Deutsche Welle: Europe´s Masses Will Accept the Desirability of Mass immigration. All That is Needed Is More Brainwashing and a New Global Identity

LATEST: The Macedonian police has opened the borders to the masses of refugees – and guided the tide on  to Germany / Scandinavia, where the social benefits are best.

DWN 23 Aug. 2015: In Macedonia, extra trains and busses from across the country were waiting to transport  the refugees to Serbia. From there, the refugees, mostly from Syria and other crisis regions of the Middle East, Africa and Asia, want  to continue travelling through Hungary to Western Europe.

This is the truth about EU´s praised external border contol


Deutsche Welle 22 Aug. 2015: New myths will be needed to convince Europe’s masses of the desirability of mass migration – and to abandon their nation-states for a multicultural ideology. But restrictions may be needed.



The European elites may long have imagined themselves citizens of a globalized world. But all the others still define themselves primarily through their country. Only then comes Europe, and after that the world.

The fears, concerns, and partly also the resentment that many Europeans feel as they see the current waves of migrants should come as no surprise. But we should be careful not to condemn them flatly as xenophobia or racism.

The family, the village, the province: Anything that goes beyond this is pretty remote for them.
That’s something German politicians in the second half of the 19th century had to learn as they set out to unite the German principalities into a single country, the German Reich.  And the poets also did their duty. They created uplifting verses and stanzas intended to give the people a feeling for the new German unity.

But now people are coming in much greater numbers and from vastly different parts of the world. They have sometimes very different experiences, cultures and beliefs in their baggage. These people cannot easily be reconciled with European traditions.

The phenomenon of “invented traditions” shows that future coexistence is quite possible. Again, poets and artists will be needed to provide a new understanding, a kind of founding myth, for the multicultural societies now emerging that will be sufficiently strong to bind together the different experiences. As ugly as  this may seem: Immigration numbers must be limited. To call for this does not mean to preach racism – but an orderly transformation of Europe and its nation-states.

Of course, the imported violence is not mentioned.
This article contains important items:

1.  Against the democratic will of Europeans multicultural (dis)order has to be created.
2. No reason for that “necessity” is stated.
3. This multicultural society presupposes brainwashing of the populations – by means of poets (Muslim ones? Christian ones? Buddhist Ones?)
4. While the article emphasizes the importance of nationalistic German poets for the unification of German speaking people – the article foolishly supposes this trick can be repeated in a Babylonian confusion of languages: Peoples will not understand this kind of poetry – apart from the fact that our materialistic world the masses do not take any interest in poetry.
5. The author admits time is needed to brainwash us more than has already been done.
6. Much less immigration is needed to make the transition to the true multicultural society.
7. The author is unable to draw any teachings from the 1400 year old of Islamic
intolerance and extermination of non-believers in the truly originally multicultural countries conquered by Islam. For she is too ignorant to konow the Koran.

The essence of the article is: The new multicultural world order must for some undeclared reason be imposed on us against our will to create a mongrel race ( Coudenhove Kalergi and ex-Pres. Nicholas Sarkozy´s plan). The elite know that they are creating rivalling, hostile parallel societies
This is elitist Manipulation of the Goyim (cattle) as planned in the Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion on behalf of their diabolical Master.

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3 Responses to Deutsche Welle: Europe´s Masses Will Accept the Desirability of Mass immigration. All That is Needed Is More Brainwashing and a New Global Identity

  1. R Davis says:

    You can all come to Australia, it is quiet here, massive unemployment, in keeping with the global trends, standards set by all the institutions & charters that we hold most dear.
    The IMF
    The UN
    The Stock Exchange
    Bla, bla, bla,
    Homeless people moving around the world, on mass like this, is not good.
    Not for them, not for us.
    They will not stay long in your countries, austreity in EU countries will make your country as bad tomarrow, as their countries are today, that poverty will keep them on the move & some of you will join them.
    You say:
    “The European elites may long have imagined themselves as citizens of a globalized world.”
    What does that mean, Anders ?
    That they see themselves as owners of planet earth & see themselves moving freely upon the vast lands that they own ?
    Ha, ha, ha, ha, he, he, ha, he, he, ha, ha !
    It is a different world today, poets & artists are no good. We have watched the IDIOT BOX (TV) for that many years, we have seen it all, any spin, that could be spun, was spun to the point of nausea. We are over it, reality has set in.
    Yet we the people of this planet are still docile – how is that possible ?
    Is it because we believe that there is still hope for a safe place for us to exist – maybe that is all we have left … therefore we are still in shock & we are weary from trying to believe all the lies … hoping that they were true.
    WW2 was said to be the war to end all wars – spin – it was spin – artistic & poetic spin to render us docile & compliant yet again, & thus we were delivered into the hands of our tormentors once more.
    MONEY :
    Currency is only a means of exchange, necessary to an economy like blood flow is vital to a human body, that’s it, but look how creative we became with it. People die because they have no money, while food is being thrown into rubbish bins for transport to landfill.
    We the people need a roof over our heads, a job, adequate wages, healthy nourishing food, schools, hospitals, recriation, music, family, friends, we are not monkeys in trees.
    Look around & ask why so may people on planet earth have been denied the necessary things/mechanisims, for living a safe & civilized life.
    Why did we let this happen & then why did we let it continue & still today people live in the streets & beg & in our best cities.
    Make no mistake, the plan is that you also will become one of these migrants, eternal, global refugees.
    And still the likes of Angela Merkel – Barak Obama – David Cameron – Vladimir Putin are looked to for guidance. Mindless aristocrats who could care less.
    Come to Australia, you are welcome here.

  2. R Davis says:

    We could do with a bit of sophistication & style – come to Australia & inject some life into us.

  3. R Davis says:

    Sorry, I forgot to say … how many people have died as a result of this “forced” migration … have you thought about it ?
    I am afraid that it is millions.
    One article that I read, told of 150 men, women & children vanishing shortly after they were transported & left on a Greek island. They were potted by Greek residents & authorities seen collecting them. Then they vanished, never to be seen again.
    How may people are being slaughtered in this forces migration & is this why it is happening –
    Is this a planned cull – a discreet culling of the worlds population – a ploy – that the poets & artists will weave into an unfortunate incident, of the unfortunate circumstances, that no one had control over.

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