The Most Dangerous Man to World Peace Is Netanyahus White House Mole: Giant Attempt to Force the US into Big War with Iran

Summary: While the  loud-mouthed Jewish organizations, the AIPAC and the Antidefamation League, are bullying public opinion through
 the mass media, which are  to 90% owned by Jews, with simple “insults” such as “anti-Semitism” and “conspicaracy theory”, thanks to their concept of “political correctness” of their Frankfurt communist school, and while even  buying our politicians, Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu, has intensified his efforts to have  US troops start a major war with Iran and die for his messianic vision of a Greater Israel. For this purpose, he has a  formidable assistant in the White House.

The aim is to scuttle the nuclear agreement between the 5-powers and Iran.

Netanyahu’s trump card is Phillip Zelikow. This Obama advisor is a member of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board  and very influential. He has apparently devilish gifts to persuade  people to dance to Israel’s tune.

He was the chief director of the Sept. 11 commission and wrote it all alone 16 months before publishing the discredited, implausible Sept. 11 report, which was to justify a US war in Afghanistan.
He  had even written the plan for the 11th Sept. and its consequences very clearly in 1998 together with the current US secretary of War, Ashton Carter, as well as its consequences. In a video, he reveals that they used the Hegelian dialectics.

He had a decisive influence on forcing the US into the second Iraq War, helped by apocalyptic sects and Dick Cheney’s Haliburton oil interests in Iraq.
He used the anthrax letters, which he ascribed to Saddam Hussein, – even though they “were made in the USA” – at the US military laboratory in Fort Detrick.
He is the advocate and inspirer of many operations of the US under false flag to force the US into wars that are desired by Netanyahu. He wrote a treatise on the benefits of False Flag operations.

According to the Global Res. All major Israeli political parties and most Israeli voters support this dangerous policy against Iran. The presidents of 52 major American Jewish organizations in the US were mobilized to harass, bribe and bludgeon the majority of Congress to support Netanyahu’s dictations.

Congress has already been bought by AIPAC and seems inclined to support Netanyahu’s great war. A vote is in sight. More and more members tend to reject  Obama’s agreement with Iran in favor of the big war demanded by Zelick and Netanyahu / possibly WWIII.
When that happens, it means war, says Obama propagandistically.
So far, Zelick has not been able to persuade Obama. Who will more probably not survive – Zelikow or Obama?



The American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF), the educational wing of hardline right-wing pro-Israel lobbying organization the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), is taking all but three freshmen US lawmakers on a tour of Israel, in hopes of turning them against the Iran nuclear deal. Over 50 US congress people will meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu in Israel in August (Global Res. 4 Aug. 2015).

Obama Tells Jewish Leaders: If we attack Iran, Hezbollah will shoot missiles at Tel Aviv. U.S. president stressed  that Israel would bear the brunt of any military escalation with Iran. (Haaretz 5 Aug. 2015).


Do you know who today´s most dangerous mole is? I did not, until I read Prof. Petras´post below.  This  dangerous man  works in silence behind the scenes. He is an obscure figure – like taken right out of the masterminds behind the century-old “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion“: He ruthlessly promotes their plan – his hands dripping with blood of the peoples by manipulating  US executives into black flag operations leading to wars desired by the US Jewish Lobby/Israel. Now he is aiming at Iran at  Netanyahu´s behest.

His name is Phillip David Zelikow  a Zionist Jew with close Relations to former Vice Pres. Dick Cheney, Secr. of State Condoleeza Rice and Pres. Bush Jr.

Global Res. 1 Aug. 2015Prof. James Petras 
petrasProf. Petras (left) has been repeatedly accused by Jewish organisations of “Antisemitism” for pointing out Jewish involvement in 9/11 and the 2008 financial/economic crisis – but astoundingly, he has apparently never been sued!! His website is here.

Phillip Zelikow never held a prominent position in the Cabinet or White House. Zelikow continues to work inside pushing the Iran war agenda out of the limelight.
Considering his position as a highly connected insider, Zelikow’s attempts to sabotage the Iran-US agreement presents a far greater danger to world peace than all the noisy lobbying by the 52 Zionist organizations active in Congress.
Zelikow was a major inside advocate of the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Now, Zelikow pops up again to promote a policy of sending US combat troops to serve Israel’s regional interest.

