Chess Mate, Obama. Russia Introduces No-Flight zone over Syria, Northern Israel, Southern Turkey and Cyprus – Paralyzing Israeli and Western Air Forces. Secret Agreement with Obama?

Russian-No-Fly-zone -SyriaDEBKAfile 6 Oct. 2015: Friday, Oct. 2, the Russian Defense Ministry announced the surprise deployment of a Navy cruiser, the Moskva, armed with 64  S-300 ship-to-air missiles with a range of 150 kilometers  opposite the Syrian coastal town of Latakia. They can shoot down any type of missile, including cruise missiles, as well as planes.
Debkafile’s military sources point out that Russia, without saying so publicly, has thus created an effective no-fly zone over most of Syria, most of northern Israel, including the Golan, as well as southern Turkey, for US aircraft based there for air strikes in Syria; Cyprus, the site of British air force bases; and Jordan.

With one move, Moscow has imposed a no-fly zone over Syria – which the US has long considered to do.
The presence of the wide-ranging S-300s means that the Turkish, British, Israeli and Jordanian air forces will need to coordinate their aerial operations in Syrian or Lebanese airspace with Russia, or face the risk of their planes being shot down.

In the view of Debkafile’s military sources, the only aircraft capable of evading those advanced missiles are stealth planes. If US President Obama truly wanted to deal effectively with Moscow’s military move in Syria he would have ordered the deployment of US stealth fighters to Turkey and Israel.

On the topic of the transfer of advanced weaponry to Hizballah, Prime Minister Netanyahu was very clear. ”If anybody wants to use Syrian territory to transfer nuclear weapons to Hezbollah, we’ll take action.” Russia’s deputy chief of staff, Gen. Nikolay Bogdanovsky, accompanied by a large military delegation, arrives in Israel for a two-day visit on Tuesday, Oct. 6, to discuss increased coordination between the two militaries.

Sputnik 6 Oct. 2015, quoting the Financial Times: The Russian forces now in place make it very very obvious that  the kind of no-fly zone based on the Libyan model imposed by the US and allies is now impossible, unless the coalition is actually willing to shoot down Russian aircraft”.
The Russians are just saying, ‘keep out of our way’

Russian marinesThe Independent 6 Oct.2015 – NATO Secr. General Jens Stoltenberg: The reported incidents of Russia’s Air Force reportedly violating Turkey´s airspace on Saturday and Sunday were “very serious“, adding: “It doesn’t look like  accidents.” (Deutsche Welle 6 Oct. 2015). And Russia has a considerable amount of troops on the ground in Syria – see also The New York Times 5 Oct. 2015.

Veterans Today 5 oct. 2015: Since 2011, Israel has put an air support and artillery screen over parts of Syria, while a force of at least 800 IDF specialists, air coordinators, car bomb trainers, and special operations commandos have fought against local Syrian village militias.
Last week, Pres. Putin warned Netanyahu that with Russian operations inside Syria, Israel’s violations of Syrian sovereignty would now be seen as violations of Russia’s sovereignty as well.

LiveLeakSix Russian fighter jets type Multirole Sukhoi SU – 30 SM have intercepted 4 Israeli McDonnell Douglas F-15’s fighter bombers attempting to infiltrate the Syrian coast and chased them back home. The Israeli F 15 warplanes have been flying over Syrian airspace for months and in particular the coast of Latakia, which is now the bridgehead of the Russian forces in Syria.






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  1. R Davis says:

    Netanyahu is not a well man, it is said that, discreetly, he has been in & out of hospital several times, Proudly Captain Dreadful is a hot blooded & passionate man at the beat of times, decision making cannot be not his strong point at this moment in time, therefore he should be asked to step down & if he will not go then firmly pushed.
    The fact that he is still “there” speaks to the lilly livered, cowardice of the political arena at large.
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  2. R Davis says:

    If life become just too hard, come to Victoria Australia.
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  4. R Davis says:

    I see you left Prescott Ave. Mt. Matha … there is better.
    Here is a Mornington Peninsula address – 418 Tasman Drive Rye Vic – A$625.000 – simple & land to improve – a steam room / shower, indoor – outdoor pool / google – conservatory images & add style / bifold doors open the house to nature – a wine fridge or you will be on the outskirts of society … wine tasting evenings are hosted by wine club members.
    244 Nepean Highway Seaford is quite grand, I like the concept & some of the materials used to create the style – I would ask about mosquitos.

    Proudly Captain Dreadful Bibi Netanyahu says “If anyone wants to use Syrian territory to transfer nuclear weapons to Hezbollaha we’ll take action”
    1. Israel is the size of a postage stamp – the IRON DOME is a lie – Hezbollaha ring & ask for instructions on where to bomb in Israel. It would take extremely little missile power to eradicate all signs of Israel in moments.
    Netanyahu shreaching at the top of his lungs like THE DALEKS from DR.Who.
    Is only Benjamin Netanyahu trying to stay in the spot light on center stage – FOR THE HAM THAT HE IS. – for him, it is all about him.

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