Clues to the Masterminds of Europe´s Destruction by Islamic Mass Immigration I

The following picture is from the big Israeli website Y-Net under  the title of “The
Extinction of the White Race”. Rabbi Baruch Efrati heads the “Derech Emunah” (Way of Torah) movement of Israeli Orthodox rabbis.








But Rabbi Baruch Efrati has more in store for us:

Veterans Today 10 Oct. 2015:  Rabbi Baruch Efrati  declared back in 2012 “We will never forgive Europe’s Christians for slaughtering millions of our children, women and elderly… Not just in the recent Holocaust, but throughout the generations, in a consistent manner which characterizes all factions of hypocritical Christianity…

“Europe is losing its identity in favor of another people and another religion, and there will be no remnants and survivors from the impurity of Christianity, which shed a lot of blood it won’t be able to atone for.”

See the messianic expectations of the Chabad Lubavitch.

Here is another  supremacist Talmudist/Pharisee, Barbara Lerner Spectre, declaring that Europe must become multicultural an led by the Jews because of the leading role of Jews. Otherwise, Europe will not survive. She is married to the Supreme rabbi of Stockholm.

“Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer.”  (Influential Jew Harold Rosenthal, murdered for his views).

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13 Responses to Clues to the Masterminds of Europe´s Destruction by Islamic Mass Immigration I

  1. Caesar Lion Cachet says:


    Everybody in the so called white European World knows that the so called Jews are no Jews but Ashkenazi Khazars a bastard mixture of Mongols, Turks and Eastern Europeans. A breed of rapist, murderer and thieves and worse… The real offspring of Satan. Even Hitler belonged to this fake tribe of inbreds… Look what they do in Palestine. Murdering the woman and children for fun. And it go’s on and on and on…
    Maybe Putin will stop them ?!

  2. Anders says:

    Hello Caesar Lion Cachet.

    You write the so-called Jews are Ashkenazi Jews.

    That is not quite correct the so far largest study into that subject
    There are no Turkish (Khazar) genes in the Azhkenazi. They are a mixture of Jewish male and European, in particular German
    female genes.
    This applies to the Rothschilds, whereas the Rockefellers are Sephardic Jews.

    Ashkenazi intelligence seems to be derived from the European women. Other Jews are not particularly intelligent, it is said.

  3. Caesar Lion Cachet says:


    My book tells a different story and I am sure you are intelligent enough to find that book. But right ore slightly wrong the main argument is that these people are no Jews from the Old book the Bible but imposters with a loud mouth and terrible racist… The deceivers of mankind with possible reptile ancestors…

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  7. David Kahn says:

    Why are people dwelling on the idea that the Azhkenazi Jews are not real Jews? That did not keep Hitler from exterminating them. They paid the price of torture and death for their Judaism, so in my book they earned their star.

  8. Anders says:

    Hello, David Kahn.

    Of Course the Azhkenazys are Jews – because any one who feels Jewish and lives like Jews are Jews – just the way any one feeling Danish and living like Danes is Danish.

    My post documented thatthe Azhkenazys do have Jewish genes mixed with European female genes.
    What the big study I refer to shows is that the the Khazarian thesis is wrong. The Azhkenazys do not have Turk genes (The Khazars were a Turk people).

    The Khazar thesis is derived from Jewish-Austrian author Arthur Koestler – who tried to liberate Jews from the links to the Banker criminals in the London City and Wall Street – making them Non-Jewish.

    Hitler himself was an Azhkenazy,
    a grandson of Salomon Rothschild in Vienna, in all probability

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