How Rothschild Conquered Denmark and NATO: The Central Bank. His Goldman Sachs Bought the Danish Finance Minster at a Bilderberg Meeting and Bilderberger, Former Prime Minister and NATO Secretary General

Rothschild & Nathan-Rothschild-and-famed-quoteSons is the sole financial adviser to the Danish government and here on capital structure and the recapitalisation of 43 Danish money institutions. And no wonder. In 1813, Denmark went bankrupt due to debt to  Rothschild – the creditor of all European countries, which were also in financial dire straits during the Napoleonic wars. Nathan Rothschild had hoped to thereby take control of all of Europe´s indebted countries through “Europe´s United States” at the Congress of Vienna. Czar Alexander of Russia prevented it –  Rothschild has ever since seen Russia as his arch enemy. Denmark introduced a private (Rothschild) bank in 1818, a precondition to borrow more Rothschild money, – and even today it is impossible to learn who all the shareholders of this money printing machine/indebtedness are.

Goldman Sachs is Jacob Rothschild´s bank.
It is notorious for its grain deals: Buy and store so as to make prices skyrocket. This is reinforced by their “replication” trick: Hold 100 dollar grain futures   with only 5 dollars. Thereby they are creating famine – and the deaths of millions in poor countries. Furthermore, Goldman Sachs “helped Greece into the Euro-zone by deception, thereby robbing Greece of her state revenues. In fact, Goldman Sachs is practising something like financial world governance: Goldman Sachs director and then prime minister  Papademos gave Greece the last push into insolvency – and ECB President, Draghi, is former European  Goldman Sachs. Debt structure of EU countries shows the Stability Pact/ESM is the basis for perennial, total tax-looting to pay Goldman Sachs´ever increasing debt interest.

corydonMost Danes think, that at the Bilderberg meeting in 2014 in Copenhagen, the Bilderbergers told Corydon (right), an internationally unknown Danish finance minister,  to sell decisive equities in our crown jewell, DONG, the Danish oil extraction company, to Goldman Sachs far below their market value.  J. Michael Evans, Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs & Co., was also an attrendee at that meeting.
The sale was very mysterious, since a Danish pension fund had offered more than Goldman Sachs. The word corruption was uttered.

Zero Hedge 10 Aug. 2015:  Back in Jan. 2014,  Goldman’s merchant banking unit rushed to buy an 18% in Denmark’s DONG Energy  company for $1.5 billion.
The result was an immediate grassroots resistance campaign, as hundreds of thousands of Danes refused to hand over their DONG to the vampire squid for various reasons, not the least of which was granting Goldman veto rights over changes to DONG’s leadership and strategy, a right usually reserved for buyers of 33% of an entity.

Lykketoft-eldrupLeft: Former Minister for taxation, Finance Minister and Foreign Minister, now Chairman of  the Danish Parliament, multiple Bilderberger attendee, Mogens Lykketoft  – and multiple DONG attendee CEO Anders Eldrup. Eldrup was sacked because he opposed the ridiculous selling price for DONG.

At the time the Danish government sold the 18 percent stake of Dong to Goldman Sachs, the Finance Ministry calculated the company’s value at 31.5 billion kroner ($4.6 billion).

But just three months later, Dong was granted the rights to instal a massive offshore wind park supported by the United Kingdom. According to the newspaper “Politiken”, that deal shot Dong’s value over 50 bn. kroner. And that deal was well known to DONG and beyond but was not calculated into the Goldman Sachs sale despite both Dong and the investment firm being fully aware of it.

A shaken Denmark refuses to let Goldman fully off the hook when recently the government decided to let lawmakers see secret documents on Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s purchase of the 18% stake in DONG. Bjarne Corydon, who was finance minister at the time, said “the information contained in the transaction papers was too sensitive even for the parliament committee.”
(Or too emabarrassing for him).

Schur-fogh-rasmussen-2009Right:  Chairman of  Dong´s Board, Fritz Schur – Bilderberger 2008 – alongside with Prime Minister – later NATO´s Secretary General – Anders Fogh-Rasmussen, Bilderberger 2001 and 2014.

It is unlikely that the deal would be unwound if it is discovered that Goldman had conspired and manipulated (with significant kickbacks) the government of Helle Thorning-Schmidt:

Rene Christensen, a spokesman for the Danish People’s Party which lobbied to have the documents released, said there’s no risk their contents might trigger political demands that a new deal be negotiated.
(This party has always promised the population a lot – but never kept one single promise. How much is Rene Christensens promise worth in cash?).

