Wikileaks: How the Syrian War Was Started by the US aka Rothschild Inc. now Paying for Trafficking Refugees in War on “Non-existing” EU

Abstract: Apparently, there is a very strained relationship between the US and the EU. A senior intelligence official, Stratfor’s CEO, said there is “no Europe. We have just relations with individual European states – not with “Europe”. This statement comes close to a declaration of war on the EU. The NSA Espionage propbably aims at playing Europeans out against each other,

Now migrants and Austrian intelligence tell that the United States are paying the sky-high fares across the Mediterranean (up to> 10,000 euros /a person, which these migrants cannot pay) for the destructive Tsunami hitting Europe.

The following may indicate the real ringleaders of this war against white Europe: Since 1871 America has 2 constitutions. The one secretly valid for Washington DC, the US government, and Congress is an Incorporation contract with the Rothschild banks in order to rescue the US from bankruptcy after the Civil War – instigated and paid by Rothschild. Thus, Rothschild owns the US, having it governed by a CEO (“President”) and a board (Congress) on behalf of the Rothschilds – just like Germany, according to Sigmar Gabriel. Rothschild owns the United States – which has to obey all orders from above. Disobedient presidents (Lincoln, Kennedy) are shot.
Thus, the US is  Rothschilds´ / the Jesuits´tool for the enforcement of their NWO!

The errand boys calling themselves politicians are mostly Freemasons (directed by Jesuits) – and in Europe they seem hail the slogan of the EU-father Coudenhove Kalergi and Pres. Sarkozy, to breed a bastard race similar to the ancient Egyptians.

Wikileaks revealed that the US even during and after the “Arab Spring” was planning to overthrow the Syrian president – as told by General Wesley Clark as of 2003. Behind the Spring and all other coloured revolutions were and are George Soros, the NED and Freedom House of the US Congress. The CIA arms, finances, trains and directs the ISIS and other rebel groups. Syria did not want to take part in the USA’s NWO game, nor to have a Rothschild Central Bank or petrodollars.

The US now has created the Desirable chaos in the Middle East – and thus can aim at Europe, steering the US-created endless refugees flows into spineless, effeminate Europe.  The US wants to destroy Europe to create its the Illuminati NWO out of chaos. This corresponds exactly to the 6-point Plan of  Jesuit Adam Weishaupt and  Pharisean, Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

The Arabs have noticed that. Therefore, 80% of migrants are young strong men – and just as many are not really refugees. A screaming al Al-Aqsa Mosque Imam appeals to his flock: “Go to Europe and breed Muslim children with the women there to conquer Europe for Allah. The women there want real men (not sissies, whom they themselves have miseducated).
The traffickers have also grasped the message making posters with blond Swedish beauties – who are said to be ready and willing. In addition, luxury hotel stays are promised – and then free homes at taxpayer expense. Very few want to work – because they will be entertained for life in this Paradise that comes close to the Paradise of Allah. It is not even wrong!

The reason for the European acclamation to their own demise in the Sharia through the refugee tsunami has been described by a very influential Jew, Harold Rosenthal, long ago: “We Jews play with the American public like a cat plays with a mouse.
“The television and film programs are carefully designed so that they appeal to the sensuous feelings, not to logical thinking. For this reason, people are so programmed that they are governed by our dictation, not according to reason … thoughtless they will remain. The God of the Jews is Lucifer.”


“We (US) have no relationship with Europe. We have relationships with Romania, France et. – but there there is no “Europe”.
George Friedman,  chief intelligence officer, financial overseer, the founder and CEO of the private intelligence corporation STRATFOR.

Sputnik 28 July 2015 – Putin: “Did Europe stand at the origins of the decisions that led to this (migration) situation? We have to be honest, these decisions came from overseas, while Europe deals with the problem,” the Russian leader said. But that does not mean that we should demonize the US policy, they carry out a policy that serves their own interests”.

And Putin is not alone: Austrian Info Direkt 5. August 2015 / in English here Acc. to  Information from an Insider official of the „Austrian Intelligence Service“ there is knowledge, that US Organisations are paying the traffickers bringing thousands of refugees to Europe on a daily basis.

See this video from the 4:50 Min Mark (German): Modern war against Europe. The US stands behind the migrant smugglers to Europe, migrants say. The United States wages a financial and social war against Europe, in order to destabilize it and thereby introduce the NWO

Tcity-of-london_smallhe refugees masses flooding Europe have 5 reasons, as I see it: 1) The Orwellian US/NATO “War on Terror”  2) Muslim population explosion 3) Islam creates nothing but poverty and secterian wars 4) European decadence lack of moral values, and flabbiness.  5) After the false Constitution of the US of 1871, Washington DC and the US Government are a Corporation under The City of London of  Jesuit Rothschild and here.
So perhaps the driving force behind the War on Syria is for this US  Inc. to enforce a Rothschild-controlled central bank in that country – like in Afghanistan Irak and Libya. 6) Active EU Masonic war against the white race under the provisions of the EU-father Coudenhove Kalergi and Pres. Sarkozy

Top-Imam  Sheikh Muhammad Ayed on the real reason for the Muslim migration to Europe: Young fertile men to breed with European women producing Muslim Children to conquer European Countries for Allah. 

