Beware of That Luciferian NWO Pope Francis! He Is Calling in Hollywood Jews and Satanist Oprah Winfrey to Help Him Corrupt You

LATEST: ANSAmed 8 Aug. 2015: The rejection of migrants fleeing violence and hunger is an act of war, Pope Francis told youth Friday.
….this is war, this is violence, it’s called murder”.But”God is present”.
The Pope´s god is, indeed, Lucifer. Mass Muslim immigration means future Sharia – and murder of Christians and atheists – as in all Muslim countries.
Violence in a society increases with is number of Muslims.

Pope Francis is an ardent supporter of the ancient, satanic NWO. In his Easter mass he celebrates Jesus Christ as “the son of Lucifer, ascended from Hell”

pope-francis+Cardinal-Philippines_He is probably to be appointed head of the one-world one religion church  – due  to his continuing the Interfaith Movement  started by Pope John Paul II in 1986 at the dwelling, Assissi, of his namesake, St. Francis . This would fit fine into Francis being the head of a church which has enthroned Satan as its head.

That paedophilia is widespread in the Catholic Church is well-known. Pope Francis compares it with a Satanic mass! And he would know. Francis himself has been accused of child abuse –
and Satan Masses are not unknown to the Catholic Church!

The Daily Mail 5 Aug. 2015:  The public image of the Catholic Church has suffered greatly in recent years following a series of shocking scandals involving pedophile priests.
Since assuming control over the Holy See in 2013, Pope Francis has done much to change public perception of the 2,000-year-old institution by making inroads with members of other faiths, tacitly welcoming homosexuals into the flock, and as recently as Wednesday, publicly declaring that divorcees who remarry should not be treated as outcasts.

So now, acc. to the Daily Mail, Pope Francis, who is very popular with Jews,  turned to the Jews of Hollywood to help him win the masses for his notorious church. Jews dominate Hollywood.
Hollywood is known for its subliminal mind poisoning for Satan and his NWO – even openly demonstrated by Madonna and Lady Gaga as well as Katy Perry
– all exponents of the Satanist and CIA Monarch sex kittens.

Pope Francis has invited the following Jews to a special audience at the Vatican:
1) Ari Emanuel, 54, the younger brother of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel (former chief of Staff in Obama´s White House).
2) Film Producer Brian Grazer is also Jewish
3) Actor Matt Damon (said to be Jewish). In an upcoming film he is having detailed homosexual sex with Michael Douglas
4) Media mogul David Geffen 

5) But worst of all: The Pope has invited Non-Jewish Oprah Winfrey
 an American actress and talkshow host  and a member of the Illuminati “Good Club of Billionaires” which has one big concern: How to reduce mankind and here:  “It´s so nightmarish with all those people”, says that club.
This “Good Club” also promotes the climate change lie.

Oprah Winfrey here interviews  a Talmudic Jewish woman telling that in her and many other Jewish families Satan is being worshipped in the most disgusting way.

Apparently, Oprah Winfrey learned from that interview! She is the founder and leader of the “Church of Illumination” – a New Age Satanist, Antichristian church 

To Catholics of the world: Reconsider who your pope is.
He is a Jesuit – out of the order that made the Frankist/Shabbataean satanist Rothschilds  the “Guardians of the Jesuit treasure“. The Jesuits founded “modern” Luciferian Freemasonry and control the Rothschilds. Francis has sworn to kill any heretic in the most disgusting way, and his coats of arms is full of pagan symbols.

Now he is trying to win your hearts and minds  through the well-known Jewish Hollywood satanist  cognitive dissonance corruption in your churches and media –

as though his Luciferian Easter masses making Christ the son of Lucifer were not enough

The same Easter gospel was preached  in 2012. However, I think Benedict XVI was pope then.

Pope Francis is blatantly, but not very cunningly, counteracting the truth, to follow his master Satan:
The truth is that Jesus Christ is the Creator´s son, the absolute contrast of Satan whom Christ defeated at Golgatha, but who is allowed to try us until the 2. coming of Christ (John 14:30). And he is allowed to corrupt many – as Christ only wants followers who stick to his commandments (John 14:15, 21).

Christ says: “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me” (John 14:6).
The Catholic Church (New Catholic Cathechism art. 841) refuses this to save the Muslims – Christians´ worst enemies. The Jews, whose God is Lucifer (Jewish Harold Rosenthal), and Oprah Winfrey also postulate to have another saviour!! 
While Satan has never shown mankind that he has supernatural (just psychological) powers – Jesus Christ  has supernatural power: His visiting card, The Shroud of Turin with its 3-dimensional photographic negative on linen cloth from  1. century Judea proves his resurrection from the dead.  A Vatican attempt to make the Shroud a fake was revealed to be a lie.


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7 Responses to Beware of That Luciferian NWO Pope Francis! He Is Calling in Hollywood Jews and Satanist Oprah Winfrey to Help Him Corrupt You

  1. R Davis says:

    Evangelical Politician & Religious Demagogue, William Jennings Bryan 1860-1925
    “Outside of the church are to be found the worthless, the criminal, the degenerate, those who are a burden to society rather than an aid.”

