Islam Dangerously Contaminates Feminists and Youths. 15-Year-old Danish Brainwashed ISIS Fan Daughter Murders Sleeping Mother Who Warned against Her Radicalizing Muslim Lover.

Sputnik 17 Sept. 2015:  Merkel told German The Tagesspiegel: “If we now have to start apologizing for showing a friendly face in response to emergency situations, then that’s not my country.”

Time and again, I have written that the irresponsible mass immigration will inevitably lead to the Sharia in all of Europe in a foreseeable future. And I have written that in spite of increasing violence and frequencies of crime (300%) and rape by immigrants ( 1472%) in Sweden since the country´s Parliament decided it to be multicultural 40 years ago, the madness just increases. Especially  Marxist feminists are fanatically advocating completely free immigration of a large part of the young male population into Europe – where they will later be reunited with their 2-3 wives, childAngela Merkel masonic hand signren and parents.

The most “powerful” Marxist feminist is Chancellor Angela Merkel, a  former member of the Communist  “Free German Youth”.  As a Chancellor she is very pliable – tells how things have to be, but always gives in when her Masonic masters tell her to (Greece).  Masons tell that women cannot be Masons. That´s not true – See La Grande Loge Féminine de France and Wikipedia

“The Mother Goddess, the consort of Lucifer, the woman figure whose sign is the downward pointing triangle, reigns side-by-side with Jahbuhlun (Satan) over the Illuminati and its minions.” (Texe Marrs, Codex Magica).

Now here is an eye opener to what the Sharia will mean, among other things to our children and grandchildren: 

Tlisa-borch_3441134bhe Telegraph 15 Sept. 2015: A Danish teenager stabbed her own mother to death after becoming radicalised by watching Islamic State videos of beheadings with an Islamist boyfriend twice her age.
Lisa Borch, then 15, attacked her mother while she slept in her bed in her home. 

When the police arrived, they discovered her calmly playing watching videos on her iPhone. When they asked where her mother was, she pointed upstairs without even pausing what she was watching. She had called the police herself.
The court heard how she had been radicalised by an unnamed Muslim man, who had broken off the relationship to return to Sweden. She reportedly then met Mr Abdulla at a refugee centre near her home.

“Lisa is completely uncritically enthusiastic about everything related to the immigrant community. She loves to talk about Isil and their brutal behaviour in the Middle East,” her stepfather said. “I dare not imagine what she can develop into during imprisonment.”

It also emerged in the trial that Ms Borch had showed her twin sister the knife she was going to use to kill their mother, something her sister tragically dismissed as a joke.
Prosecutors told the court that Ms Borch had planned to travel to Syria to fight alongside Isil.
During the trial, Ms Borch claimed that Mr Abdulla carried out the murder. As the court could not establish who had carried out the stabbing, both were found guilty.
The girl was sentenced to 9 years and and Abdulla to 13 years in prison + expulsion from Denmark.

The court heard that Ms Borch had rowed so frequently with her mother over her obsession with militant Islam and her relationship with Mr Abdullah that her twin sister had felt compelled to leave the house. Her stepfather told Denmark’s BT newspaper that he believed Abdullah had radicalised her.
He said that there was little sign of the psychopathic tendencies found by the court psychologists.

Now you will probably say this is an isolated case. No, it is not: International Business Times 1. Sept. 2015 I spoke to a 28-year-old teacher from Raqqa called Samar Mohammed [his name is a pseudonym] who told me the main aim of IS is to brainwash students with a bombardment of religious fanaticism, and push them towards extremism by forcing them to read books like Aljhad-Hadith-Sharia.
The children are blitzed with religious fallacies and this, together with their natural curiosity towards IS’s beheading of those it calls infidels, is very serious. The books and curriculum being pushed in schools could turn the entire population of Raqqa’s schools into a new generation of extremists.

Den Korte Avis 4 Maj 2015:  One of the worst Swedish feminists, Mona Sahlin, Prime Minister candidate in 2010 has hatefully criticized all warnings against Swedish mass immigration. But now she is scared – too late.monasahlin

Right: Ms. Sahlin visited a mosque wearing a head scarf. Feminists apparently gladly submit to Islam!

As late as 2013 she told Swedish TV that it is “the whites that are the problem.” “We whites are too numerous and we should not see the influx of foreigners as a problem.”

