Cause of Demise of Decadent West: Marxist Feminist “Victims” Paving the Road for Mass Immigration of Muslim “Victims”, Having Effeminated Our Sons

Discrimination still exists but the feminist movement has moved to a point where the aim isn’t equality, it’s empowerment. They want to gain power and ‘punish’ men.” (Rosie Kelly The Guardian 23 Nov. 2012)


While Europeans are melting with compassion with the ongoing Muslim invasion they forget one thing: There are many Al Qaeda and ISIS warriors among these migrants – as ISIS has promised. So far there are at least 4000 of them – ready for a bloody onslaught on us – supported with European sympathizers. As the EU Parliament has reported: Christians are being exterminated in the Middle East. Now the turn is coming to us.

Below from Knatterton  a Twitterpost copy (In German) that should wake Europeans up.
Here an English translation:  “Soon, brethren, the time has come. Allah has promised us this land (Sura 33:27) and he will keep his promise. The day of reckoning will come soon! The blood come over the German swine. Tanri bizimle!  artik uzun beklemek istiyorum!  we are getting more and more!!!!!!!   It´s just about to start!! The Prophet – peace and Allah´s blessing  be on him – will be proud of us”.

Twitter-post2I often have a feeling that the Muslim mass immigration is more advocated by some women  (Angela Merkel, Federica Mogherini, former EU Commissioner Benita Ferrero Waldner, Danish leftist parties) than by men. This is amazing, since Islam is the most women-repressive ideology on this planet.

Well, well. The European governments are marching  to  the whistle  of Ms. Merkel, who dances to the tune of the NWO Illuminati. Merkel seems to have comfortablly learned it during her FDJ time – or does she think she is stil  the one in the “one country, one people, one Führer”  of  Rothschild´s 4th Reich, the European Union, which was established by Nazis and by Nazi money? Merkel completely irresponsibly made Germany´s borders widely open to migrant hordes.

Bismarck´s dream of an economic empire was re-founded at the Strassburg meeting between SS-Offizier, Dr. Scheid, and Nazi-German  Industrials in 1944. More hereBillederred-2dhouse-2dreport

First, here are 2 exponents of feminism
This very productive Journalist at The Guardian will send all men into concentration camps. 

Here is a further example to illustrate this  phenomenon

The Daily Mail 8 Sept. 2015
: 57-year-old lawyer Alexander Carter-Silk wrote
on the professional networking website LinkedIn,   27-year-old Charlotte Proudman, a human rights barrister,  should ‘win a prize’ for her photograph, adding it was ‘the best I have ever seen’ on the site.
Mifeministd-blame-on-menss Proudman responded saying she found his message ‘offensive’ and that she was not on LinkedIn ‘to be objectified by sexist men’.
She then posted an image of both messages on Twitter and was inundated with messages of support.
She wrote: ‘‘Unacceptable and misogynistic behaviour. Think twice before sending another woman (half your age) such a sexist message.’
Mr. Carter-Silk said: “Most people post pretty unprofessional pictures on LinkedIn, my comment was aimed at the professional quality of the presentation on LinkedIn which was unfortunately misinterpreted”.
This is really sick!

To feminism, Islam should be repugnant – but it isn´t – as the mentioned lady  politicians  exemplify:
Gatestone Institute 14 Febr. 2015: “Forty years after the Swedish parliament unanimously decided to change the formerly homogenous Sweden into a multicultural country, violent crime has increased by 300% and rapes by 1,472%. Sweden is now number two on the list of rape countries, surpassed only by Lesotho in Southern Africa.
In an astounding number of cases, the Swedish courts have demonstrated sympathy for the rapists, and have acquitted suspects”.Hirsi-ali

Ayaan Hirsi-Ali has abandoned and strongly criticized islam and lives in mortal danger. She described Islam as an “enemy” that needs to be defeated before peace can be achieved. Working with writer and director Theo van Gogh, Hirsi Ali wrote the script and provided the voice-over for Submission  a short film that criticised the treatment of women in Islamic society. van Gogh was murdered by a muslim for it.

I have only seen  Swedish politician advocating Islamic immigration – and shame  critics!
 Only feminist Swedish Foreign Minister and former EU Commissioner, Margot Wallström, who was unable to tell me in a discussion why The Euromediterranean Process was kept secret and why the EU had promised the Arab “partners” free mobility into the EU, has criticized the way Saudi Islam treats women. She created a crisis between Sweden and Saudi Arabia.

Infowars 19 Febr. 2015:  After years of screaming bloody murder about a rape epidemic on college campuses in the United States that didn’t exist, feminists remain mute on the real rape epidemic sweeping Europe – that being perpetrated primarily by Muslim men. In fact, the actual rate of female college students becoming sexual assault victims is 6.1 per 1,000 students, compared to 7.6 per 1,000 people for non-students.

And there is a reason for it. Radical Islam and Feminists hail the same ideology: Marxism – and it is more holy than the the dignity of women.

