Is Angela Merkel Europe´s Evil Spirit? Or Who Is Managing Her?

Abstract: The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, is the EU’s most powerful person and is, sadly, thus influencing the fate of all other EU countries. She has made the career of a wind bag: Spyess for the STASI and agitator and propagandist for the Communist FDJ. Her father was the “only one” who  defected  from West to East Germany. He had the nickname “Red”.

She’s Rotary club member. Rotary is an arm of Freemasonry for those who are women and do not want to go so far as Freemasonry – but Rotary originated from  Freemasonry, and its spiritual father is the US Illuminatus, Benjamin Franklin. Some of its emblems have the Masonic logo (compasses and square). As with Freemasons, the initiates have to swear on the Rotary Constitution (state within the state).
These clubs are paving the road for the NWO as well as the Masonic lodges  – that’s why the clubs are  just as international. Endlessly, Merkel makes the sign of the Mother Goddess, the spouse of Lucifer.
So, what constitution does Merkel´s loyalty  belong to: That of the communist NWO Freemasonry or that of Germany?

Merkel’s recent behaviour clearly points towards the NWO: She invited the Muslim world to come to Germany, to “help people in distress”. She takes no account of the fact that the majority is not refugees but economic migrants. When these migrants arrive, her Germany throws German citizens out of their homes – to make them refugee camps – and demands vast amounts of her guests to be hosted by her neighbors!

Of course, the German Socialist and President of the European Parliament, Schulz, agrees:  “Mercy and human decency must motivate our political decisions.”
This old-fashioned word, mercy, was otherwise long ago abolished by the Socialists. It is only used by Christ, whom the EU rejects with all strength, and Masons!! 

The Daily Mail describes how Germany is in a state of siege – with appalling conditions in the refugees camps -so far about 2000 of them with an inflow of 100 migrants per hour. In Munich, a camp is called the largest brothel in the city – and  rapes, even of children, are taking place repeatedly. Locals feel insecure – have been ordered to adapt to the customs of Muslims (Dhimmitude).

A secret document of the Austrian Home Office has been leaked. It describes the risk for maintaining public order, peace and security as well as for  inter-ethnic and inter-religious conflicts among migrants and factual invalidation of legal structures. “

Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel says, “We have no government and Mrs Merkel is only the CEO of an NGO”.
In fact, Wikipedia writes:  With Germany AG (Ltd.), a network of links between large banks, insurance companies and industrial enterprises was meant  until the recent past – now with Deutsche Bank and Allianz (Rothschild companies) at the centre. Even “Die Welt” uses the term Germany AG
Yes, The government of Germany AG has a financial agency AG / GmbH – and is  a “Corporate Governance” !! which establishes reports acc. to the Corporate Governance Code for the Public! The German Ministry of Finance is placed in The House of Finance in Frankfurt which also houses  a sea of Rothschild banks, insurance companies etc. 

Germany has an invalid constitution, which was designed by the victors – and excludes East Germany. Russia Today 7 July 2015 writes:  The German Reich continues to exist. However, the Federal Republic of Germany is identical with this as a subject of international law  (according to the Federal Constitutional Court – but how is that possible?).

So who is really running Germany? In my view it is so: Merkel is the CEO of Rothschild’s / Nazis´ 4th Reich AG/Inc.
One may guess, therefore, that the powers that financed the Nazis and probably gave them a Rothschild as a leader, and in 1871 made the US – the de facto governing power in Germany and the EU – the “USA Inc.” , also are the board of the NGO Germany Inc./AG – and thus are Merkel´s bosses. The  DWN on 25 Sept. 2015 writes: Angela Merkel follows an unknown agenda. It is spooky and appropriate to sustainably undermining democracy and the rule of law in Germany.

Merkel calls the inflow of her guests a test – and does not say a word about what the logic solutions would be: 1) to stop the NATO bombing in Syria / as well as western weapons and money deliveries to the ISIS and 2) Block the  borders of the EU by all means and do not allow our fleets to serve as ferries for the migrants in the Mediterranean

The US geostrategist, Thomas P.M. Barnett, wrote in a letter to the US government:  “The ultimate goal of the war on terror is the co-ordination of all countries in the world.  It should be brought about by the mixing of the races with the aim of producing a light brown breed in Europe (Rothschild agent Coudenhove Kalergi and former  Pres. Sarkozy). For this purpose,  1.5 million immigrants from the Third World are recorded every year in Europe. The result is a population with an average IQ of 90, too stupid to understand, but smart enough to work”.
“This corresponds with the fact that in 2008, the EU established recruitment offices in Africa to have 56 million African “workers” + their families emigrate to Europe as “workers”.