Zelikoff was the executive director of the 9/11 Commission: He alone wrote the widely discredited  9/11 report 16 months before it was published! Zelikoff shows the Hegelian dialectics was used in the 9/11 scandal- as always in the NWO steering of history. Zelikow has been a highly influential security adviser to the US Executive and State Department since the early 1980’s under Reagan. In 2011 President Obama appointed him to the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board

In 1998, 3 years before 9/11, Phillip Zelikoff coauthored an article in the CFR´s “Foreign Affairs”, with today´s US Sec. of Defence, Ashton Carter,  meticulously describing the 9/11 false flag operation  and it epoc-making consequences (from video above):
























After 9/11 the US introduced 2 institutions also suggested in the Zelikoff/Ashton article: 1) one to react promptly to such events and 2) The Homeland Security Dept.

In his report on 9/11, Zelikow made no mention of Israel´s role in that false flag scandal. Nor did he mention the dancing Mossad agents before the falling WTC Twin Towers. In Israeli TV they stated they had been sent to describe the upcoming event – which they consequently knew of beforehand! Nor their silent arrest and deportation to Israel.

Phillip Zelikow´s role in Netanyahu´s Big Game
Zelikow’s role is far more discrete and important to Israel and Netanyahu over the long haul than the loudmouths and thugs of AIPAC and other Zionist fronts. He is repeatedly inserting himself into crucial public discussions and quietly assuming strategic positions to advise on events or policies which have ‘turning point’consequences and where his deep ties to Israel are never discussed.
Zelikow spouts …. pure unadulterated rubbish with authoritative finesse!..

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has declared war by proxy on Iran, announcing full-scale military mobilization within Israel (July 27 -29) and organizing the biggest political campaign of ultra Zionist Jews in Washington to drag the US into this war.
 This political-military strategy is being pushed by leading Zionists within the highest circles of the US Government – and the Wall Street Journal editor and former editor of the Jerusalem Post. Bret Stephens.

The purpose of this two-pronged propaganda blitz is to defeat the recently signed US-Iranian agreement and start another major Middle East war.

Israel’s Netanyahu relies on his overseas (US) high level operatives to set in motion the wheels of war. Within days of attacks of September 11, 2001, Israel’s leading mouthpiece in the US Senate, Joseph Lieberman presented the roadmap for US wars for the next decade and a half – declaring that “the US must declare war on Iraq, Syria, Libya, Lebanon and Iran”, despite the complete absence of these countries’ involvement in the event. – See video with Jewish CFR-insider, General Wesley Clark

What Zelikow does have in common with the raging bulls of Zionism is his constant resort to vituperation against any country or movement identified as a target by Israel.

Zelikow will push for a ‘coalition’ of Middle East dictators and monarchs to fulfill Israel’s dream as dictated by Joseph Lieberman in September 2001. This is a dream of waging devastating war against Iran leading to its partition, similar to the de facto partition of Iraq, Syria and Libya, resulting in a Middle East forever ravaged by sectarian strife, foreign occupations, balkanized. Israel can then carry out its the dispossession and expulsion of all Palestinians and establishment an expanded, purely Jewish state – surrounded by unspeakable destruction and destitution…

All the major Israeli political parties, and most Israeli voters support this dangerous policy against Iran. The Presidents of the 52 Major American Jewish Organizations in the US have been mobilized to bully, bribe and bludgeon the majority of Congress into following Netanyahu’s dictates. (The Jewish Lobby has already bought the US Congress and here and here).
All the major (Jewish owned) US press and TV media parrot Netanyahu’s call for ‘war on the peace accord’ despite massive US public opinion against any escalation of the conflict.

Zelikow’s ‘anti-ISIS coalition’ will ultimately go after the Iraqi Shia militia and their main supporters among Iran’s Revolutionary Guard – hewing closely to Netanyahu’s strategy!

In October 2001, the first ‘anthrax attack’ occurred. National news programs featured an interview with… the re-packaged al Qaeda’ and ‘bioterrorism’ expert Professor Zelikow (his lack of Arabic and scientific credentials notwithstanding…) who declared the anthrax to be ‘weapons grade’ and ‘definitely from a state sponsored military lab’, implying Iraq. (He was correct in the ‘military lab’ part of his declaration – only the facility was the US Weapons Lab at Fort Detrick. He thereby influenced the demand for war on Saddam Hussein.Sept. 11-2001

Zelikow’s ‘expertise’ (such as it is) and usefulness to Israel derives from his articles on the political usefulness of ‘false flags’ and catastrophes, a Zionist specialty and the foundation of the NWO “War on Terror – events concocted or instigated by imperialist powers to push a traumatized public into unpopular wars and draconian domestic police state policies.

