards corporations.
The deal covers about 40% of the world economy and was signed after five days of talks in Atlanta in the US. Despite the success of the negotiations, the deal still has to be ratified by lawmakers in each country.

Thus, it will hardly last long before  dictatorial EU joins in – and concludes the equally secret Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP

Secretly, the NWO is being underpinned.
Many have seen through this treason: Rothschilds US corporations will take control over  not only the nation states – but also the EU. The same trap  is in a similar agreement with Canada (CETA) – pending adoption by the EU Parliament.  Through the TTIP and the CETA,  multinationals like Monsanto would have free access to Europe under Canadian / US conditions, i.e. no labeling of Monsanto’s toxic GMO products on the European market. There are good opportunities for US corporations to rob Europe. These agreements would impose on  Americans  and Europeans  very strict Internet copyright rules  (write punishments / dictatorship),  prohibit all “buy  American or European” laws, give the Wall Street banks much more freedom to trade their risky derivatives and even enforce more outsourcing of domestic jobs abroad. An extrajudicialarbitration institution is planned where complaints against lost profits due to  rejected US group transactions  – e.g. due to environmental or health considerations  – can be filed for arbitration at taxpayer expense.

anti-TTIP  There is a  campaign against the TTIP and CETA by the Environment Institute Munich e.V. via signature collections:
October 8, 2015 – On Tuesday, the one-year-old collection phase of our self-organized European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) expired. A total of 3,263,920 signatures against the TTIP and CETA was collected during the past twelve months. In 23 of 28 EU Member States, the signature quorum was reached. For a successful initiative only seven states would have been necessary. This makes “Stop the TTIP”  the largest European Citizens’ Initiative of all times.

On Wednesday we  passed the signatures on  to the European Commission in Brussels. In the coming months, we will enforce  a reaction from Juncker, Merkel and Co and put further pressure on them with new actions. The prelude will already be made this Saturday, October 10th, through the mass demonstration in Berlin.

DWN 11. Juni 2015: On Wednesday, the European Parliament  decided  to postpone the debate and vote on the TTIP,  which caused a riot in the Chamber. At the proposition of President Martin Schulz, Parliament voted for the postponement of the debate with the votes of conservatives, liberals and right-wing conservatives voted (183 for,  181 votes against)  Comment: Such a thing really cannot be debated in a democracy. Then rather postpone it forever.

tower of babelDWN October 7, 2015:  Nobel Laureate and former chief economist of the World Bank, Joseph Stiglitz, believes that the  TPP and TTIP are US scams.
Not free trade is encouraged, but the signatories of the agreement are to be managed and controlled ” as  “the most powerful business lobbies”  in each country

Acc. to a leaked EU Commission  document,   future bills  must be checked  to see if they harm the interests of corporations or not.

DWN 22 April 2015:The Commission and the US authorities will be in a position to exert undue pressure on governments and politicians under this measure, as these powerful actors can intervene in the national legislative process. It is also very likely that both sides have the same agenda, thus promoting the interests of multinational corporations,” says Kenneth Haar of the  Corporate Europe Observatory.

Last weekend, thousands of TTIP opponents took to the streets europewide. In Germany alone, more than 230 demonstrations were planned

On 10 Oct. 250.000 demonstraters took to the streets of Berlin in protest against the TTIP


States should not sign any contracts containing arbitration clauses with international companies,  says Pia Eberhardt from the Corporate Europe Observatory. These contracts represent a dangerous threatening backdrop, against which  global policy is made. Taxpayers have to pay for the consequences –  most of them unwittingly.

Jon Rappoport Inforwars 8 Oct. 2015:  How can our august leaders pretend that shutting down domestic factories and businesses and sending all those jobs to distant nations is a good thing?

For Obama, for David Rockefeller, for Brzezinski, for the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, Bilderberger, and the presidents and premiers and prime ministers of the 12 TPP countries, this is The Big One.

Obama has been told many times, from above, that this, the TPP, is his moment. This is when Obama pays off his debt to those who put him in the Presidency.  This is a test of his political skills and his allegiance to the forces of destruction.
The Globalist bosses intend to rule the planet. The TPP is their next big step. They’re not in the business of promoting losers.


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