But now: “I’m more worried now than I was a year ago,” she says in an interview with the big Swedish newspaper Expressen. “I have spoken to teachers who told me that the little students played the Islamic State and that there are children who ask:” Are you Sunni or Shia? “When I hear that,  things have progressed much further than I thought.”

And islamic brainwashing of European children is widely going on in Europe

Headlines View:  An American convert to Islam was revealed as the wife of the dead Boston bombing suspect, and Lauren Schreiber wasn’t surprised at what came next.
Comments from former acquaintances and complete strangers immediately suggested that 24-year-old Katherine Russell, a New England doctor’s daughter, must have been coerced and controlled by her husband, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who died  in a firefight with police.
“I think kind of brainwashed by him,” reported the Associated Press, quoting Anne Kilzer, a Belmont, Mass., woman who said she knew Russell and her 3-year-old daughter.



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6 Responses to Islam Dangerously Contaminates Feminists and Youths. 15-Year-old Danish Brainwashed ISIS Fan Daughter Murders Sleeping Mother Who Warned against Her Radicalizing Muslim Lover.

  1. R Davis says:

    Hello Anders,
    Angela Merkel has been promised the Lands of Milk & Honey, how could she not be mesmerized:
    Roberta Green Ahmenson: one of 25 most influential Evangelists in America.
    Gave a talk – Looking for Your City, or THE City.
    “Today we live in a world languishing for the lack of genuine prophetic vision based in reality, this effects our lives, our nation & our world.
    God has given us 2 countries, this world & THE NEW JERUSALEM, we need to reclaim that vision for our sake & the sake of the world.
    PROVERBS: 28: 18. Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint & perish.”
    * Roberta Ahmanson is talking about Israel & the Third Temple where the Jews will offer animal blood sacrifices to God in prayer …. heaven fotbid human sacrifices (I can see God now, bathed in the blood of slaughtered animals.)
    This is the Divine future that God has promised us – the Jewish Land of Milk & Honey.

    Uncommon Knowledge hosted by Peter Robinson
    Guest – Pat Buchanan Death of Western Civilization.
    “The West is disintergrating, the greatest civilisation the world has produced. Western Empires controlled the entire world with the addition of Japan & Asia … 6 or 7 countries America including America controlled the entire world.”
    * This is the lament of an old man who’s wine is soured, the grieving for the loss of days of brutal barbarism inflicted upon weak nations & their populations, by the Gods of the controlling civilised world.
    Angela Merkel is their child, Angela Merkel has been promised a seat at the table of the true GOD in the new world …
    What is it that you can offer her that is better Anders ?

  2. R Davis says:

    Roberta delivered an interesting talk.
    I listened to Robertas talk & wrote to her.

  3. Anders says:

    Hello, R. Davis.

    Jesus Christ

  4. R Davis says:

    What does that mean Anders …
    Today, I also antagonised Evangalist Elizabeth Prata again … on The End Time.
    Australias Prime Minister Tony Abbott was kicked out by his own party & now Malcolm Turnbull is the PM of Australia … 60 years old & bordering on senility is Our Malcolm … la di da !
    The Honorable Joseph Benedict Hockey will be gone soon if he has not gone already … he is/was Treasurer to Tony Abbott. Our Joe gave $9 billion to Glen Stevens the govenor of the Reserve Bank of Australia to stimulate the Australian currency, they failed – I am insisting that Malcolm take it back A.S.A.P. , I can be very persuasive at times.
    This is the never ending story Anders …
    I hope you & you family are all well & almost happy … when Mutti Merkel is gone things will change in Germany, wait & see … it won’t be long now … the bastards come & they go thank God.

  5. R Davis says:

    Considering that Religion plays such a huge role in the lives of mankind on earth.
    Keeping in mind that Jesus Christ was born, lived & was slaughtered in the Holy Lands.
    That these lands are sacred to God & that Revelations tell us that God & his Lamb … the Lamb being Jesus were to return to those exact lands.
    Why do you think that Arthur James Balfour gave the oil rich Holy Lands away to the Zionists.
    He gave lands that should have been set aside for God & worship to Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild ?
    Was Arthur James Balfour a Christian ?
    Maybe the devil came to him in a dream, with an inspiration to rebuild Babylon the Great ?
    It would make a great & macarbe movie ……

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