Merkel and EU Lemmings´NWO “Goodness”-Motive. British Politologist/Migration: “The Germans Have Lost Their Minds”. Sharia Fair Punishment for Our Decadence.

Abstract: The current invasion of Europe by hordes of Muslim immigrants in their millions seems to be a plan with 3 legs : 1) NATO expulsion by bombings (which France and Britain now want to join) 2) Migration with tragedies that can melt hearts 3) Joyful reception by jubilant NATO-Europeans who have still learned nothing from Islam.

Our governments fail to stop these mass avalanches – blocking highways and trains, leaving indescribable  mess and ignoring our authorities. The power of  states has apparently been abolished by decree  – because  the great Communist NWO plan of leveling races, income,  cultures and the final erasure of Christ’s teaching is to take place now.
For a long time,  there has  been a plan of the Freemasons /Illuminati of the Muslim Brotherhood (to which Obama belongs) on  Muslim colonisation of Europe. This is now being  endlessly implemented. And the result – as wanted by the High Representative of the EU, Mogherini – will be the Sharia for our children and grandchildren.

Mutti Merkel and German Vice Chancellor Gabriel cannot have enough Muslims. They have several reasons, according to a EurActiv article:
1. The German public wants it that way.
2 By a different position than most EU leaders Germany has emerged as the champion of refugees on the continent.
3. Merkel makes the Germans (and especially herself)  a sympathetic model of cosmopolitanism and compassion in the eyes of NWO-brainwashed people.
4. Thanks to the illuminati-owned media,  Merkel has won the communications battle and can impose her solution: take all Muslims without limitation, on the other EU countries and possibly impose a Euro-reform..
5. Merkel has silenced the rightwing political critics  (because they, too, are Freemasons).
6. The AfD is weakened – because  after the asylum center attacks, Germans  want an unlimited number of the dear Muslims.
7. Angela Merkel had to placate the rightists. This included giving Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo  the status of a “safe country”.

The EU Parliament betrays the scarcity of its capacity to think: First, it requires the EU and its member states to make solidarity and respect for the fundamental rights of migrants and asylum seekers  the core of EU migration policy, quasi entertain them on first class. This was allready  creating poverty and dismantling of the welfare states. Besides, the Parliament wants to ban the austerity measures – to let the immigrants have a good time. (A large part of them are not war but poverty refugees who want to be entertained for life – and dissipate Islam).
The Parliament does not seem to know that these austerity measures have been imposed by the EU, the ECB, the IMF, in order to meet budget demands!

The whole mess is due to a secularist vacuum after the Illuminati, Communist de-christianization of Europe. This vacuum has created a materialistic decadence without other moral values ​​than peace, joy and pancake, everything is equally good, and nothing evil.
The course of history shows that this moral habit always was the beginning of the end of empires, barbarian invasions and  chaos – Rome, for example.


It is becoming increasingly clear: We have  state authorities, which are parts of the biggest conspiracy in history: Without doing anything, they let hordes of Muslim migrants invade our countries, ignore the police, block the highways and trains or disappear into forests and fields. And it goes on endlessly. Governments have only one answer: To take the entire labor- and assimilation-reluctant Muslim world and provide lifelong for it. The peoples receive them jubilantly – obviously wanting the Sharia for their children and grandchildren – as so clearly expressed by EU High Representative, Federica Mogherini.

Against stupidity nothing can be done.

liberalism-suicideThe offensive illegal NATO wars in the Middle East have as one purpose  to uphold  mass immigration to Europe –  in order to create Chaos via cultural, economic and judicial breakdown. Only by conspiring with  NATO (US + EU countries), the  EU can be joyously receiving tens of millions of migrants – of which only a limited part  are war refugees. OUT OF CHAOS THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

Schools in Germany are ordering teenage girls not to wear mini-skirts or shorts so as to prevent attacks from Muslim migrants who may be offended by such attire (Infowars 9 Sept. 2015).


immigating-jihadist1Infowars 9 Sept.2015
Images of “refugees” arriving in Europe who previously fought for jihadist rebel factions in Syria are stoking further concerns that ISIS could be exploiting the crisis to infiltrate terrorists as refugees into the west.
After the images were circulated on social media, Hungary’s M1 television reported, “Islamist terrorists, disguised as refugees, have showed up in Europe. [The] pictures were uploaded on various social networks to show that terrorists are now present in most European cities. Many, who are now illegal immigrants, fought alongside Islamic State before.”
Immigrant-jihadist-salehAt least three individuals have been identified entering Europe who have previously been pictured fighting for Al-Qaeda-linked militant groups.

NWO-Holy Germany
EU Business 9 Sept. 2015: German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged the EU to agree to a binding proportional distribution of refugees with no limits on actual numbers, going much further than plans unveiled by the European Commission Wednesday.

Deutschlandfunk 8 Sept. 2015:  The British political scientist Anthony Glees has criticized Germany’s approach in the refugee crisis as “undemocratic”. In the DLF, he said Berlin had violated EU rules by taking the migrants stranded in Hungary. In the UK, the impression that the Germans have lost her minds prevails.

Merkel-fdjAngela Merkels motives outwardly for her one-world Communist “goodness” – supported by her politically correct press

Left: Once Communist FDJ member in the GDR, Today  NWO-Communist.

