War in Europe? Most Likely, Says Think Tank Study – “But Not Now” Says Gorbachev

The Daily Mail 12 Aug. 2015: The ELN (below) has analyzed the military balance between NATO and Russia. The study said NATO plans approximately 270 exercises this year, while Russia has announced 4,000 drills at all levels.

To assist the public and wider policy community in understanding the realities of this new and dangerous security environment in Europe, the ELN has prepared a short policy brief and two interactive maps presenting in detail the anatomy of two recent, large scale military exercises.

NATO-RussiaLeft Comparison of NATO/Russian military strength.
The Profiles of the  two exercises:
European Leadership Network 12 Aug.2015:
European Leadership Network ELN) 12 Aug.2015
1) A Russian ‘snap exercise’ conducted in March 2015, which brought together 80,000 military personnel.
2) The NATO ‘Allied Shield’ exercise conducted in June 2015, which brought under one framework four distinct exercises taking place along the Eastern flank of the Alliance, totalling 15,000 personnel from 19 Members states and three partner states.
Both exercises show that each side is training with the other side’s capabilities and most likely war plans in mind. Whilst spokespeople may maintain that these operations are targeted against hypothetical opponents, the nature and scale of them indicate otherwise: Russia is preparing for a conflict with NATO, and NATO is preparing for a possible confrontation with Russia.

We do not suggest that the leadership of either side has made a decision to go to war or that a military conflict between the two is inevitable, but that the changed profile of exercises is a fact and it does play a role in sustaining the current climate of tensions in Europe. These tensions are further aggravated and elevated into a sense of unpredictability when the exercises are not pre-notified or publicly announced beforehand, as is apparently the case with a number of Russian exercises.

The US Neo-cons think they can win a nuclear exchange with Russia. Ukraine is an American propaganda campaign. Europe would not survive a war – says former Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy in the Reagan administration.

The report further stated : … the ability of the Russian armed forces to mobilise thousands of conscripts inevitably results in exercises of a size that the smaller, predominantly professional armed forces of NATO countries simply cannot match.’

I take it easy: The Ukraine will hardly be the beginning of WWIII.
I advise you to read the Bible: Whether you believe or not, the future of the world is written there. And the very influential Chabad Lubavitch and the US Pentacostals are using it as their working program in the  hope of  speeding the coming of their very different messiahs.   This makes it certain that it will come that way.

Mikhail Gorbachev does not think there is danger of war now, but that the Cold War has started again . However he does warn against nuclear war

And what does the Bible prophecies say? The last big war will begin in Syria (Isaiah 17) and then spread to Israel (Isaiah 17, Ezekiel 38-39) – and from there to the whole world  (Jeremiah 25:29).

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