Marx-ueber-Islam The Islam Daily 13 May 2009: With the advent of globalization Marx´ prediction seems to come true again; this time militants in Islamic world are the harbingers of violence in the name of Islam but with the agenda of Marx.
In the 21st century, Marxism is creating the hope of Global Islamic Caliphate in the wake of shady Muslim regimes that are embattled with militants from Central Asia to Middle East. Modernization in Islamic countries has miserably failed. The naive belief of the radicals that past can fix problems of the present is no more than a childish dream.

Today Islamic extremists use Marxist ideology because it works as a potent vision. If Marx offered super equality, extremists sell the dream of social justice along with one way ticket to heaven. The people who resort to violent acts have nothing to lose because life in Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan is no less than hell, thanks to US and its allies reactionary policies. (And overpopulation).

II:  Feminism and the Marxist Frankfurt School Communism 
The ADDENDUM below is a reprise of the abstract  of  an article from 20 Jan. 2013I find it more and more pertinent. 

feminismus-marxismus3Fjordman in the Brussels Journal 2006Western women are actually more supportive of Multiculturalism and massive immigration than are Western men.
The male protective instinct doesn’t take action because Scandinavian women have worked tirelessly to eradicate it, together with everything else that smacks of traditional masculinity.
The parties most critical of the current immigration are typically male parties, while those who praise the Multicultural society are dominated by feminists.

Drape-swedenidn’t feminists always claim that the world would be a better place with women in the driver’s seat, because they wouldn’t sacrifice their own children? Well, isn’t that exactly what they are doing now?

Smiling and voting for parties that keep the doors open to Muslim immigration, the same Muslims who will be attacking their children tomorrow?Many of them are silent on Islamic oppression of women because they have also embraced “Third-Worldism” and anti-Western sentiments.

Phyllis Chesler  feels that too many feminists have abandoned their commitment to freedom and “become cowardly herd animals and grim totalitarian thinkers,” thus failing to confront Islamic terrorism.

feminismus-marxismus4Judging from the rhetoric of many feminists, all the oppression in the world comes from Western men. Muslim immigrants are “fellow victims” of this bias. At best, they may be patriarchal pigs, but no worse than Western men.

That’s why Scandinavian feminists don’t call for Scandinavian men to show a more traditional masculinity and protect them against aggression from Muslim men.
Most Norwegian feminists are also passionate anti-racists who will oppose any steps to limit Muslim immigration as “racism and xenophobia.” (Mark these stereotypic ideology words. They are launched by central propagandists time and again,  just like “antisemitism ” and “conspiracy theory” – to stop any criticism like with a magic formula).

marxist-feminism1What started out as radical feminism has thus gradually become egalitarianism, the fight against “discrimination” of any kind, the idea that all groups of people should have an equal share of everything and that it is the state’s responsibility to ensure that this takes place.
Western feminists have cultivated a culture of victimhood, where you gain political power through your status in the victim hierarchy. In many ways, this is what Political Correctness is all about,

When Muslims, who above all else like to present themselves as victims, enter Western nations, they find that much of their work has already been done for them. They can use a pre-established tradition of claiming to be victims, demanding state intervention and maybe quotas

Western feminists have thus paved the way for the forces that will dismantle Western feminism and end up in bed, sometimes quite literally, with the people who want to enslave them.

schymanSwedish Marxist politician Gudrun Schyman has suggested a bill that would collectively tax Swedish men for violence against women. In a 2002 speech, the same Schyman famously posited that Swedish men were just like the Taliban. A male columnist in newspaper Aftonbladet responded by saying that Schyman was right: All men are like the Taliban.

In the wake of the “women’s liberation” 68 followed free access to provoked abortions: In Denmark, 15.000 a year. Purpose: To create a lack of work force to pave the way for mass immigration from Muslim countries, thereby destroying the old order to build the new Luciferian world order on the ruins. The 40-50 percent of dissolved marriages show how efficiently the 68s revolution paves the way for the communist NWO. And the children? They are left unhappy and disoriented by the roadside.

Do these ladies know what barbarians they are seeting at large on us?

The feminists cannot stop MATO´s aggressions. However, they could use their influence on governments, in order that Europe is not run down by uneducated Muslims. Merkel could stop that -but she will not – for she belongs to the same  antichristian club as her male collleagues, the NWO. Right she makes the 666 sign.

Can the cause of  the Muslim mass immigration in Europe being scandalously allowed be reduced to a psychological problem with  Marxist women?
Or to occult  Masonic Coudenhove Kalergi´s plan of a European mongrel population to secure egality in the communist one-world state?
Probably to both factors. 

Despite rapes by Muslims, feminists are protecting  Islam and promoting mass immigration, because they are using Marx´ class enemy-image just like the Muslims to come out of their submission, thus perhaps instinctively feeling some kind of spiritual relationship with Muslims.
How will they  use their  gained superiority? Both ideologies, feminism and Communist Islam, have made it clear that the world is in for disaster. Because women have effeminated their sons and pupils  it follows that they cannot/will not protect themselves and the women from  sinking into the dark deep hole of the Macho-Sharia, where there are no women’s rights at all..