Which is why Goldman decided to go for the “sure thing” jugular, and just to make absolutely sure it controls the DONG process, Goldman hired none other than Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the former Danish prime minister who governed Denmark from 2001 until 2009 “to help tackle the political hurdles the bank has encountered since buying into a state utility last year.” The present Danish prime minister is Lars Lökke Rasmussen, who was Fogh-Rasmussen´s finance minister (with desperately bad private economy!) .


Anders Fogh-Rasmussen showing the Masonic 666 hand sign of the Antichrist.

If buying current and former government leaders to control the decision-making process works in the US and every other developed nation, why not in Denmark?

But that’s not all: in this particular case, Goldman gets bonus influence points because in addition to purchasing the former Danish PM, and by implication, the current PM and his former fin-min protege, and assuring the DONG scandal quietly goes away, Goldman just hired the former head of NATO: from 2009 to 2014 Anders Fogh Rasmussen served as the 12th Secretary General of NATO.

In other words, with one hiring decision, Goldman not only assured its financial dominance over Denmark, but is now sure to capitalize on whatever military developments NATO unleashes in the coming weeks, which by the looks of things will involve Goldman funding every group in the upcoming Syrian invasion and the resulting latest and greatest war in the middle east


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11 Responses to How Rothschild Conquered Denmark and NATO: The Central Bank. His Goldman Sachs Bought the Danish Finance Minster at a Bilderberg Meeting and Bilderberger, Former Prime Minister and NATO Secretary General

  1. R Davis says:

    Goldman Merchant banking unit rushed to buy 18% an in Denmarks DONG Energy company for $1.5billion.
    WHY ?
    I ask again:
    WHY ?
    Why would anyone want to own any % age of AN ENERGY COMPANY ?
    Are they MAD ?
    They literally have money to BURN !
    Or am I missing something.

    We believe & indeed, are led to believe that – to own an energy company is to make big profits; this is NOT TRUE.

    I believe that Crown Casino Victoria Australia, cannot afford to pay –
    A) the exorbitant electricity bills nor
    B) the exorbitant gas bills
    C) nor the exorbitant water bills
    Therefore I believe that they do not pay these bills – that they are exempt.
    CROWN CASINO does not make enough profit to be able to pay EVEN THE RATES let alone the utilities bills.
    It was based on the thinking that all Victorians would attend the casino, become immediately addicted to gambling & gamble their every dollar every day.
    This has somehow not happened .
    Why not ?


    i have sat in the local supermarket & pondered, how much electricity do they use – one can work it out & I saw that their customer base does not pull in the monies that are necessary to make profit.
    There is also the ever shrinking variety of items for sale – eg. the biscuit & confectionary shelves have reduced to 1/2 of what they once were & several labels of canned fish have disappeared for good. (?)
    I put it to you that the supermarket chains do not make any profit also – however the electricity must stay on to power the refridgeration, which – alone costs more than any profit they make – then there are other running costs on top of that.
    Again I believe that the supermarket chains do not pay power / utilities bills.

    So I ask again

  2. R Davis says:

    A few weeks ago an Australian media outlet ran an article “Freddo Frogs Have Shrunk in Size” a small chocolate bar – I replied – Good Riddance & may they close down while they are at it, we don’t want our children eating sweets, it is not health eating.
    Also the flawed business projections that businness & corporate followed were of an ever increasing global population & in fact the truth is that the population of the world is ever & steadily decreasing = over production, which is only a fast tract to the door step of insolvency & bankruptcy.
    They are living in a dream world –

  3. Anders says:

    Hello, R. Davis.
    Goldman Sachs knew about the coming increase of the value of the company from 31 to 53bn kroner within 3 months. That means that the trading value of Goldman Sachs´share rose from 5.58bn kroner to 9.54bn kroner, i.e. 3.96bn kroner within 3 months.
    I call that a good bargain at my cost as a taxpayer.

    Moreover, control of DONG´s policy and leader means control over Denmark´s self-supply of energy. The grip of power is a grip of political power: Denmark will even more have to dance to the tune of Rothschild, who now controls us in all fields.

  4. R Davis says:

    So –
    What do I say about all these know it all, tough guys leadint planet earth into the next century, the superior business minds that you have in this article ?
    I ask this;
    What kind of cow dung is their hebal tea being grown in ?

  5. R Davis says:

    Yes !
    A big tick for you Anders.
    BUT – so they get to – what ?
    Rule the nation of Denmark .
    wow man !
    A third world country after they have finished with it ?
    Oh, & they get to inflict austerity / hardship on the population – squeeze them until they bleed to death / or die of hunger.
    This is an illusion only to hae a nation dancing to the tune of –
    But it is not, is it, to a deranged mind.
    Martin Luther
    God would prefer to suffer the government to exist, no matter how evil, rather than allow the rabble to riot, no matter how justified they are in doing so … A prince should remain a prince, no matter how tyrnnical he may be. He beheads necessarily only a few since he must have subjectsin order to be ruler.
    Of course Luther is not taking into account …
    Chairman Mao
    Nor the governments & pharmaceutical companies who contrive to force upon us vaccines that brain damage OUR BEAUTIFUL & BRILLIANT CHILDREN – their opposition, who one day may call them to account for their crmes against Gods children.