Considering the female sympathy for potent, fertile Muslims, this is very realistic. See the next video!! This female British MP states in public:  “20,000 migrants is NOT ENOUGH, 30,000 is NOT ENOUGH — we must keep going until we are really at saturation point.  What does it matter if we have to wait another week for a hospital visit? 
In a bizarre contradiction, she took to Twitter to write: “No one should wait for healthcare.” Thinking is not the strong point of these people

Muslim men have grasped the message:
 Infowars 18 Sept. 2015:  Arab Websites set up by people smugglers assert that migrants can get asylum quickly in Sweden and that they will be housed in luxury hotels until the government finds free accommodation for them, all at taxpayer expense.
“Among other things, the Arabs are promised their own free young willing blond swedish-girlsSwedish girlfriends, and that Swedish women require real men,” writes Dala-Demokraten. Pictures of blonde beauties are published
Apparently, migrants with no plan on working who travel to Sweden to live on government hand-outs are now considered “real men”.

The fact that the websites directly target men again illustrates how the media portrayal of migrants as desperate refugee families fleeing war and ISIS persecution is largely bogus.
According to the UN’s own figures, 72% of the migrants fleeing to Europe are men, with just 13% women and 15% children. Acc. to The Daily Mail 18 Sept. 2015, 80% of  EU-migrants are no refugees at all.

Global Res. 17 Sept. 2015:  Andrew Korybko is the political analyst and journalist for Sputnik and currently lives and studies in Moscow. In an interview he said:

The triggers for the refugees crisis can be clearly traced to the “Arab Spring”  Color Revolutions and the US’/NATO wars on Libya and Syria.

divide-and-conquerThe US, for its part, envisioned seeing a transnational Muslim Brotherhood elite (A tool of the globalists and Obama is a member and here) come to power from Algeria to Syria, functioning as a sort of Arab version of the Cold War international communist party as a proxy controlling force for the US, Turkey and the Gulf states.

As regards the Gulf Monarchies (including Qatar), they wanted to get rid of President Assad and the Friendship Pipeline he agreed to with Iran and Iraq in order to sell their own gas directly to the EU, while Turkey was expressing its new aggressive ideology of Neo-Ottomanism. France and the UK simply wanted to reassert their former colonial spheres of influence.  This creates refugees.
As for why the millions of others have left, part of the reason is the material attractiveness abroad (such as the dream of earning Euros).

Let’s also not forget that these individuals have to pay tremendous amounts of money to human smugglers in order to sail to Greece.  And, considering that they were stuck in Turkey’s ‘refugee camps’ for the past couple of years, it’s questionable how they received the money.

It’s also curious that many of these individuals are of moderately young age. Many of those that left were anti-government individuals, fleeing  perhaps right before the Syrian Arab Army regained control of their neighborhood out of fear that they could get in trouble for their terrorist sympathies. It could also explain where they received the money to make their overseas journey, since it’s common knowledge that anti-Syrian terrorists (US/Saud agents) are active in these Turkish-based camps.


It plays favorably to the US, which is, of course, interested in ginning up as much internal division as possible for its political ends. This allows it to retain a close degree of control over EU elites like Merkel, whose power is dependent on  an easily manipulated majority. With all that is known about the NSA, it’s quite conceivable to infer that the information gleaned from millions of EU citizens has been fed into the mouth of Big Data programs  for the US’ political benefit.


The main advantage here is that the US understands the political undercurrents of the EU masses more than their respective national governments do, which is a strategic vulnerability that has been, is, and will be exploited into the foreseeable future. Its relevance to the refugee crisis is that it gives the US the upper hand in steering ‘people’s movements’ for or against this politically mobilizing topic, all with the end intent of scaring uncompliant national elites  with the illusive specter of Color Revolution destabilization.

Activist Post 10 Sept. 2015:  In his new book, Wikileaks files, Julian Assange confirms  that not only was there a coordinated Western attempt to destabilize and ultimately destroy Syria and the secular government of Bashar al-Assad, but that such an attempt was devised  as far back as 2006, when the Arab Spring” color revolution protests began in earnest. Wiki Leak Files brings undermining messages from a US ambassador and other officials about undermining Assad´s regime.


In addition, Assange suggested that a major part of the Western plan was to foster tensions between Shiites and Sunnis. No one working for the US government on foreign policy at the time could have been unaware of the implications of promoting Sunni-Shia sectarianism.