It is all due to Adam Weishaupt´s and Mayer Amschel Rothschild´s 6-point program for  the Illuminati-Communism – like all the other phenomena of dissolution today.
Man and woman were made for – not against –  each other, with different essential characteristics.
But people do not know mediocrity. Either one will dominate the other – or vice versa. This lack of balance leads to misfortune and loneliness.

The American Dream wrote on 21 Jan. 2013: 25 (disastrous) Signs American Women Are Being Destroyed By The Sexual Revolution And Our Promiscuous Culture
America’s culture has come a long way since the 60s. For decades it has resembled a filthy sewer and shows no signs of returning to decency. Children are being sexualized with markets targeting little girls as young as kindergarten age. Cable television (which includes ABC, CBS, NBC) has become nothing more than a purveyor of soft porn. Sexual imagery is everywhere.
Meanwhile, we have raised an entire generation of young males that don’t know how to be men.  Our culture has taught them to be extremely hesitant to be husbands and fathers, and instead it has taught them to be sex-obsessed idiots that want to “score” with as many women as possible.


Feminism and the Marxist Frankfurt School Communism 

The ADDENDUM below is a reprise of the abstract  of  an article from 20 Jan. 2013.
Feminism includes a lot of different directions. Below, “feminism” means the radical Redstocking movement of the 1968 Revolution. More than most other descendants of the Talmudist ‘68 revolution, they have changed our societies according to the guidelines of Adam Weishaupt / Mayer Rothschild. By taking central professions like teachers, sociologists and journalists, they have often intentionally turned the traditional gender pattern upside down against biology: boys are raised as girls and vice versa in nurseries, Kindergartens and schools. In practice, this often means they have made women ambitious and winners, leaving the boys without confidence in the loser´s role. Much like television plays have for many years been showing women as the bosses and men as their subordinates.

Their claim is now even that there is no biological difference between the brains of men and women. Although science tells that there is such a difference – but that does not worry feminists: It would be uninteresting. However, ignoring that carries great suffering for both sexes. Women usually do want to work with people, men to work with mechanics. Feminists are only concerned about their ideological theory. A property that characterizes these feminists is endless tolerance leading to identity suicide with Muslim mass immigration. They seem angry with tradition – and happy with Marxist theory. They are – perhaps unwittingly – Marxist revolutionaries: “Women are an oppressed class, we are seen as inferior beings whose sole purpose is to improve the lives of men. Our personal suffering is a political condition. All other forms of exploitation and oppression (racism, capitalism, imperialism, etc.) are extensions of male supremacy “- so says the Redstockings Manifesto 1968. The fight for power between man and woman is just as old as mankind. Whereas it took place in homes in former days, the battlefield is now the public space.

Now, women have brought it so splendidly far that they serve as soldiers – even as battallion leaders for men on the battlefields in Afghanistan – which has always been the most despicable thing for male warriors. Therefore, one can hardly wonder that potent but isolated and frustrated soldiers rape 30% of female soldiers – perhaps as revenge – in the U.S. military in Afghanistan and Iraq, .

Feminism was politicized by the suffragettes in the 19. century. I know that in many cases women are unhappy with feminism: Many have to both be breadwinners to pay the rent (which the banksters regulate to the level that it can only be paid by two wages) and to take care of the household and furthermore have time to educate their children instead of leaving this to ideological teachers as demanded by Marx. Many women today have become slaves of the NWO system. In fact, I find it difficult to find named women connected with “feminism”, just “groups” – whereas it is very easy to see a lot of – Jewish elitist /Talmudic/NWO/Marxist men behind it.

The ‘68 revolution was the work of Jewish Marxist elitists of the Frankfurt School – after the Talmudic recipe by Adam Weishaupt / Mayer Rothschild.
Jewish Henry Makow, said: “Many Kabbalist Jews are Satanists. They have the money, form the secret leadership, and manipulate many others. There are many decent Jews like myself who have been used as Trojan Horse for the Illuminati under the aegis of communism, socialism, liberalism, feminism, zionism, neo conservatism and “gay rights.” Purpose: world domination through a completely separate synchronized global population. But they want to first fuse Christian religion and to abolish the nation states. In my childhood, especially the women raised children in the Christian faith – while the men were hardly concerned with the kids. So, in order to abolish the family pattern the NWO just had to dechristianize the women – e.g. through more work outside and inside their homes, so they would not have time to wipe out the ideology that is indoctrinated in their brainwashed the children – just as Marx demanded.

To achieve this goal, progressive Sweden has banned everything reminiscent of the traditional family pattern: In toy catalogs boys must be shown playing with puppets. The EU imitates this. Families with the husband as breadwinner and the wife as homeworking are not allowed to be shown. Children are to see porn, and they should learn in kindergartens to adopt homosexual couples as something normal! Is this paving the way for Paedophiliacs?

As equality is being enforced by feminist politicians the gap between men and women grows wider – and child pornography and paedophilia increase.

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