Putin Outsmarted Obama: Bought Netanyahu, Won Saudi Arabia. Russian Ground Troops in Syria Fighting ISIS alongside Hizballah and Syrian Army. US Again Sending US-educated and Equipped Troops to Al-Qaeda/IS(IS)

DKweirisAirEBKAfile 24 Sept. 2015 On Thursday, Sept. 24, Russian Marine Brigade 810 fought with Syrian army and Hizballah special forces in an attack on ISIS forces at the Kweiris airbase, east of Aleppo.
This operation runs contrary to the assurances of President Vladimir Putin to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sept. 21
Purpose: Break the Syrian rebel siege on Aleppo, Syria’s second-largest city. While Russia poured troops and advanced hardware into Syria, establishing bases and launching offensive action, the US anti-Islamic State effort suffered a heavy blow with the decision of Obama’s ISIS war czar, Gen. John Allen, to step down in early November.
This is a danger signal for US, Israel.

DEBKAfile 24 Sept. 2015: An Israeli military officer reported Thursday that an Israeli-Russian coordination team set up to prevent the countries accidentally trading fire in Syria .The officer said the talks would focus on aerial operations in Syria and “electromagnetic coordination” – referring to agreement not to scramble each other’s radio or radar-tracking systems and identifying each other’s forces in the heat of battle.
Israel and Russia will also coordinate sea operations off Syria’s Mediterranean coast. A hotline has been established between the Russian and Israeli supreme commanders.

New American 24 Sept. 2015:  After two months of U.S. military training in Turkey from the Obama administration’s Pentagon, the first group of 70 “moderate” Syrian rebels crossed into Syria this week — and promptly handed all of their U.S. weapons and equipment to al-Qaeda’s local affiliate known as Jabhat al-Nusra.   It is hardly the first time, and here and recent calls by senior U.S. globalists to form an alliance with al-Qaeda in Syria might offer a more plausible explanation. Either way, critics say it has become beyond clear that Obama’s supposed strategy in Syria is in reality a recipe for even more death and destruction.
Among other sources confirming the transfer of those American weapons from U.S.-backed “rebels” to al-Qaeda was the terrorist group itself, which the U.S. government spent trillions of dollars fighting around the world under the guise of its “war on terror.”

Al Qaeda is a US invention and partner – to be used as a scapegoat and excuse for the US expanding its warfare. The US even gave Al Qaeda poisonous gas to be used in Syria as false flag.Russia has sent MIG29 interceptor jets to Syria and established an airbase there – and has recently stationed ground troops  in Syria – some say with the connivance of the US. The question is: Is the ground fighting also in agreement with the US?

The situation is confusing. Something really big is happening: The US has lost the Middle East!

NEO 22 Sept. 2015,  F. William Engdahl:
He quotes Russian Foreign Minister Lawrow:   “I can only say once again that our servicemen and military experts are there to service Russian military hardware, to assist the Syrian army in using this hardware. bitter-obama2

Pres. Obama warned against Russia´s solo race in Syria. “You cannot defeat Islamic State with air strikes only,” Lavrov said, a dig at Obama’s strategy. “It’s necessary to cooperate with ground troops and the Syrian army is the most efficient and powerful ground force to fight the IS.”

What scares Washington warhawks is the possibility that Russia’s strategy could succeed in ending the ISIS reign of terror
According to the report of Thierry Meyssan, French editor of Voltaire.net based in Damascus, the latest Russian support to Assad regime’s war on the terrorists includes creation of a Joint Syrian-Russian Military Commission.

russian-marine-troopsThe Russians apparently have chosen the city of Latakia as their delivery point. There are rumors about the Russians sending in their Naval Infantry units from Crimea to Syria.

