The Daily Mail: First Photos of Russian Boots on the Ground in Syria – Since April! Warning from Putin

LATEST: Reuters 9 Sept. 2015: For the first time, Russia confirms its military presence in Syria. The troops would help delivering weapons. And the deliveries are large.  France and UK preparing to intensify Syrian bombings – creating many more refugees to Europe.

The Daily Mail 8 Sept. 2015These revealing pictures apparently show how Russian troops are already on the ground in Syria as Vladimir Putin allegedly defies the West – as previously published on this blog.
The images showing boots on the ground were originally posted on social media accounts of military personnel, but some were then hastily withdrawn once they began being noticed.

Some have been taken at Russia’s small naval facility in Tartus, Syria
But forces seen at other locations and pictures have been taken since April
Pregnant woman complained on social media that her Russian marine husband is being deployed to the country for ‘three to eight months’
Pictures will infuriate Western leaders in the face of official Russian denials.

Photos by 10 named Russian soldiers are shown from Syria – as well as a modern Russian infantry combat vehicle in combat, and Russian speech is heard on video.
I think when so many soldiers have been allowed to publish these photos it must be a signal from Putin to the West to stop meddling with Syria.





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One Response to The Daily Mail: First Photos of Russian Boots on the Ground in Syria – Since April! Warning from Putin

  1. R Davis says:

    Australia & the USA are going to bomb Syria to get rid of ISIS
    Albeit that ISIS is the deliberate creation of the Western powers – the excuse to destroy the Middle East & maybe for the safety & well being of Israel & its owners the House of Rothschild – the Jewish Royal Family of the kingdom of Israel.
    We can be certain that as a result of these bombings, there will be millions more refugees on Europes road ways.
    How does Europe feel about this ?
    All I can hear is SILENCE
    According to General Wesley Clark … it was to be 7 countries in 5 years ….
    1 Iraq
    2 Syria
    3 Lebanon – must be next
    4 Libya
    5 Samalia
    6 Sudan
    7 Iran
    Is Europe okay with this ?
    Because unless they drop an atomic bomb or two, these people will be on your doorsteps.

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