Dangerous Miscalculation: Partition of Syria. “Putin Caves in”, Says West. “No” Says Russia – Stationing Russian MIGs In Damascus

Abstract: Historically, the great powers have for 250 years had a catastrophic inclination to divide smaller states after according to their interests. This is also true of  Syria, of which Turkey, Jordan, Israel with the help of the United States and IS(IS) are preparing to take an unhealthy bite.

At the same time as they tell the world, this is necessary for the sake of peace  they are expelling millions of Middle Eastern Muslims to Europe, where they can go on with their religious and national fighting   – now against us infidels as well as commanded by their Koran. Behind this lies EU Father Coudenhove Kalergi´s / Sarkozy´s war on the whites – initiated by the Euromediterranean Process/Barcelona Declaration and aiming at weakening Israel’s enemies forever. 
They call  the this mass admission  humanism – though to us Europeans it is the greatest political crime and betrayal in history. 

In Syria, the country’s infrastructure is being bombed under the pretext of destroying the ISIS systems: However, IS(IS) uses only truck-based systems – and then sells the robbed oil to willing NATO countries. Oddly, no oil production facilities in Iraq (Haliburton / Dick Cheney) have been destroyed. After the war US and UK companies can rebuild and   operate the plants at Syria´s costs. Thus  the NWO loots States without a Rothschild Central Bank.

The US / NATO now imagine,  Russian Pres. Putin is willing to drop Syria´s legally elected and popular president, Al-Assad  – although Putin has threatened a new Stalingrad in Syria and has stationed Russian interceptor jets in Syria.

The Western assumption  is absurd and very dangerous:
If Putin dropped Al-Assad and Syria  it would tell 3 things about him: 1) He admits the dominance of NATO/US´Western coalition over Russia in international affairs. 2) He does not see the Middle East (the “Grand Chessboard”) as a matter of life and death for Russia – which Zbigniew Brzezinski, adviser to 5 US presidents incl. Obama, does – if he is willing to give up his last Middle East base. 3)  You cannot trust this man – if you ever believed you could! For he is a Masonic Illuminati stooge  – obeying the commands of his Illuminati/Masonic masters. And his masters do probably not want Putin to surrender, as he is probably the antithesis in the Albert Pike/William Guy Carr plan.

Also, Obama seems to have received the marching orders of the Illuminati-chiefs. Or maybe the whole show is  a great spectacle to intimidate us – and to make us cry for their one world government in order to deliver us from this evil,  as Henry Kissinger said.

The endless warfare of the West in the Middle East on the IS (IS), founded, financed, trained and equipped by USA/NATO/ Israel/ Saudi Arabia themselves, is understandable, considering that Muslim Brotherhood member, Obama, likes a caliphate  – and as chief of the crank of the Obama-IS (IS) mechanism, the CIA,  Obama has appointed  the Wahhabi Muslim convert (bin Laden’s Al Qaeda-religion)  John Brennan.


Torder-out-of-chaos1he Big Powers have a very bad habit of dividing desirable countries among them – e.g the partitions of Poland 1772, 1793, 1795, 1939.
Apparently the USA, Russia, Turkey and small Jordan are about to do the trick once more – in Syria.
Now Israel is joining up – preparing to take another morsel of Syria  –  The Independent 17 Aug. 2015 and Activist Post 18 Aug. 2015.  The justification for the concern over the Golan border area is that “Iran has opened a new front against Israel on the Golan Heights.”
Israel’s invasion pretext arrived conveniently just on time: The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 20 Aug. 2015: Israel´s conquered Golan Heights have been bombarded with missiles from Syria – and Israel shoots back (false flag?). Israel’s military accused the militant Palestinian organization, the Islamic Jihad, to stand behind the new attacks. They are funded by Iran. The Israeli government also made Syria’s government responsible. (One thinks of “Since 5:45  o´clock 45 we now shoot back and retaliate bomb with bomb!”)

They will say, the partitions along ethnic lines are absolutely necessary to secure peace – all the while they are chasing Shia and Sunni Muslims, Kurds and Christians by the millions to Europe to continue their ethnic strifes here – now against us, too, as commandede in the Koran. This is the ancient Roman tactics of divide and conquer and create worldwide chaos – out of which their NWO one world state is to be created

History2Wikipedia: The Sykes–Picot Agreement, from 1916 effectively divided the Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire outside the Arabian and Anatolian peninsula into areas of future British and French control or influence.
Later this partition was adopted by the League of Nations:

Does Putin stand to his last ally in the Middle East, Syria?
A fortnight ago, Russian Pres. Putin told Turkey´s Pres. Erdogan to go to Hell for his no fly zone over Northern Syria and his support for IS(IS). Furthermore that he, Putin would prepare a “Great Stalingrad” for Erdogan in Syria!