An unrecognized traitor and mole can make an entire world collapse by whispering falsehoods into the ears of the leaders paid by his own real  masters/ concealing facts from them.
An example is Henry Kissinger who told the Arabs one thing and the Israelis something else so as to provoke the Yom Kippur War in 1973. Thereby, Kissinger achieved what his masters had told him to do at the Saltsjöbaden Bilderberg Conference in 1973: To quadruple oil prices and to trigger a worldwide oil crisis (Andreas von Rétyi: Bilderberger.Jochen Kopp Verlag, Rottenburg, 2006) 

Phillip Zelikow is also such an expert – and in the arena in which he acts world war and peace are decided.

Zelikow promoted the use of  numerous US false flag operations, efficiently promoted the 2. Iraq war, the anthrax scam, which led to it, and forged the 9/11 report to blame this false flag on Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein, the only bastion to prevent chaos in Iraq.
Now he is doing his utmost to undermine the US/Iran nuclear agreement by means of a big war.

Yinon-planAnd he is Netanyahu´s  most efficient tool to divide and rule the Middle East in order to create “Greater Israel” i.e. the The Yinon Plan (left)- for Anti-Amalekite and Lubawitch Chabad supporter Netanyahu a necessity for the coming og of his Messiah, ben David, who will subdue the world under jewish sway.

In fact, The US Congress has promised Israel unlimited military support against Iran: Sec. 1 (8) of the Bill Text 113th Congress (2013-2014) S.RES.65.ATS and here:If the Government of Israel is compelled to take military action in legitimate self defense against Iran’s nuclear weapons program, the United States Government should stand with Israel and provide, in accordance with United States law and the constitutional responsibility of Congress to authorize the use of military force, diplomatic, military, and economic support to the Government of Israel in its defence of its territory, people, and existence.”
It is dubious, whether Obama can haul the Iran agreement through Congress: AIPAC and Israel have bought the politicians there and here.


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4 Responses to The Most Dangerous Man to World Peace Is Netanyahus White House Mole: Giant Attempt to Force the US into Big War with Iran

  1. R Davis says:

    General Wesely Clark BORN December 23 1944 & he is 70 years old
    General Wesley Clark is calling for Internment Camps for the disaffected – (meaning) dissatisfied with the people in authority & no longer willing to support them.
    General Wesley Clark wants me locked up
    General Wesley Clark wants you locked up
    He also wants my children locked up – 5 adults & thier partners & their children, my 3 grand children will be left to “what” – Oh, they also lock up children.
    Concentration Camps !
    This senile old man who is proudly living in the glory of past atrocities.

  2. R Davis says:

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch:
    Arrest Netanyahu for war crimes. British petitioners demand.
    Over 46.000 Brits Sign Petition for Netanyahus Arrest.
    Bibi Netanyahu’s father lived till he was 102 years old.
    Netanyahu has longevity on his side
    And so do we the people of this planet:
    We have 35 years to get Bibi Netanyahu before a court that will try him for war crimes & genocide.
    There are petitions circulating planet earth calling for this to happen.
    We will get him there.
    “I wonder if he is worried ?”

  3. Anders says:

    Hello, R. Davis.

    No Netanyahu is not worried. He has an armour which is impenetrable: It would be antisemitism to arrest him. And becoming an Antisemite is about the worst crime in international law.

  4. R Davis says:

    I have watched Philip David Zelikow on several videos on youtube.
    There is nothing to him.
    He is a dummy.
    Not quite an imbecile.
    But almost.
    To my mind he is a patsy.
    In the front line & expendable.
    Not unlike Lagarde, Merkel, Obama, so who is the big boss hiding behind them all ?
    I cannot see Netanyahu as having any credible intelligence – sorry.
    Besides Netanyahu is said to rely on alcohol to keep himself sane & solid.
    Some of his political party questioned the large amount of money he spent on alcohol & indeed his good wife cashed in empty bottles to receive $1.000. That is a lot of drinking indeed. ( I read both articles myself )
    A patsy –
    As in when the cow dung hits the fan –
    There is nothing like an assination to draw everyones attention away from the real culprits.
    The Brains
    Is is the banking thinkers ?
    Anders, if someone is intelligent it shows – you know this.

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