  6. R Davis says:

    author: Erich Fromm
    book: To have or to be ?
    First publiched in Great Britain 1978.
    The Nature of Having
    The nature of the having mode of existence follows from the nature of private property. In this mode of existence all that matters in my acquisition of property & my unlimited right to keep what I aquired. The having mode excludes others; it does not require any further effort on my part to keep my property or to make productive use of it. The Buddha has described this mode of behavior as craving, the Jews & Christian religions as coverting; it transforms everybody & everything into something DEAD & subject to another’s power.

    We have understood the psychology of the power broker guys in this article & those at large, for such a long time. Therefore they inflict upon us, we their goods & chattles, their human livestock, to keep themselves & in the positions to which they are accostomed.
    Just imagine how it terrifies them to know that our children & grand children – are brilliant.
    Thank you for being a trouble maker, for we & all like us, may very well save the world one day.
    If we make it to the consentration camps, don’t be shy, come & say hello.

  7. R Davis says:

    control over Denmark:
    Silly me, I don’t always get it, your comment inspired me to think otherwise.

    The Legarde list: is a spreadsheet containing roughly 2.000 POTENTIAL tax evaders with undeclared accounts at Swiss HSBC bank’s Geneva branch.
    This is about the possible tax evaders
    And bringing them to justice
    YES ?
    The Lagarde list is part of a much bigger list – The Falcini list:
    In 2006-2007 a computer technicion for HBSC bank’s Geneva branch, Herve Falcini allgedly stole data from his employer, containing the names of customers from several EU countries & attempted to sell them to several governments.
    Well, it look like it is about profiteering.
    Or is it ?
    Is it possible that this act of ‘data theft & publicizing of ‘ is actually the attempt of destroying the HSBC banking system ?
    HSBC Holdings plc is a British multi national & banking & financial services company headquartered in London, United Kingdom.
    A) Is it possible that Falcini, Lagarde & maybe others were employed to sabotage the HSBC ?
    B) By whom ?
    C) To what end ?
    You see, if I had $100 or $100.000.000 in this bank, at the first sign of a breach of security & secrecy I would talk my few dollars & walk away.
    And I know for certain that is what the customers of the HSBC bank’s Geneve branch did.
    The lists were obtained illegally therefore they hold no capacity to incriminate.
    They could also be fake.
    So what was all the publicity for ?
    At any time the authority on behalf of any government could have legally acquired warrents to obtain information from HBSC.
    So it was not they who instigated this.
    Have Falcini & Lagarde been arrested yet ?
    If not, why not ?
    Who is behind this attempt to sabotage the HSBC & why ?

  8. R Davis says:

    Please know this –
    If I were the HSBC, I would have very publically, persued & in no uncertain terms, screwed to the wall, both Falcini, Lagarde & all other participants in the criminal act perpetrated upon my establishment, the HSBC, so as to restore, again, confindents in the bank.
    Clown must be runnung the HSBC.

  9. Danni Møller says:

    Just a few points missing in the article. In 1807 the british navy came to Copenhagen and stole the danish merchant ships. That broke the danish economy so that the Rothschilds or Warburgs could decieve the danish king into creating a danish central bank. To stabilise the economy and the currency. In 1813 we got a rigsbank which had the function of a central bank and then in 1818 it was official. Like “The Fed” in the U.S. The danish central-bank is called “The national bank of Denmark”. It is anything BUT national like many danes falsly believe. Its ofcourse left out og the media and the school-books who really owns our monetary system.

    To the DONG case i can add that Helle Thorning (former prime minister of Denmark) and Anders Eldrup (former ceo of DONG) went to the bilderberg meeting in 2009. In 2011 Helle Thorning became prime minister. In 2013 Bjarne C. went to the bilderberg meeting and then in 2014 Goldman Sachs got a part of the company.

    Its important to mention and also understand that these people have very long term objectives. Like the destabilisation of the countries around Israel. It has taken alot of years with numorous false flag attacks.

  10. Anders says:

    Thank you, Danni Møller.

    It is, indeed, important that people learn about this. For they don´t know how they are being deceived.
    For several years, I wrote about these things in Danish, too. But it was my impression that it was all of no avail.
    I could only get through to few Danes, it was my impression that they don´t want to hear it – so I stopped writing in Danish.

    You could be better at it than I. Please, try.

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