Sputnik 17 Aug.2015:  Moscow opposes Syrian President Bashar Assad’s resignation as a precondition for political settlement in the country, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday.
Sputnik 17 Aug. 2015 : Russia has consulted with Saudi Arabia, the Kurds, the Syrian National Council and IRAN, to prevent this:  “What’s really going on is that the American-Turkish Tandem is racing against the clock to accomplish The Brookings Institution’s plan for splitting Syria as soon as possible.  Russia´s plan: 1. Coordinate Internal Forces Against ISIL 2. Coordinate External Forces Against ISIL 3. Prepare For Geneva III. The Saudis will not support any Assad government.

DEBKAfile 18 Aug. 2015:  Six Russian MiG-31 Foxhound interceptor aircraft from Moscow landed Tuesday, Aug. 18, at the Mezze Airbase situated in Damascus international airport. It betokens Moscow’s intention to keep up its support for the Syrian ruler and counter – by military means if necessary. Further deliveries of  heavy weapons are taking place.


Bashar Al-Assad is the legally elected Syrian president – only 10% of his population are against him, according to a NATO-poll. Although he is in the same 666-confessor team as all other NWO agents the  role that was intended for him by the Illuminati and  here would soon come to an end, should he  really be let down by Russia’s Pres. Putin.

NBCNews 4 Aug. 2015: A senior U.S. official and a diplomat posted to Moscow both tell NBC News the Russians don’t see Assad as the only option anymore.
“The Russian government would be willing to accept an off-ramp for Assad, say a six-month transition, but then to what?”

So  – who is lying?

Global Res. 14 Aug. 2015Russian officials have been able to reach “common ground” with US and Saudi representatives during recent meetings, according to Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, with Russian and Saudi officials agreeing to sponsor new negotiations between the Syrian government and the opposition.
According to analysts and government officials, Moscow’s turn to negotiations stems from the fact that, behind closed doors, Putin’s leadership now believes that Assad’s removal is virtually inevitable.

“He is no longer of the opinion that Russia will support Assad to the end. I believe he can give up Assad,” Turkish President Recep Erdogan said last week in reference to discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I think that Moscow, accepted the end of Assad’s regime,” chairman of the Islamic Committee of Russia Geydar Dzhemal told Voice of America.
“Officially, Moscow has not rejected unwavering support for the Damascus government, Alexander Shumilin of the Institute for US and Canada Studies told Voice of America. “But Moscow is trying to adapt to this new, emerging situation”.

On Wednesday, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif discussed proposals for the formation of a transitional unity government with Syrian President Bashar al Assad during an official diplomatic visit.
The Syrian government declared its commitment to negotiations and insisted  on its own plan for a transitional regime, which would retain Assad in power as head of state until 2021, but also incorporate elements of the opposition into the state structure.

Any diplomatic settlement over Syria will be implemented through a militarized carve-up of the country, spearheaded by the Pentagon and its regional partners and proxy forces.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gained US backing for the imposition of a militarizedno fly buffer zone” encompassing hundreds of square miles in northern Syria. The new zone would be occupied by Syrian opposition fighters (Al Qaeda/Erdogan´s IS(IS) friends ) .
Despite their public confidence in Putin’s readiness to accept a deal, the Turkish government is clearly preparing its own large-scale military intervention into areas of northern Syria.

SYRIA-partitionThe carving up of Syria has already been declared by Putin´s masters, the Rothschilds through their US mouthpiece, The Brookings Institution
The map is from the 4th Media 6 Aug. 2015.
This map omits to prolong the Kurdish sector to the Mediterranean (left below)   – as wanted by the US – but opposed by Turkey.

kurdishsyrianstateThe Jordanian government, which maintains close relations with the CIA and the Pentagon’s Special Operations Command (SOCOM), has already declared its plans to conquer its own enclave in southern Syrian.

Speaking for the Saudi monarchy, Foreign Minister al-Jubeir ruled out any cooperation with the Syrian government.

