Planned 9/11 Cause of Planned Mass Migration through Planned “War on Terror”. Team of Top Scientists: 9/11 an Inside Job.

We have just passed the 14. anniversary of the 9/11 massacre. This scandal has long shadows into our day: Mass migration and de facto world war – The “War on Terror”..

It is fact that the current mass immigration into Europe was planned long ago – it is  the ideology of  the occult Masonic EU father Coudenhove Kalergi. This man, who saw the Jews  as the ideal rulers of the world is something like a  Prophet for the otherwise communist EU ideologues – and indeed so much so that  Jewish Nicholas Sarkozy has resumed Kalergi´ racist War on the white race. Through mass immigration Kalergi wanted  Europeans to be a mixed race – looking like ancient Egyptians.
Merited NWO politicians are awarded  the honorable Coudenhove Kalergi price.  In 2012,  European Council President Van Rompuy received the price. Here is his  dignified eulogy of Kalergi. In 2011, Angela Merkel was awarded the prize.

Teuro-mediterraneanhe Euro-Mediterranean Process was the next step – created by EU Commission President and Jesuit Jacques Delors. Muslims in 9 Muslim countries and Israelis were granted the freedom of movement into the EU – visa facilitation has already been granted to the genocidal and Christian pursuing Moroccans. Over the years, the EU has done all it could to keep illegal immigrants – even invited 56 mio. African “workers” + their families into the EU  through recruitment offices without telling us.

The Mass immigration that is killing decadent and manipulated Europe is partly caused by the War on Terror” waged by NATO/EU as an excuse for  attacks on  4 Muslim countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. The cause of the “War on Terror” was the the carefully engineered inside Job of 9/11.
This plot was so complicate that it was indeed a blatant stupidity to blame it on some shepherds in the Afghanistan. Also, without any investigation,  Washington stated few hours after the attacks that Ossama bin Laden and his US-made Al Qaeda were behind the bombings. However, due to the media of the US being owned by the forces behind this mass murder, people could be brainwashed to believe it – also after big UK newspapers reported – and others, too,  to have spoken to the people accused of being the suicide highjackeres several days after 9/11 – and FBI-boss, Robert Mueller admitted that he had no idea about who highjacked the planes.

Already preliminary scientific statements and photos proved  9/11 to be an inside job – and much pointed towards the White House as well as to Israeli Mossad. 

Below follows a video featuring an international team of the world´s top scientists presenting the results of their studies on the official  9/11 Commission Report. Their verdict is in unison: This report is a fraud. 9/11 was an inside job. The scientists point to the CIA, Mossad and Dick Cheney as the masterminds

The photos below are from their video.

Some highlights:
Steel melts at 1500 degree C – fire only yields 1000 degrees C. The report claims that fire melted the steel beams and pillars! This has never occurred – but it happened 3 times on 9/11!
Speedy horizontal movement of tons of concrete at 100 meters away from the Twin Towers = explosions.
There is free fall of the buildings/Implosion as only seen in controlled explosions.
Nanohermite explosive found everywhere – develops up to 3000 degrees C.
Metal drops developed by more than 1500 degrees C furthermore affected by violent force.
Metal still red hot 3 weeks after 9/11.
Sulfidation of iron.
(The failure of any of the 9/11 planes to squawk the “we are hijacked” message is absolute, conclusive proof that the official story of hijackings by Arabs armed with box cutters is false).

A lady with a Jewish name, Rebekah Roth, has made studies on d. 11 Sept. and written a book titled Methodical Illusions. The book became a bestseller – and Amazon very quickly “sold it out”.
Her video below shows 1) Mossad agents rented an apartment in the WTC on about the  90th floor. They called themselves art students – but had originally called themselves Gelatine (explosives). Their  apartment was is crammed with bomb holders and explosives. 2) They were affiliated to  Haliburton, Dick Cheney’s company. The  Israelis who were dancing, as the Twin Towers imploded, were “art students”.

The Israelis who danced and shouted with joy as the Twin Towers fell  were “art students”! saying they had been sent to witness the event (which they consequently  knew about before it took place!!). 

WTC-Eyewitnesses-in_9-111-reoortNumerous eyewitnesses filming the buildings spontaneously said, that they heard and saw huge explosions – the 9/11 commission Report has just one indirect hint (right).

An eyewitness walking on the Pentagon´s innermost court yard heard 2 explosions – no plane – saw 3 explosive holes.
The crashed plane: Just a hole in the ground. No trace of a plane or plane crash.
Dick Cheney received a phone call question on 9/11 just before the attacks: Does the order still stand?
Larry Silverstein who owned the WTC, is a close friend of Netanyahu, and has now doublecrossed his insurance company to pay him double compensation for the loss of the WTC, which he had bought cheaply 3 months before 9/11. He claimed that there was not one, but 2 independent attacks.  He ordered building 7 to be “pulled”. and had the insurance paid, nevertheless!  Silverstein has now built a new WTC full of NWO symbols.

TWTC-purposehe purpose of 9/11, the “war on Terror” and chaos policy  and thus the expulsion of refugees and migrants, is more than indicated by the neocon PNAC´s Project. See some PNAC members below.















Above: Nanothermite oxydated aluminum found around the WTC

Left: The white light seen in WTC explosion and control nanothermite explosions  is due to aluminum oxidation (> 1500 degrees C).






Above and below: See what the FBI called the World Trade Center attacks: BOMBINGS








What the Pentagon´s CCTV Cameras saw: Explosions – no Boeing. The above-mentioned eyewitness saw 3 explosion holes.
But a nice round hole in the Pentagon´s wall – acc to experts by no means made by a colliding Boeing plane. 
The last photo is the lie given officially through the Washington Post



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