Planned NWO: EU Commission President Juncker: Mass Immigration to Give EU More Power, Be Increased, Legalized and Distributed – or Countries Will be Fined

euro-mediterraneanNow the Euromediterranean Process shows its real face

That the Muslim mass immigration to Europe is a Masonic/Pharisaic/Frankist satanist  plan becomes obvious after “The State of  the Union” speech by Jesuit EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on 9 Sept. 2015: 1) more power to the EU (never let a (home-made) crisis go to waste 2) exchange of the white race and here and here with Muslim birth surplus.
Veterans Today 9 Sept. 2015: Prime Minister Cameron calls for carpet bombing of Damascus and claims Assad a greater enemy than ISIS. He hints that Brit ground troops will take Syria and set up “British sphere of influence” despite probability of nuclear obliteration by Moscow. This will create millions of further refugees to Europe- as wanted by EU Pres. Juncker (below).

On 9 Sept. 2015, Mr Juncker delivered a “State of the Union” speech to imitate the US president – indicating that the EU is, in fact, the United States of Europe – without Europeans having voted for this – on the contrary, this Constitution was rejected in France, the Netherlands and first in Ireland, too. The rest of us were not even asked!

MEPs-welcome-migrantsThe Daily Mail 10 Sept. 2015:  EU could give away passports to attract MORE immigrants in plans which would grant hundreds of thousands access to the UK

Despite a record 500,000 people seeking asylum in the EU so far this year, Mr Juncker said migrants who were not refugees should also be welcomed. ‘We are an ageing continent in demographic decline,’ he said. ‘Migration must change from being a problem to being a well-managed resource. Migration has to be legalised. We have to organise legal ways to Europe.

‘The Commission will come forward with a well-designed legal migration package in early 2016.’
EU officials last night refused to comment on how many people could be welcomed under this new scheme, but one said it could involve ‘big numbers’.

Who are these immigrants? They are young, bearded aggressive Muslim men, mostly without family. But, of course, they will have the right of reunion with their wives (polygamists), children and often parents, too.  

The Gatestone Institute 14 Febr. 2015:  Forty years after the Swedish parliament unanimously decided to change the formerly homogenous Sweden into a multicultural country, violent crime has increased by 300% and rapes by 1,472%. Sweden is now number two on the list of rape countries, surpassed only by Lesotho in Southern Africa.
Sweden seems to be Mr. Juncker´s ideal state.

As Mr Juncker laid out his plans to deal with the migrant crisis, he warned: ‘We are not in a good place. There is a lack of Europe in the EU and there is a lack of union in the European Union. That has to change.’

Compulsory quotas will be used to share out asylum seekers already in Europe among EU countries – a scheme from which Britain is exempted. Countries will be fined 0.002 per cent of gross domestic product if they refuse to take their allocation.

But they will receive 6,000 euros (£4,400) for each migrant taken. Mr Juncker said he wanted to turn this into a permanent quota system to be used to distribute refugees in any future crisis.
Comment: 6.000 Euro is ludicrous.   In Norway, every non-western immigrant costs 4.1 mio. NKr (540.00 Euros) during his lifetime.  In Denmark the costs of immigration is above 100 bn DKr annually. More here. In Denmark and Sweden immigration cost 30% of the state budgets in 2001.

He also raised the possibility of rewriting the Dublin Agreement, under which asylum seekers are obliged to stay in the first EU country they reach. Last year the UK was able to deport 1,000 people under these rules.
In other power grabs for Brussels, Mr Juncker called for asylum seekers to be allowed to work while their asylum applications were being processed, and also touched on the subject of Britain’s referendum on its membership of the EU.

Juncker´s charade went on: EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker warned that “climate refugees” will descend on Europe if government leaders fail to achieve an international climate treaty in Paris in December

Who are the people behind the insane planned Muslim mass invasion of Europe?
Juncker is a Jesuit educated Mason  even said to be a member of the “Committee of 300”, i.e. the circle around the Rothschild dynasty. He is part of the elite behind the NWO – even having a Jesuit Pope to advocate Muslim mass immigration and here. This pope has sworn a terrible oath to destroy non-Jesuits. Prominent Jesuits have sworn to bring poverty and destruction to the world.
Below, Juncker kisses the President of the EU Parliament, Martin Schulz,  on the forehead – a Knights Templar custom.   The  Templars  would/will  combine Islam with  Catholicism – which  excludes Christ,  just like Weishaupt´s /Rothschild´s Illuminati-6-Point-Programm prescribes.

Juncker kisses schultz

From the debate:  EUObserver 9 Sept. 2015: Manfred Weber, the leader of the conservative European People’s Party group: “We don’t defend Christian rights, we defend human rights,” Weber said.

Ken O´Keefe is a former US marine. He tells precisely who the persons behind the refugee floods are: The banksters´prostitutes and puppets, our politicians, who are bombing people out of their homes 


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  1. R Davis says:

    Someone needs to ask
    With Australia to engage in the bombing of Syria;
    How many more Syrian refugees will be making their way to Gremany ….

    Someone needs to ask
    According to THE WESLEY CLARK LIST Lebanon is next up on the United State of America’s list of Middle Eastern countriea to wage war upon :
    Are the soon to arrive hodes of Lebanese refugees also welcome ….

    Someone needs to ask
    Where all these millions of WELCOME refugees from the Middle East will sleep.

    Some one needs to ask
    Is there a cut off point to the welcome refugees & if so how many are enough
    Isn’t it time that the political arena of Europe to clarify what the thinking on the intake numbers of refugees is ?
    Not protestors in the street but answers to real questions by real & concerned people.
    Or are the people of Europe to afraid to bail up their LORDS & MASTERS.

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