The Movers and Shakers of “Our” “Politicians”´ Lack of Immigration Policy, the Freemasonic Grand Masters, Speak: Take All Refugees. Skip “Egoistic Nationalism”

ADDENDUM: Mark the seal on the Communiqué: Grand Loge Feminine – and compare with this and this.

A reader has sent me this appeal  from European Grand Lodges.  It was found here.
The Lodge declaration was published by the Médias-Presse in France.
They speak a clear language –

















Here is my translation of the press report of the Freemasons:

The European Grand Lodges are concerned about the tragedy due  to the migrants who are fleeing countries that have been affected by war and are victims of misery. We call on the European governments to make the necessary common policies, to receive populations in need and peril in a worthy  manner.

The inability of states to overcome their selfish nationalism is a new symptom of a sick Europe where everyone cares for himself and his interests.

The European Grand Lodges appeal for the respect for human rights and human dignity to be made  some of the founding principles of the European construction.

It is on the Basis  of such principles that solidarity was established between nations.

In view of the many upheavals concerning many regions of the world, solidarity spirit is all the more necessary.

Without resorting to the history of a continent that was forged through numerous migrations, the ongoing drama should provoke remorse and inspire refreshing welcome.

Instead, the European continent is finally the scene of  divisions and conflicts that could throw the peoples into another disaster. From this, only a revival of nationalism will ensue.

Thus, the current tragedy has to be a melting pot for the rebirth of a new European dream.

The signatory Grand Lodges expect future legislation, in which the fundamental values ​​of solidarity and fraternity find their appropriate expression.


Grand Orient of France
Feminine Grand Lodge of France
Grand Lodge of France
French Federation for Human Rights
Mixed Grand Lodge of France
Universal Mixed Grand Lodge
Art Royal’s initiate Traditional Order
Grand Lodge of Austria
Grant Orient of Belgium “.

The Masons and their politician-errand boys make no mention of the blatant violations  of human rights by their wars of aggression in the Middle East / North Africa. Therefore, they tacitly approve of them: They deliberately chase the many young men in battle-ready age up here. The photo below shows a plethora of young men. I see only one child and one woman. Do they come  to practice jihad – or are they expecting family reunification with their 2-3 “wives” and their children and  parents? This is an invasion by a hostile foreign army. (Photo from  DWN 16 Sept.



So now we know the reason for the lack of EU immigration policy: “Our” “politicians” do as their Grand Masters command them to do: Let all the refugees come in! And the Grand Masters have their order from their superior Masters, who have their orders from their supreme master. For these are occult forces.

Here, the spirits and masters of our politicians  are speaking  – because I believe they are Freemasons almost all of them. The above is an order to “our” politicians to continuegrant half the Muslim world asylum , in order to empower their NWO out of chaos.

From the above, the following can be inferred – all within the framework of the Illuminist / Communist 6-point program by Masonry´s  chief ideologues, Adam Weishaupt and Mayer Amschel Rothschild:
1. Limitless immigration necessary.
2. Patriotism is “selfish”.
3. Europe is based on many migrations. So this martial tale of woe should continue and be increased.
4. If we do not accept tens of millions of Muslim immigrants  Europe will be divided  and the scene of conflicts !!
And what will happen then – even with the recent Muslim immigration – including now at least 4.000 jihadists?
5. The Freemasons demand “equality / solidarity” and “fraternity” – as in the bloody Communist French Revolution and in its successor, the Soviet Union!
6. From us locals the Masons  merely demand that we behave passively to our demise into the “brotherhood” of Sharia. Otherwise we are nationalist egoists. Our culture and religion are not Masonic or EU values

I suppose that these Grand Lodges also speak on behalf of their masters, the Jesuits / Rothschild. The Jesuits were the authors of  today’s Freemasonry  by means the absorbed Rosicrucians – and their Black Pope controls the Rothschilds and Freemasonry.

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5 Responses to The Movers and Shakers of “Our” “Politicians”´ Lack of Immigration Policy, the Freemasonic Grand Masters, Speak: Take All Refugees. Skip “Egoistic Nationalism”

  1. R Davis says:

    Little men with embroided, maids aprons wrote this communique ?
    We are talking about men with money ?
    Therefore these men are owners of businesses & corporations ?
    Independently wealthy men ?
    And their will be done.

    Or are we talking about contrived special purpose pressure groups like …
    AMUE … the Association for the Monetary Union of Europe … founded in 1987 as a business pressure group for the adaption of a single currency in Europe.
    Or maybe …
    The Kangaroo Group promoting a barrier-free single market founded some years earlier.
    Think about it Anders … pressure groups are more effective.
    So which bank is paying for their services ?

    Make no mistake the warring that is causing all these refugees in fact the asset stripping of these people & their nations.
    I bet that sometime & down the line Europe / you are next.

    ( it is the story … but even more convincing is the telling of that story … that brings the image alive for the listener)
    WW2 … Urusla Havenbeck said the they were expelled … millions of people were scattered … thereby removing the possible, potential witnesses … those with context who would know what they were seeing … scattered so as to create chaos, confusion & therein people are gotten rid of & all manner of arts & currency & real estate are stolen & including identities & mass murder occurrs with impunity & account.

    I don’t say that it is not the Freemasons … or maybe being done in their name.
    But the banks are behind it … these are the institutions that need to be named. The less mysterious & illusive & truer culprits.

  2. R Davis says:

    A coalition or cooperative arrangement between parties intended to promote mutual interests.

    The Federal Reserve – Zionist Jewish Private Bankers.
    The federal Reserve bank is a consortium of 9 Zionist Jewish-owned & associated banks, with Rothschild at its head.

    1. Rothschild Bank of London & Berlin
    2. Lazard Brothers Banks of Paris
    3. Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
    4. Warburg Banks of Hamburg & Amsterdam
    5. Lehman Brothers New York
    6. Kuhn, Loeb Bank of New York / now Shearson America Express
    7. Goldman, Sacks New York
    8. National Bank of Commerce New York/ Morgan Guaranty Trust ( JP Morgan Bank – Equitable Life – Levi P. Morton are principle share holders.)
    9. Hanover Trust of New York (William & David Rockefeller & Chase National Bank New York are principle share holders.)

    Guess who owns America ? Ha, ha, ha, he, he, ha, ha, … you can smell the matzo balls for miles.

    I have taken a break from back to back – TV series Da Vinci’s Demons.
    Now I go back … Mira

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