Left: Russian marine soldiers in Latakia

What is also going on as I suggested in an earlier article is a Russian diplomacy that is giving Saudi Arabia and the Arab OPEC members an alternative to their failed war strategy of financing any and every anti-Assad Jihadi terrorist.
They have grasped that ISIS and Al Qaeda’s Al-Nusra Front and the Muslim Brothers in the Middle East next have their sights aimed at toppling the Saudi and other Gulf monarchies.

As for Israel’s Netanyahu government, Putin has again shown a skillful presence, as Netanyahu distances Israel from Washington over Iran and other issues
at the end of August Russia’s Putin proposed to Israel for Moscow to undertake responsibility for guarding Israel’s Mediterranean gas fields, along with the offer of a Russian investment of $7-10 billion for developing Leviathan, the largest well, and building a pipeline to Turkey for exporting the gas to Europe.”A multibillion Russian investment in the field would make it a Russian project which neither Syria nor Hizballah would dare attack, even though it belongs to Israel.”

The changing attitude was suggested in views heard in the last couple of days from top Israeli security officials, who now say that leaving Assad in office might be the better option, after all!!
They add, “The Russian air force and navy are the strongest foreign military force in the eastern Mediterranean. The US deploys nothing comparable. Israel’s military strength is substantial but no one is looking for a military clash with the Russians.

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3 Responses to Putin Outsmarted Obama: Bought Netanyahu, Won Saudi Arabia. Russian Ground Troops in Syria Fighting ISIS alongside Hizballah and Syrian Army. US Again Sending US-educated and Equipped Troops to Al-Qaeda/IS(IS)

  1. Massimo says:

    Hi Anders,

    as we said a few days ago, the Russian troops started shelling the NWO run ISIS. Russian jets will take care of the Syrian air space 24 hours per day and that means that Israel can no more conduct air strikes against Assad from their bases when the ISIS troops need help from the sky.

    It was funny to see Putin laugh in the face of Netanyahu in Moscow when Bibi said that Syria is a serious threat to Israel, he came to the Kremlin with all the military and secret services chiefs to impress but he failed big time to change Putin plans in the Middle East. Just look at their final handshake, the bully Bibi was pissed. As far as I know this is the first step, because China is going to send troops to help Russia, ISIS days are numbered and the US Pentagon has no options left, Gen. John Allen resigned too. Just another Putin checkmate

  2. R Davis says:

    Hi Massimo,
    Proudly Captain Dreadful Bibi Netanyahu has a lot to be pissed about … there is very little confidence in this man back home & even less in Zionist America.
    There is so much that need to be turned around.
    What a different world it would be today … Also Cuba might have been allowed to florish & even under Castro, instead it is a shambles.

  3. Massimo says:

    Hi Anders,

    Irsael is actually internationally isolated and it’s basically all Netanyahu’s fault, the guy now has more enemies than friends. Even the NWO Pope Francis said that the nuclear deal with Iran was a good thing. How bad are you doing if such a statement comes form the Jesuits, the cabal that rule the world?

    I always thought that Russia is our natural parter but at the time, after WW2, their Bolshevik leaders were put in power by the Jewish masonic mafia, doing their best to destroy the nation, people wealth and Christianity. Communism was used to keep Europe and Russia separated and, when they tried to get closer, came Gladio’s terrorism.

    Castro did the same, becoming incredibly rich working as a double agent for the CIA and the American banksters, the Bay of the Pigs invasion was a planned fiasco to attack Kennedy, hated from the CIA and the military chiefs. The US invaded Europe and defeated the Nazis but they weren’t able to dethrone Castro in more than 30 years? It’s totally ridiculous, it makes no sense unless, of course, Castro weren’t a CIA asset and a banksters tool.

    That said, joining Russia’s effort to destroy ISIS is basically impossible for a Nato puppet nation, just look at Germany, the country that leads the UE: a week after they said to approve Putin intervention in the Middle East, their main national business (automotive) came under attack by the US, a direct attack to the German economy, and you don’t do such things without the US Government approval. The Volkswagen affair was an easy cover-up but they wanted to put them on their knees, they wanted to punish Germany

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