Here we seem to find  the explanation for Freemason Merkel´s bizarre behaviour, so no wonder, the Coudenhove Kalergi price was allocated to her in 2011.


Angela Merkel invited all refugees in the name of humanity (a term unknown to politicians Only votes count) into kindhearted Germany – and when they arrived in their millions, Merkel demanded that the neighbors take over a large part of her guests! – after Germany is giving German tenants notes to quit, as their flats are to be refugees accomodations (e.g. Nieheim). What a hospitality !!

Merkel’s fellow countryman, President of the European Parliament Martin Schultz joined in.  
European Parliament News 23 Sept. 2015
: “Compassion and human decency must motivate our political decisions. To distribute a few hundred thousand among 507 million in 28 countries should  pose no problem” . martinschulz666(“The word  “compassion” is only being used by Christ – and he has nothing to do with EU-Schulz – and Masons).

Right: Martin Schulz shows the Masonic 666-sign of the Antichrist.

But it is a problem, when politicians use their brains for ideological – not logic thinking.  We are not speaking of a few hundred thousands – but about millions as time passes by.
See Pews Muslim/non Muslim fertility tabel : in Denmark a Muslim woman has 2.7 , a Danish woman 1.8 children.  In Germany, a Muslim Woman gets  1.8  and a German woman 1.3 children. In Finland a Muslim woman gets 3.3 children, a Finnish woman gets 1.8 children. In Norway, a Muslim woman gets 3.1 children – a Norwegian woman 1.8 children
Merkel and Schulz  do not care what their peoples think who have to foot the bill,  suffer Muslim violence and future Sharia.

The Daily Mail 26 Sept. 2015: “Germany is in a state of siege.
Acc. to social workers,  appalling conditions prevail in the now 2000 refugee camps in Germany (just the beginning): Prostitution (10 euros per performance), rape of women and children, and violence. The Bayern Barracks in Munich is known as the biggest brothel in town. The German neighbors of the centers  dare not walk alone in the dark – and are being imposed by the authorities to adapt their behavior according to the culture of  the Muslim “refugees”, many of whom are non-Syrian economic migrants. And the influx into Germany goes on with another 100 newcomers per hour.
Where is  it worse – in Syria or in Germany?
This is the compassion of the do-gooders Merkel and EU-Schulz!

Loss of law and order acc. to Austrian Home Office
What these “philanthropist ideologues” drivel means danger to us indigenous Europeans. They know and cover it up, but: A secret document  from the Austrian Home Office has been leaked, causing uproar because our assumptions are not allowed to  be confirmed.
“The Effect (of mass immigration) in Austria: police action, binding of the executive structures, staff shortages, risk for the capability to maintain public order, peace and security through massive binding of the staff to handle the executive activities related to illegal entries into Austria, overstraining of the asylum – supply system and threat: a risk of inter-ethnic and inter-religious conflicts among migrants and factual abrogation of legal structures“.

WMerkel-666ho is actually this all-embracing  German Chancellor  Angela “Mutti” Merkel?
Wikipedia:  Merkel has been described as the de facto leader of the European Union and was ranked as the world’s second most powerful person by Forbes Magazine in 2012. She is currently the Senior G7 leader.

The Slog  writes:  Very few close observers now doubt that Merkel’s father (the only man on record who defected from West to East Germany – called “Red”) was a Stasi social spy and part-time organiser. Nor do they have many doubts that the current German Chancellor Angela Merkel was an active group leader in the FDJ. 

