US and EU Giving in to Putin, the “Prince of the World”, Seemingly Leaving Him a Free Hand in the Middle East. Israel Braced for Russian Intrusion into Israeli Air Space

Veterans Today 10 Oct. 2015 The video below shows Russians throwing leaflets over Syria.

There were several leaflets included, one warning of impending Russian bombing, the one with the image below  may well be intended for unwitting jihadists who are simply too stupid to know they are fighting a “placeholder war” on behalf of economic interests.

israeli-us-terrorism2In discussions with a senior military intelligence source in the US yesterday, two issues came up:
1) Veterans Today’s claim that 800 Israeli troops are now inside Syria
2) Russian planes turned back an Israeli air attack on Syria. They believe it happened

As for the number, “800,” I was told that the Pentagon believes that figure to be low.

DEBKAfile 9 Oct. 2015Uncertainty still hangs over Moscow’s precise intentions regarding its air force flights over the Golan close to Israel’s border – even after two days of discussions on coordination ended in Tel Aviv Thursday, Oct. 8, between the Russian Deputy Chief of Staff Gen. Nikolay Bogdanovsky and his Israeli counterpart Maj. Gen. Yair Golan.

A coordination mechanism between the two air forces was left as unfinished business for further discussion, Debkafile’s military sources report. So it is still not clear to Israel what is supposed to happen if Russian fighters and bombers enter the Syrian-Israeli border district and slip over into Israeli air space.

Su-25_Frogfoot_ground-attack_planes_B-Syria_10.15_1The bilateral talks left Israel with the impression that this was a distinct possibility. Our military sources are certain that the Russians were recently in fact deliberately testing Turkish air defenses. This scenario may well repeat itself over the Golan in the very near future. Gen. Bogdanovsky made no secret of Moscow’s intention to use its air power against rebel targets in battles taking place near the Israeli border.
According to our exclusive military sources, Israel braced for this eventually Wednesday night, Oct. 7.

Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten 10. Okt. 2015  The United States has cancelled their military training program  of Syrian rebels  worth 500 million dollars. The US government has clearly recognized that its influence on the events in Syria is receding.

Washington wanted to put together several thousand Syrian regional troops  last year. But in September, it turned out that fewer than 100 have been trained (Veterans Today 26 April 2015 reported  1200), and after the completion of the program, they joined IS(IS) or Al Qaeda.

Embarrassing for the United States and Turkey: Both NATO partners namely  confirmed that the Russians have bombed positions of the Al-Nusra Front. Therewith, there  is official evidence that the US government supports a dangerous Islamist terrorist group in the Middle East: The al-Nusra Front is nothing else than the local al-Qaeda offshoot. Brzezinski even called A-Qaida a US asset!
This failed strategy meant that the IS was able to have more and more land gains.
In Washington, before deciding, weighty voices have spoken out, who demanded that the US should scale back its military involvement in Syria.
Comment: And thus let Putin have free space.

Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten 8 Okt. 2015: The EU is apparently very impressed by Vladimir Putin’s actions in Syria: EU President Jean-Claude Juncker suddenly says the EU should not have its relationship with Russia dictated by the United States. He called for a normalization of relations – and thus indirectly an end to the sanctions.
Comment: Especially nice to hear in relation to the catastrophic TTIP negotiations.

The above leaves the impression that Putin has checkmated Obama  – and by pokering  not only prevented th US from  acting  but also isolated it by the fact that Europe now chooses to follow “The Great Führer”, Vladimir Putin.
In this game, Israel is apparently totally isolated – might also fall victim to Putin’s power expansion in the Middle East (Gog / Magog, Ezekiel 38/39? by Chabad Lubavitch´s /and  Albert Pike´s / William Carr´s Masonic plan?).




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