IS(IS) Operative and Turkish Traffickers: Due to Your Hospitality We have Smuggled 4.000 Jihadists among Refugees into Europe and called on them to Carry out Terror

The Sunday Express 6 Sept. 2015 AN OPERATIVE working for Islamic State has revealed the terror group has successfully smuggled more than 4,000 covert ISIS gunmen into western nations hidden amongst “innocent” refugees and here.
The ISIS smuggler, who is in his 30s with a trimmed jet-black beard, revealed the ongoing clandestine operation is a complete success.


“It’s our dream that there should be a caliphate not only in Syria but in all the world and we will have it soon, God willing”.

IS(IS) is a child of the US, NATO, Israel and Saudi Arabia. So, IS(IS) threats to the west is Masonic policy to create the Chaos out of which they will create their New World Order (Agenda 21)

The operative said the undercover infiltration was the beginning of a larger plot to carry out revenge attacks in the West in retaliation for the US-led coalition airstrikes.
Islamic State extremists are taking advantage of developed nation’s generosity towards refugees to infiltrate Europe, he said.
The majority make for more welcoming nations like Sweden and Germany, turning themselves over to authorities and appealing for asylum.

Two Turkish refugee-smugglers backed up the claims made by the ISIS Syrian operative.
One admitted to helping more than ten trained ISIS rebels infiltrate Europe under the guise of asylum seekers.

The operative said he believed future attacks would only target Western governments – not civilians.  (Ingratitude is the way of the world!)

The revelation comes just days after a spokesperson for Islamic State called on Muslims in the West to carry out terror attacks.

The Guardian 5 Sept. 2015 and The Telegraph 6 Sept. 2015:  On Saturday night at Munich’s main station, dozens of Germans lined up behind police barriers to clap, cheer and distribute sweets to welcome refugees to their new home. A sophisticated official operation provided food and transport to temporary lodging.




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