What most Germans don’t know, however, is that Hans-Jörg Osten was her Professor and close confidante at the Academy of Sciences where she was a student. And Osten provably was a paid agent of the Stasi.
Those who think European liberty and democracy are safe in the hands of these two twisted gargoyles need a blunt reality check.
But there is more: Schweiz Magazin NewsAs a STASI agent, the German Chancellor  has purportedly been engaged in spying on the former GDR dissident Robert Havemann, in 1980.
Acc. to Hans-Jörg Osten,  Merkel acted in the academy as a FDJ secretary for agitation and propaganda

Merkel-fdjThus, Merkel was brought thoroughly up for her “Internationalism” and Communism. She changed from the STASI to a career in the CSU as easily as others change their turncoats. “Old habits die hard

Now, you do not become a top politician without selling your soul to Lucifer´s organisations.
Merkel is a Bilderberger 2005 and she is a Rotary Club member.

What is Rotary Club?
Wikipedia:It is the duty of all Rotarians,” states their Manual of Procedure , “outside their clubs, to be active as individuals in as many legally constituted groups and organizations as possible to promote, not only in words but through exemplary dedication, awareness of the dignity of all people and the respect of the consequent human rights of the individual.”
It is open to business and professional leaders aged 18 and upwards, with no regard to economic status – but only 1 representative from each profession in each club allowed.
It bans discrimination based on race, gender, religion or ethnic origin. Women currently account for 15% of international Rotary membership.
The general welfare of the community, the nation, and the world is a concern (Constitution).

rotary-emblemSome emblems of Rotary Clubs have the Masonic logo of  the compasses and square + G (God).
Like in the Masonic lodges, initiates have to swear to keep Rotary´s “Constitution” and by-laws. So this is no ordinary club!! But the Constitution does not look Masonic. Membership can expire!

Henry Makow 8 May 2015: The foundation of the New World Order has already been substantially established. Members of Masonic-based organizations (including Rotary Clubs) comprise ground-level agents working for the NWO’s platform in the United States of America. As a further deception, some members of the more entry-level affiliate organizations (such as Rotary and Lions Clubs) may not even be aware of their local group’s association with Freemasonry.

merkel-illuminatiMerkel is, no doubt, affiliated to Masonry – see her Mother Goddess, the spouse of Lucifer, hand sign

Rotary Clubs originated from Freemasonry in 1905, – even mentioning Illuminatus Benjamin Franklin as one of its spiritual fathers!!! – and had many Mason members. This double membership was later prohibited due to public outcry! There are no degrees in Rotary.

Does Merkel speak for Germany when she invites the Muslim World to an everlasting party in Germany?

Who governs Germany?
Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel says, “We have no federal government and Frau Merkel is just the CEO of an NGO”.
So, she must have a board  and a chairman of the board above her. Who are they?
A hint: DWN 26 Sept. 2015 – Germany asking the USA for permission to stop sanctions against Russia! The stronger Inc. dictates the weaker Inc.

Wikipedia:  Germany Inc. (Gmbh) has been the name of a network of links between large banks, insurance companies and industrial companies in the recent past – with the Deutsche Bank and the Allianz (Rothschild company) at the center.
Even “Die Welt” uses the term Germany Inc.

IFinanz-Agenturndeed, the Federal Republic has a Financial Agency Inc. (GmbH) – even as part of a “corporate” governance “!! As part of its obligation acc. to the Public Corporate Governance Code, the Federal Republic of Germany´s Finance Agency publishes annual reports on  – corporate governance, leadership and control.” Curiously, the German Federal Ministry of Finance shares  the Frankfurt House of Finance with a plethora of Rothschild banks – insurance companies etc.

Russia Today 7 July 2015:  The German Reich continues to exist, however, the Federal Republic of Germany is identical with this as a subject of international law  (according to the Federal Constitutional Court – but how is that possible?).


Right: Merkel being honoured by the Masons above all Masons, the Jewish B´nai B´rith because she is obedient and good.
She has also received the Coudenhove Kalergi  –  Prize.  Coudenhove´s aim was the extermination of the white race for a negroid-Arab mixed race -like the ancient egyptians – and governed by the Jewish master race.

Merkel is the CEO of  the Rothschild/ Nazi 4th Reich AG (the EU) and here.
One can guess, therefore, that the powers, that financed the Nazis and probably gave them a Rothschild for Their Führer, and who in 1871 made the US – the de facto governing power in Germany and the EU – their “USA Inc.“, also are the board of the NGO Germany Inc. – and are Merkel´s bosses.

DWN 25 Sept. 2015: Quasi-Freemason Merkel’s great experiment as managing director and the strongest political force of the EU – normally dancing to her tune .

