A quarter of non-Western Immigrants Aged 18-24 Prematurely Falling out of Education System – One Fifth neither in Education nor Employment

The EU has a an ongoing mass invasion of Muslims to an extent already necessitating abolishment  of  welfare benefits, leading to poverty and violence-crime increases and within a few years to the Sharia dictatorship being unleashed on us Europeans to bestow on us world Communism (Agenda 21).

What positive can mainly nomadic immigrants –  “only” 62% are currently refugees from the EU / NATO offensive wars in the Middle East and North Africa as well as from the failed state of Somalia – contribute  to our societies ? The rest flee from  Islam with its poverty and overpopulation – and almost all of them want to transplant  this blessing with  Allah’s highest grace into our societies (Koran sura 9:20) and take our homes and countries  (sura 33:27).

So no wonder that EU countries prefer migrants / refugees from Catholic countries.

Here is a map of the regional and national IQs worldwide.


Eurostat is the EU’s statistical office.

Eurostat 21 Aug. 2015:  For a wide range of educational indicators, there are significant differences in the European Union (EU) between non-EU citizens and nationals. “This does not only concern educational attainment. In particular, the proportion of young non-EU citizens affected by early leaving from education and training is more than twice that of nationals. Young non-EU citizens have also a greater risk of being both out of the education system and not in employment.

25.5% of non-EU citizens aged 18-24 drop out prematurely from the education / training system – as compared to   10.2% of nationals and  19.2% of immigrated citizens from other   EU states.

20,6% of young non-EU citizens are neither in education nor in employment – as compared with nationals (12.0%) and citizens of another EU Member State (15.5%).


Of non-EU citizens aged 30-34  only 30.2%  have higher education (which quality ??).
Locals and citizens inside another EU Member State have 38.5% and 39.3%, respectively, with higher education.

Low education level prevails among the non-EU population living in the EU
In 2014 in the EU,  43.9% of non-EU citizens aged 18 to 64 had a low education level, while this proportion was for member state nationals 23.4% and and for EU citizens in another member state 25.9%, respectively.


Infowars 21 Aug. 2015: The Jesuit Pope faithful to his Communistic NWO agenda asked Italians to “welcome the foreigners,” announcing on the 17th of January 2016, a “World day of the refugee and the immigrant.”
pope-isis1Phone calls recorded by Italian intelligence last February 2015, stated ISIS will be using 700 thousand immigrants   (coing true now – with EU´s help) to flood the southern coasts of Europe in order to generate a collapse of the entire system, generating enormous quantities of money in the process. The Islamic State takes 50% profit from each boat full of immigrants.
Pope Francis and his Church seem to not mind the Conquest of Rome.
The pope has repeatedly called for Europe´s suicide through Muslim unhindered mass immigration.

macedonian-invasionThe Daily Mail 22 Aug. 2015: Thousands of migrants have succeeded in storming through police forces and barbed wire across the closed border between Greece and Macedonia. Macedonia declared a state of emergency on Thursday.

So, here we see the Satanic hidden hand behind Europe´s mass destruction by a world of immigrant social beneficiaries. The Vatican has enthroned Satan as its head,
The Jesuits are the leaders of the world, controlling the Rothschilds and their Masons.  And Jesuits have openly declared they want to destroy Europeans and let them suffer. Pope Francis has even sworn to destroy us in the most digusting ways. 
That´s why the pope seems to be an ISIS fan


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