Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten: Due to Refugees Chaos Europe Turns Its Back on USA – Leaning on Russia instead

When I first saw this I was sceptic. I could find no confirmation of it. But The Veterans Today website now brings the article, too.

Lawrow-steinmeierMaybe even US/Rothschild vassal Germany is beginning to understand the mortal danger of the ongoing never ending mass immigration – and to see that one of its sources, NATO´s offensive, senseless war by bombings and proxy  and here ISIS/Al Qaeda against Syria´s legal president is a boomerang that kills the West.

DWN 12 Sept. 2015:   Germany has surprisingly left  the alliance with the US, which wanted to avoid the participation of Russia in Syria. Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen said to The Mirror, she welcomes the fact that Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, would participate  “in the struggle against the extremist  organization of The Islamic State. It is in the common interest to combat IS”.

A Foreign Office spokesman, too,  said that Germany would welcome a greater Russian commitment in the struggle against IS. German Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier even announced that he would start  an attempt with Lavrov and his French colleague Laurent Fabius to end the civil war in Syria. Lavrov and Fabius are expected  in Berlin on Saturday.
Without the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the situation in Syria is impossible to gain control of,  CSU chief Horst Seehofer told The Mirror.

Because forces on both sides are operative in and around Syria the US must resume the lately cancelled  operational coordination with Russia,  so that “unintended incidents” could be prevented, Lavrov said on Friday in Moscow. Russian military exercise in the Mediterranean Sea are in accordance with international law.

By no means will Washington   leave the merits to Moscow, should the Russians actually succeed in calming the muddled situation.
It is above all the neo-cons, who warn against cooperating  with Russian President Vladimir Putin on any point. US President Barack Obama, however, has not yet  clearly stated whether Russia´s  new initiative in Syria has been agreed upon with the White House.


It is quite conceivable that the US government has reconsidered its position in the face of ever new floods of refugees to Europe and now is  willing to cooperate with the Russians in the Middle East.

Steinmeier has been engaged  for a long time behind the scenes in a mediation proposal and is in constant contact with his Russian colleague Sergey Lavrov about it. He seems to be the clearest of all German governmental politicians that the refugee crisis in Europe is completely out of control if  fighting continues in the Middle East.

A few days ago,  Austria and Spain have indicated that they consider the participation of Russia in the fight against IS to be essential.

Russia has begun to expand its military activities in Syria.


putin-saviourEputin-paulurope is now struggling for his life. The Masonic leaders in Brussels and European capitals are like Goethe’s sorcerer’s apprentice: They have released forces that they cannot stop. Therefore, they turn to their Jewish Chabad Lubawitsch – and Alexander Dugin supporter,  Saviour Putin – turning their backs on  amateurish Obama.

But Putin will not be able to stop this flood of migrants. because it has more reasons: 1) emigration as commanded by Allah’s Koran to conquer the world for Allah. 2) Islam can only generate poverty and sectarian wars.
In the decadent West, these people do not need to work: Our social politicians  can and will uphold them – until they break the system.
The German government is now considering to seize private homes for sale for the poor migrants. The majority are no Syrians – they are lying to our former authorities  about their identities. For we have no more authority. No state power. In Denmark, the police now declines to  indicate the number of unobstructed immigrants.

As I have so often written: The Second Coming of Christ is our only hope to get out of this mess. However, it will only take place during a major war that would otherwise wipe out all of humanity (Matth. 24).

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