The US does not want victory against its ally, IS(IS)

A terrible US governmental document from 2012 has come into the open – authored by the US Defence Intelligence Agency. In the following video, the leader of this agency – and the horrible JSOC (Gladio B false flags), General Michal Flynn in an interview with Al Jazeera confirms (8:15 – 14:10) the veracity of that document, which reveals a plan to let salafists (Al Qaeda /Al-Nusra and later IS(IS)) take over part of Eastern Syria    – forming an enclave protected by US special troops and Air Force – to take out President Assad. As the general says: It was a wilful decision by the President (Obama). He also admits that the US prisons in Iraq were “Universities” and training grounds for IS(IS), and that the US knew – and let it happen. (The US set them free after the training  – among others Abu Bakri Al Baghdadi , the Jewish Mossad Agent, who for some reason became the leader of  – IS(IS)).

But General Flynn has more horror to reveal – in order to wage another 30-years War to fragment the Middle East for Israel: Flynn confirms an IS(IS) “Mein Kampf” program in urdu language as authentic: The IS(IS) wants a world caliphate through an apocalyptic war – which is also Rothschild´s US Senator McCain´s plan and Muslim Brother Obama´s plan  as well as NATO´s plan. So General Flynn has the answer on behalf of the US military-political-industrial complex:  He has called for a “sweeping, decades-long campaign against the Islamic State Group, al-Qaida and its ilk – which he and his ilk have created, are training, funding, and equipping!

Even more terrifying: The CIA boss John Brennan seems to have converted to Wahhabism Islam in the 1990es – and he is the crank of the US-IS(IS) mechanism.

Global Res. 14 Aug. 2015: (first published Nov. 2014) Along with the destruction of Syria’s oil infrastructure, in September the Ambassador for the European Union in Iraq, Jana Hybaskova, testified before the European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee stating that several EU member states have bought oil from the Islamic State, while refusing to name the guilty parties.

American airstrikes against IS(IS) have accomplished two things: 1) they have increased ISIL recruitment acc. to FBI Director James Comey, while at the same time they have 2) destroyed and degraded Syria’s infrastructure, murdering innocent Syrian civilians along the way. It has accomplished this by bombing Syria’s energy facilities and infrastructure under the pretext of choking off the revenues ISIL receives from its illicit oil sales. However, IS(IS) does not use such refineries: IS(IS)´s refineries are composed of trucks with equipment to separate diesel and petrol used by civilians.
This isn’t just an attack on the Syrian government, it is also an attack on the Syrian people, as fuel and oil prices have soared following the bombings, as well as have electrical failures and power blackout

Coupled with this is the fact that although there have been widespread airstrikes against oil production in Syria, there have however been exactly zero strikes against oil production facilities inside of Iraq.

The destruction of Syria’s oil infrastructure would also open the door for US and UK oil companies to win contracts to rebuild it, paid for in debt, by the Syrian state. Foreign companies running Syria’s oil and gas production would prevent Syria from becoming an independent prosperous country, resulting in in the enslavement of the country while mitigating the threat it poses to US client states including Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.”

Jordan has already taken a morsel of Iraq,   Iran has proxy warriors in Syria – and
Turkey and the US have established a no fly zone in Northern Syria  meaning that the powers have ignored the sovereignty of Syria – a clear breach of international law.

Left: Freemason Putin shows the Masonic sign of the Devil´s horns

putin necktieTexe Marrs in his Codex Magica tells in his Flaming Ring of Fire: “Putin wears a Masonic neck tie. The triangles, on Putin´s tie and on the shirt collar, have their point, or spear, downward, toward the realm that is the controlling force of Masonry.
The beetle seems to be a scarab.
Bibliotheca Pleyades: The scarab symbolized the strength of the body, the resurrection of the soul, and the Eternal and Incomprehensible Creator, Ra, in His aspect as Lord of the Sun. It was the symbol of Egyptian soldiers – and is widely used in  Freemasonry.

We are witnessing an information war between East and West. If the West really believes that Putin is ready to accept Al-Assad´s ouster and the partition of his only Middle East base, I think it´s a very dangerous  mistake.

Such a surrender by Putin is impossible

If Putin abandoned Assad, it would tell 3 things about hin: 1) He admits the dominance of NATO/US´Western Coalition over Russia in international affairs. 2) He does not see the Middle East (the “Grand Chessboard“) as a matter of life and death for Russia – which Zbigniew Brzezinski, adviser to 5 US presidents incl. Obama, does – since he is willing to give up his last Middle East base. 3)  You cannot trust this man – if you ever believed you could! For he is a Masonic Illuminati stooge  – obeying the commands of his Illuminati/Masonic masters. But his masters do probably not want Putin to surrender, as he is probably the antithesis in the Albert Pike/William Guy Carr plan.


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