Even earlier, an article written by Michael Hirsh and John Barry of  Newsweek entitled “The Salvador Option,” in 2005 revealed a different plan. Hirsh and Barry wrote: While U.S. Special Forces would lead operations in, say, Syria, activities inside Iraq itself would be carried out by Iraqi paramilitaries”.

The CIA’s arming, funding, training, and directing of al-Qaeda, ISIS, and other so-called “moderate” terrorists is the only reason these organizations even exist in Iraq and Syria at all.

McCain meeting alqaedaRight: Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee  John McCain meets Al Qaeda during illegal visit to Syria

Why does the US hate Assad?
1. The unbreakable, unshakable, Iran-Syria alliance
2. Assad’s failure to sugarcoat critiques of Israel
3. Assad goes “South of the Border” (ties to Latin America)
4. Ties with China and Russia
5. A new market for the military-industrial complex
6. Syria trashed the US petrodollar.

Soros-evil-empireThe Telegraph 10 June 2015: Early on in the conflict leaders were seduced by the false promises of the Arab Spring  (of George Soros´, The US Congress´ NED and Freedom House – the forces behind all Colour Revolutions as well).

This is a religious war in the name of Allah on the Muslim side and an ideological war on the the Masonic EU side against the hated Christian, white Europe.

Veterans Today 17 Sept. 2015Saudi Arabia offers “to build 200 mosques in Germany… one mosque for every 100 refugees who entered Germany. Sunni Saudi Arabia takes no Syrian Sunni Refugees.

Netanyahu responded to the crisis, saying that Israel is way too small for those refugees.  But the simple fact is that this lying liar was calling upon Jews of Europe to migrate en masse to Israel a few months ago!

rosenthalJewish Harold Rosenthal (murdered for what he said) is quoted:We Jews have put issue upon issue to the American people. Then we promote both sides of the issue as confusion reigns. With their eyes fixed on the issues [as they were presented to them], they fail to see who is behind every scene. We Jews toy with the American public as a cat toys with a mouse….…

GRAPHIC CONTENT A Turkish police officer stands next to a migrant child's dead body off the shores in Bodrum, southern Turkey, on September 2, 2015 after a boat carrying refugees sank while reaching the Greek island of Kos. Thousands of refugees and migrants arrived in Athens on September 2, as Greek ministers held talks on the crisis, with Europe struggling to cope with the huge influx fleeing war and repression in the Middle East and Africa. AFP PHOTO / DOGAN NEWS AGENCY = TURKEY OUT =STR/AFP/Getty Images

The television and film programs are carefully designed so that they appeal to the sensuous feelings, not to logical thinking. For this reason people are so programmed that they are governed by our dictation, not according to reason ... thoughtless they will remain. The God of the Jews is Lucifer

Rosenthal argued that the powers that the Dreadful Few  are  leading the masses to the world of irrationality, unreasonableness, and what one ought to call metaphysical nothingness. They  hate the West.  Through massive refugees, they tend to destroy much of  Europe. Those “traditional enemies of the truth” are Satan worshipers. 

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25 Responses to Wikileaks: How the Syrian War Was Started by the US aka Rothschild Inc. now Paying for Trafficking Refugees in War on “Non-existing” EU

  1. R Davis says:

    I have just begun reading …
    You have been enthusiasticly productive here !

    I see George Soros as a Soldier, given his Identity & comissions & not a Power Broker, Mover & Shaker.
    Serious Questions :
    * Are we sure that George Soros is still alive ?
    * Talk, since several years ago distinctly said he was suffering ALZHEIMERS DISEASE … there is no comeback for this condition.
    * The Procurers of todays GLOBAL problems are hiding behind past the generations & dummy soldiers like George Soros, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg Richard Branson, etc.

  2. R Davis says:

    Bill Gatess was NEVER EVER NEVER the wizz kid – it was given to him – he is an inposter.
    His “WE CAN ERADICATE MALARIA – WITHIN A GENERATION” is thus … they beg FREE MONIES from all commers, pretending to be a charity, they buy the invention/research & if it come to fruition they cash in.
    $1 BILLION of Bill Gates donations/tax write-off is for malaria research which he will then sell on to poor countries like Africa for $10 billion.
    Q: who is behind Bill Gated & his good wife ?

  3. R Davis says:

    Dorothy Parker, poet, short story writer – a Rothschild.
    No, not at all, someone in her family, a business man, saw the advantage that the name would bring & adopted it & hence forth they all ran around insinuating that they were Rothschilds.
    It happens all the time.

  4. R Davis says:

    Wikileaks Julian Assange is Australian, they made a movie about how it all began, Julian as a teen hacker, who was caught by the FBI & the FPAustralia.
    Seeing how they were not able to take him into custody, AND today he is free
    e.g., Barnaby Jack computer nerd … Michael Hastings journalist … David Crowley film maker & his family … ?