Angela Merkel follows an unknown agenda. She is spooky and appropriate to sustainably undermine democracy and the rule of law in Germany.

It’s amazing that just left and green intellectuals  have successfully persuaded the Chancellor to believe that he is integrated, who has a “job”. With the States,  a financing plan has been worked out : 670 Euros per refugee per month. Hans-Werner Sinn says: “Wage dumping for all” is the order of the day.

The experiment was , like all  major laws, adopted in a “rush”

If Europe, as requested by Merkel,  passes this test, then Europe will have exchanged his liberal societies towards a comprehensive police state – because otherwise the incalculable tensions between the new immigrant groups  cannot be repressed. Also for the protection against terrorists, massive police-state measures will be inevitable.

For  such riots/civil wars,  the  EU has the Eurogendfor, former elite Soldiers, ready

Thus, now a German Freemason and obedient  CEO of  a Corporation named Germany Inc. is deciding the ethnic, cultural and religious future of Europe by magnanimously inviting  all willing Muslims in their millions into Paradise Europe, in order to have low-wage workers for her Corporation masters – and to send native Europeans into unemployment and poverty. Thus, the desirable Chaos is provided for Merkel’s capitalist Board bosses – so that they can build their communist one-world government out of Chaos (Agenda 21 concentration camps).order_out_of_chaos

Ordo ab Chao (order out of chaos) is the motto of 33. degree Masonry 

Status Quo News 25 Sept. 2015: Quoted from a letter sent to the US government by Thomas P.M. Barnett, respected geostrategist and intelligence officer: “The ultimate goal of the war on terror is the co-ordination of all countries in the world.  It should be brought about by the mixing of the races with the aim of producing a light brown breed in Europe ( Rothschild agent Coudenhove Kalergi and former  Pres. Sarkozy – for this purpose,  1.5 million immigrants from the Third World are recorded every year in Europe. The result is a population with an average IQ of 90, too stupid to understand, but smart enough to work”.
The mass immigration is carrying the stamp “made in USA“.

This corresponds with the fact that in 2008, the EU established recruitment bureaus in Africa to have 56 million African “workers” + their families emigrate to Europe as “workers”.

George Friedman is an American senior intelligence officer, founder and CEO of STRATFOR. He says that it was always the aim of the United States to prevent a rapprochement between Germany and Russia by all means.
How long will Merkel serve as a puppet in this game?


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9 Responses to Is Angela Merkel Europe´s Evil Spirit? Or Who Is Managing Her?

  1. R Davis says:

    Old World, Upper Class, Old Scoundrels & thier self-serving indulgent, gimme, gimme, gimme, airs & graces; are still in charge.
    Today’s youth / the next generation / the new custodians of the worlds affairs … to Merkel’s generation, the new worlds Monkeys, do not fit into their scheme at all.
    [ Auto Makers today still make the same OLD CARS they have done for the last 20 years – only that they dress them up with the GADGETS invented by the young minds of todays world ] – [ theyoung minds who are shelved / locked out lest they take over]
    BUT ;
    How much longer can the likes of
    * Jean-Claude Junker
    * Christine Lagarde – what a piece of work this female is – Former Finance Minister of Greece Yannis Varoufakis spent Easter Sunday chasing her around the streets instead of being at home with his wife & family ( urgent business they say ) she was flattered – look in the mirror, he only wanted money from you dear.
    * Wolfgang Schauble – scandel has followed this man around since the day after he started his first job.
    * Francios Hollande – did you watch him announce the bombing in Syria – the stupid looks his face can make, tell us that he was obviously the dunce of the class at school.
    * Joachim & Angela Merkel – she is obedient to his wishes or he would leave her for a younger woman & not one that looks like his mother. A man ages gracefully & woman becomes a desperate & frumpy old hag & that is the Angela Merkel look.
    *Jeroen Dijesselbloem – whom I have re-named – The Dashing Dasterdly Dijon Mustard Bloem – ooozes such sexually deviant smugness & is said to be a heavy gambler. A James Bond type if ever there was one.
    Please know that each nation has their fair share of these types lay about, no account, money bleeders.
    Most wannabe’s are bone lazy – as are the above mentioned – FOR FREE – is how they strive to flounce about life. Work is avoided – but make no mistake – they are in it ONLY for the money …
    They could care less weather we love them, weather the camera loves them, even weather they will go to hell of all eternity.
    Do not get caught is their caution.
    * dialysis to clean the toxins from the blood
    * bed rest & the drip to nourish & rejuvenate the body’s cells
    * the nip & tuck youth & beauty treatments
    * the drug induced stimulii for that alert, intellectual effect
    Will not sustain them for ever.
    They will drop dead eventually.