EurActiv 9 Sept. 2015
In any case, Angela Merkel has proved that she is willing to pay the price to host the refugees (extra 6 bn Euros)

But why such generosity?
1. Because of the expectations of the German public. Attacks on Asylum centres played a decisive role in shaping support for asylum seekers among the moderate German public.
2. By taking a different position to most EU leaders, she has presented herself as the champion of refugees on the continent.

Merkel-666Left: Merkel showing the Satanistic 666 sign of Masonry.

3. This opportunity for the Chancellor to give her country’s image a makeover was too good to miss. Germany has suddenly become an image of openness, generosity and solidarity, a total change from the egotistical and hard image the country acquired during the Greek crisis.
In the end, what remains are the images of enthusiastic Germans welcoming refugees in Munich, in contrast to Hungarian violence, French hesitation and British hostility. The Chancellor said on Monday (7 September) that “Those who have helped have conveyed an image of Germany that we can be proud of.”

flüchtlinge-merkel4. By winning the battle of communication, Germany has put itself in a position of strength to impose its preferred solution on other EU member states in the weeks and months to come. And this new, positive image of Germany may yet play an important role in negotiations on other subjects, such as eurozone reform.

euro-mediterranean5. The upturn in German consumption, while real, is too weak to have a noticeable effect on the employment statistics or to raise salaries. Germany clearly needs to boost its population with young consumers.
So these 800,000 migrants are a blessing for the German economy, especially as 46% of German employers are currently having difficulty recruiting.
In reality, most of the migrants will not be able to immediately fill the existing gaps in the labour market, as over half of these concern skilled positions for which they would lack the qualifications.

6. By jumping on the band waggon of public opinion, Angela Merkel has neutered the more virulent right-wing critics, who want to avoid being bundled together with the more violent nationalists.

7. The AfD, which hardened its discourse on immigration in June, will certainly be the first victim of this change in the rules. Since the end of August, the party has polled at around 3%, compared to 5% before the summer.

8. Angela Merkel was then forced to make certain compromises in the federal refugee plan to appease the right. These included giving Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo “safe country” status, so that any asylum applications from citizens of these countries can be immediately dismissed, and any migrants who have already been granted asylum can be expelled.

tower-of-strassbourgEuropean Parliament News 8 Sept. 2015The EU and its member states should put solidarity and respect for fundamental rights of migrants and asylum seekers at the core of EU migration policies, MEPs say. The EU and its member states should take “energetic and compulsory measures to prevent further tragedies at sea”, they add, also calling for “the establishment of an effective and harmonised EU asylum system for the fair distribution of asylum seekers among member states”.

tower of babelMEPs express concern about “hot return” procedures, migrant reception and detention centres in member states and negative stereotypes and misinformation about migrants!!
The resolution also condemns security measures at EU borders “which now sometimes even take the form of walls and barbed wire”, and calls for “fundamental rights-sensitive border controls”.

MEPs deplore the way in which the financial, economic and sovereign debt crisis along with budgetary restrictions has “negatively affected economic, civil, social and cultural rights”.

When deciding and implementing corrective measures and budget cuts, the EU institutions and member states should do fundamental rights impact assessments and guarantee that sufficient resources are made available to safeguard fundamental rights, MEPs say – austerity away.

The Commission should set up a scoreboard using “common and objective” indicators by which “democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights will be measured”, says the text. This scoreboard should provide the basis for constant monitoring and a “system of annual country assessment”, it adds.

 This shows that these so-called “leaders” have no brains. First, they demand nation states to take up most of the 60 million refugees of the world and provide for them first class stays and management of  all the violence and problems they bring in. That costs a lot of money. Then they also want no austerity measures to be taken, which will toss  Western economy into chaos / hyperinflation / tax-looting of the few remaining skilled workers, leading to collapse.
The demand for monitoring is Orwellian

Merkel´s pleasure at receiving the world´s Muslims seems to be the 3rd foot of the NWO plan of bombardment, displacement, Muslim colonization of Europe.

The Masonic Muslim Brotherhood (and Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood member) has long had  the plan for the Islamization of Europe ready: Now it is being realized.

The whole mess is due to a secularist vacuum after the Illuminati-Communist dechristianization of Europe and here and here. This vacuum is a materialistic decadence without other moral values than peace, joy and pancake, everything is equally good and nothing evil.
The course of history shows that this was always the beginning of the end of empires, invasion of barbarians  and the beginning of chaos – Rome, e.g.).


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4 Responses to Merkel and EU Lemmings´NWO “Goodness”-Motive. British Politologist/Migration: “The Germans Have Lost Their Minds”. Sharia Fair Punishment for Our Decadence.

  1. R Davis says:

    Mutti Merkel …. is this you being sarcastic, Anders !

  2. R Davis says:

    Merkel has done nothing … she is not bright enough.
    Anders: I saw the video footage where Angela Merkel looked straight into the camera & said to the migrants of Germany “Multiculturalism has not worked GO HOME” Angela Merkel is not the full quid.
    Who are the people behind the scenes that are in agreement to all this madness ?
    “Merkel has silenced the right-wing political critics”
    They were given LOVELY MONIES & PROMISES OF MILK & HONEY & their silence came about …..
    Who are the right wing-players that matter so that we can point the accusing finger at each of them one by one.

  3. R Davis says:

    I said this to Professor As’ad AbuKhalil – The Angry Arab – several times – on his blog – he is an atheist.
    I say it to you – There is always more than one way to skin a cat, even a feral, without killing it, even.
    But first you have to find it.

  4. Anders says:

    Hello, R. Davis

    Mutti Merkel is the pet name for her used by Germans.
    Mutti means mamma

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