  5. R Davis says:

    The USA has created chaos in the Middle East … & it is expected that the populations of the Middle Eastern countries will just leave.
    Alas, there are those who will not give over their nations & culture so easily…. always throughout history there are those who fought & won.
    In Nazi Germany, ground zero, there were the valiant who plotted & contrived, the song unsung.
    Spineless effeminate Europe … you are outspoken, so not all of Europe has no spine … Let’s face it, the political arena & the local banking sectors, media & the rest … were offered a seat at Gods Table in the Land of Milk & Honey as Members of the New World Order … it is a hell of a better deal than what the likes of you & I will get, sitting in a concentration camp waiting to die of starvation & disease … (bring 2 packs of cards with you & we will while away the time … do you play red aces ?)

    He fools no one … I suspect he is a dead man walking.

  6. R Davis says:

    Greetings Comrad Anders,
    The 2 pronged approach would be to expel the populations of Nth Africa & the Middle East & have them flood Europe, while their agents … of which Sheikh Muhammad Ayed … is one, would incite hatred, suspicion, blame & fear so as to cause violent outcomes, there by destabilising Europe.
    The 2 birds with one stone outcome.
    What would happen throughout Europe if violence did break out ?
    Yes, chaos
    Yes martial law
    Policing would become military like in parts of the USA.
    Curfew & Identification cards.
    What do you think about that ?
    Could this be the desired outcome, what they are working towards ?
    Mutti Merkel & her Gang of Wannabe’s
    Otherwise Comrad Anders, why would they not protest the warring in the Middle East & the expulsion of the population.
    Comrad Mira.

  7. R Davis says:

    EUROPE IS BEING SHAFTED BY THE EUROPEAN COUNCIL … which consists of 30 members who happen to be the leaders of the all the member countries of the European Union.

  8. R Davis says:

    “Syrian men are being lured to Europe with the promise of willing blond beauties & a life paid for by the state.”
    1. And they are gullible enough to believe this spin.
    2. They spend their meger lifes savings – meger beacuse they are young & have not had time to work & save, or it is stolen, stolen, even drug money ….
    3. Here they are in Scandinavia … at last … only to find no girls & no free life … now what.
    4. A life of prostitution.
    5. Where they deliberately lured into a situation of despair & destitution.
    6. Why.
    7. Or is this story all just a pretence / a cover story & in fact these men have traveled to join their squadron / squadrons in preparation for / of, the planned helter scelter to be inflicted upon Europe.
    8. And ultimately Russia.
    9. What better disguise that horny men looking to score & be paid for it.

  9. R Davis says:

    Aletho News
    U.S. Will Station New Nuclear Weapons In Germany Against Russia
    by Eric Zuesse Sep 22 2015.
    The Bundestag decided in 2009, expressing the will of most Germans, that the US should withdraw its nuclear weapons from Germany – the new bombs, each having 4 times the destructive power of the one used on Hiroshima.
    But you know all this.
    What can anyone say here, Angela Merkel must go – this is not just Germany anymore it is the whole of Europe that has a say or what kind of union is it.
    How come Mutti Merkel has such infinate power – the last election must have been rigged.
    It is being said the she & her family receive death threats daily … if this is true … what is wrong with her & her party that they don’t get it.
    These are scary time for, you guys especially …

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  12. Darren K says:

    How do we put an end to all of this?

  13. Anders says:

    Hello, Darren K

    We can not put an end to all of this.
    What I an trying to do here is to make clear what forces are in play and why.
    And they are satanic/Sabbataean/Frankist/Talmudian

    Every reader must then find out for himself what consequences he will take.

    I do not conceal that my view is that this will end with WWIII as planned by the Illuminati and the Chabad Lubawitch

    In both cases, their working basis is the Biblical prophecies (Ezekiel 35-39, Jeremiah 25:29—, Joel 4, Isaiah 17, Luke 21, Matth. 24, Mark 13 etc.

    This tells me that the original plan – God´s plan – is being fulfilled.

    As a Christian, I am prepared for this, knowing that this end time is also the time for the 2.Coming of Christ – who proved his divinity by leaving his
    visiting card, the 3-dimensional photo on the Shroud of Turin * (see links below). Acc. to all sciences, this 2000-year-old photo is supernatural and at least unique, the image-giving technique being reproducible only by means of the strongest UV-laser of the world. A Vatican C-14 analysis skirted all scientific protocols – and turned out to be a fake – not performed on tissue from the Shroud.


    When this man says he will come back under circumstances corresponding to a nuclear war (Matth. 24) you can trust him.

  14. Dot says:

    russia and china are part of this game right?

  15. Anders says:

    Hello Dot.

    Yes, you are right: They are the Illuminati/Masonic anthithesis to US/NATO.

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