  2. R Davis says:

    Ukraine draft board sent out hundreds of letters to attend – only a hand full of young men turned up.
    Merkel abolished the draft – why – no one would turn up – if we chase them up & force them we will be kicked out.
    Merkel to shut down / shut down, the nuclear power plants – because they are all leaking dangerously. It costs $10 billion to build one & $11 billion to shut it down, think about the odds that the decision was enviromentally inspired.
    Australian news has the current PM of Australia Malcolm Turmbull “The Most Powerful Man in Australia”
    Only untill the 14 th of January 2017 … when we look forward to voting the imbicile & his goons out.
    It is all in the perception vs reality of things.

  3. R Davis says:

    8 years ago the world was – “very, very worried about the on coming Age Wave tsunami” “train werck” “iceberg”
    The Baby Boomers … books were written & talks given, an expert came to Australia from the USA to tell of the massive crisis & Mainstream Media scaremongered for all it was worth. I was worried that we “greedy geezers”weren’t going to be forcably euthanized by the Nation State.
    Only that I listened to the EXPERT from the USA & what he said did not add up.
    So I went on a fact finding mission & discovered that there were more babies born in the 10 years before WW2 that the 20 years after WW2 = NO BABY BOOMERS.
    It was the governments collectively crying poor – as the constantly do.
    THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION HERE IS THIS – who then, is collecting the aged pensions being paid to these very Baby Boomers – to the tune of billions of dollars, even today.
    I put my findings out there each time I touched the keyboard & people began to look for themselves & sure enough, the truth became known to us all.
    We the people of planet earth are not replenishing our numbers.
    We are going to die out – all of us – across the board.

    THE DEEN SHOW: Eddie & Co., say that more & more of the prison population in the USA are converting to Islam – that may be but it is not of free will – how could it be when they are caged like animals – how is there free will here.
    That more & more people across the board are converting to Islam.
    In fact, when Muslims leave their Islamic homeland, when the fear in them subsides enough, their mind clears enough, to realise that they are safe to feel free, the odds are that they will cast off the shackles from around their throat, the shackles that choacked them into subservient submission.
    Muslim women have more baby’s than Western women today, but not tomorrow.
    And children rebel as a matter of course –

    Martin Schulz is a funny little man, isn’t he – he likes to shake hands a lot – it is a form of name dropping, “look how powerful I am” a self defence just in case he need it. Quite by chance I was reading an article about him last week, so I decided to look at his background & I found nothing – what is the big secret (?) anything that we should know.

    My wonkey crystal ball tells me that Bashar al-Assad is no more & will be off the scene soon.

    German elections 2017:
    Q: 1.
    What do you think that Angela Merkels new job will be, after being chancellor of Germany, who would employ her, her husband will insist that she work, rubbing shoulders with the power brokers is essential to survival.
    Maybe she could head the IMF, now that Lagarde has become a liability for them. Surely Rothschild are deeply indebted to Mutti Merkel for her obedience & substantial deliverances.
    Retirement is out of the question, it is a matter of ‘out of sight out of mind’ & not a good look for a wheeler dealer like Joachim Merkel.
    Q: 2.
    Christian Democratic Union of Germany – will Merkels party win the next election ?
    2017 is not far away.
    The USA Federal elections are due in 2016.
    What then, if the current parties in office do not make it.
    Israel is in a lot of trouble & so is Hollande & it can only get worse.
    Will the current bubble of evil burst …..

    I am house hunting – stress is my middle name.

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  5. Kevin says:


    Thanks for the great article, Sir, and your great website. I loved it. Please keep up the great work you do—the civilized world needs you to stand up against Jewish evil and savagery and barbarianism.

    Angela Merkel is truly the face of Jewish evil, and she is a Shabbat goy implementing the Jewish hate embodied in books like “Germany must perish” to exterminate the white race, in retaliation for the Jewish delusion called the holohoax and other Torah myths (even though the Holohoax never happened as claimed and the current German people had nothing to do with it).

    But she is not acting alone—the German parliament must approve her actions for it to become law. So who authorized her to allow million of 3rd world invaders to invade Germany?

    Germany was turned into a Jewish controlled police by USA (another Jewish controlled banana republic) after WW2. Both major political parties in Germany are left-wing. In Germany, they criminally prosecute anybody speaking out against immigration, and ban conservative parties once they become popular, and so the poor Germans have a choice only between the ultra left (SPD) and the very left party of Merkel (CDU), both of whom are on a war path against the white German people.

    After WW2, USA basically took over Germany, and illegally had them pass a temporary framework called the “Basic Law” which gives all power to a “Federal Constitution Court” and installed a sham democracy.

    Even the German site below admits that theirs is a govt. under “Judicial control”.

    This Basic Law is NOT the constitution, was never ratified by the people, was temporary and has already expired. This Basic law and this “Federal Constitutional Court” are therefore unconstitutional and therefore illegal and null and void:

    Since the Basic Law is null and void, all of Angela Merkel’s decisions, such as allowing tens of thousands of 3rd world “refugees” and “migrants” to settle her country, her persecution of holocaust scholars, etc. are all ultra vires and therefore null and void.

    This illegal court*, is stuffed with Judges from the 2 main left wing parties, and these crooks then ban almost all right wing parties that are against immigration, etc. (often at the behest of the Judaists who file these cases, just like in other countries) so their left wing Jewish puppets like Angela Merkel remain in power.

    *In fact, even according to the liberal wikipedia, the appointment of Judges there is unconstitutional:

    Germany is still US occupied territory with Angela Merkel as the puppet of a sham democracy.

    Germany has criminalized debating the holocaust. Its Kangaroo courts were able to frame Ernst Zundel and Demjanjuk—a man cleared for the same allegations even by Israel’s Supreme Court. There are no transcripts in Germany. Even the lawyer defending your case can be imprisoned–for defending your case, as it happened to Zundel’s lawyer!!

    SOLUTION: However, there are a few options for the German/European people to save themselves from this reign of terror and ethnic cleansing unleashed by the Judaists.

    First of all, we must reach out to the German people through German language websites, etc. and make them aware that the holocaust is a hoax (such as through books like “Hoax of the Century” by Butz, “The Holocaust Industry” by Finkelstein, etc.), that Israel is a criminal state, and the Judaism is a barbaric criminal mentally deranged cult, etc.

    Secondly, the Germans can amend the constitution to allow binding superseding national referenda.

    See National Citizens Initiative For Democracy,

    This can also be done by supporting parties that just focus on this one issue first—amending the constitution to allow binding superseding national referenda, whereby people can pass laws themselves. The PEOPLE must decide if they want more “refugees” or not, not corrupt German (or other) politicians and their puppets in the Federal Constitutional Court.

    Secondly, all other Europeans must vote for rightist parties and they must all ban immigration first and get out of the EU. They must decriminalize speech so people can freely criticize immigration and debate the holohoax. By getting out of the EU, it would weaken Angela Merkel and the left-wing German govt. German citizens can then set up websites, radio stations and other media or political parties just outside Germany whereby they could consider appropriate forms of rebellion/revolt/revolution (as permitted under the laws of the jurisdiction) against the German govt. These conservative govts. outside Germany can then put pressure on left-wing German politicians like Merkel to ban immigration, mock them, put sanctions on them and even try them for crimes against humanity, which alienism and though control (such as criminalizing political speech, such as criticism of 3rd world immigration, Muslims, Judaists, holohoax, etc.) are.

    For such crimes against humanity, like alienism, there is no immunity, no statute of limitations and any govt. can assert extra-territorial jurisdiction over crimes committed even outside its borders.

  6. Anders says:

    Thank, you, Kevin.

    We are now seeing opposition against Merkel in Eastern Europe.
    But basically, the problem is that too many Europeans are unsound asleep.

    The mass immigration and its accompnying criminality may be opening their eyes – therefore the sudden
    mass immigration may save us from the Sharia consequence of the sneaking immigration over the past 40 years.
    I hope so. But unfortunately, I think it takes much more criminality for people to really say stop.

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