    Philosophe, Theologian, Political Activist, Martin Buber 1878-1965
    “Since the primary motive of the evil is to disguise, one of the places evil people are most likely to be found is within the church. what better way to conceal one’s evil from oneself as well as from others ….. evil people tend to gravitate towards piety for the disguise & concelement it can give them.”

    Child molesters tend to gravitate towards careers that will shield & compflage them, while at the same time provide them with victims. Because the abuse of children is a preference formed earily in life, some offenders conciously choose career paths which will bring them regularily in contact with children, others volunteer to supervise childrens sports & activity clubs. Many are highly respected members of the community. Some are in positions of authority over children – teachers, doctors, police officers, clergymen, coaches. Every organized religion has it’s share of these deviants.

    Travel Through Dimensional Doorways:
    It is believed that – Watchers, Spirit Beings: keep guard over portals that link all worlds together. How to open Dimensional Doorways to summon Demonic Powers to do your bidding. offerings must be made – worthy of the spirits.
    Energy must be released to cause …………….
    Q: If energy is neither created or destroyed, what happens to energy within our bodies & brains when we die ?

    Hodgkin-Huxley model – is a mathamatical model that describes how action potentials in neurons are initiated & propogated – non linear differential equations that approximates the electrical characteristics of excitable cells such as neurones & cardio myocities …… Volage gated ion channels.

    When a dimension is transversed all manner of startling physical manifestations can occur – brightness, thick clouds, hail stones, thunder, lightening, sparks quakes –
    Great energy is released into / of / from the universe –
    A rift in time & space can occur –
    Joel 2:2 & Zephaniah 1:5 describe thick clouds & darkness that will surround Gods throne on judgement day. These same sounds can be heard when demonic entities enter into our dimension through portals created by – the killing of humans.
    There are 4 passages in the Bible where these thick clouds are mentioned in the transversing of God’s throne in to our dimension.
    Job 22:14, 26:8, Ps, 18:11 & 18 12.

    People are decieved by these portals. They seek to make contact with these dmonic entities believing they are somehow in control of them & the situation, how far from the truth this is. These demonic entities are conscious negative energy forces seeking to destroy human life on earth.

    So I say to the above mentioned dabblers, the NWO occultist experts, the Zionist opperators & their SCIENCE BASED & RESEARCH PROVEN witchcraft – Good Luck & watch your back.

  2. R Davis says:

    Consciousness strives to survive – therefore there is “the enemy”
    The conscious element of the universe, that which keep balance & equalibrium or it would all fall appart – order & repair – the mathamatical equation must be upheld – kept in cheque – 1 simple example, gravity –
    The universe does not stay intact by accident – life is not a fairy story – it is trile & error & caution – we can be terminated instantly as soon as we are the threat that will cause distress.
    Watch – Trshed – The Movie – Jeremy Irons & know that end of days are upon us.
    But it is not God our Scapegoat that will “PUNISH US” we have done it all .
    It is our reward.
    The commandment went like this – Honor They Father & Thy Mother – So That It may be Well With You & You May Live Long On Earth – the first commandment with a promise.
    Our father & our mother is everything that has brought us to this point in time.
    Look around & see how we have disgaces both God & our father & mother.

  3. bob says:

    Not Satanists. Christians.

  4. Anders says:

    Hallo, Bob.

    You seem not to have read the conclusion/comments of this article: The Vatican is oriented 180 degrees away from the teachings of Christ.
    Therefore the Vatican is ANTICHRISTIAN – i.e. the most efficient tool of Satan.

  5. Tilman says:

    Stephen Ben DeNoon lately revealed a decree from the Vatican back in 2013 that declares the Pope being “Supreme Pontiff” – Ruler over all the world. Every person on this planet is enregistered in the Vatican registry with a Social Security Number (SS number) and is called a corporation. We all are therefore property of the Pope of Rome, as it sais.

    Besides that the Vatican is now declared being the “Supreme Court” of the world. There is no legal power over the Pope. When he will speak in the UN in September 2015 most people would think here comes the Pope. But that’s wrong. When he steps in he will declare that he is the ruler over every nation in this world and he will demand that Agenda 21 must be realised. If you fail to do, he can judge and punish you by his executive power.

  6. Anders says:

    Hello, Tilman,

    I have seen part of the above video made by an Israeli news station.
    It seems to have its information from “Before It´s News” – a Blog with a very vivid imagination, to put it mildly.
    Going on to the Pope´s “Motu Proprio” you will see nothing but trivial jurisprudence concerning officials of the Vatican. Nothing about trusts or birth certificates.

    Here is another edition with additions concerning the Curia and institutions connected with it – called “trusts”.
    This cannot be extended to the whole world and financial trusts worldwide – and not at all outside the Catholic Church.
    At least such a supposition would demand further foundation. Do know more about a connection between the world´s financial trusts and the Curia?
    Vatican law is being adapted to international law in the Motu Proprio. The vatican does not give the international Community its laws – even praises the existing NWO judicial system.

  7. iKnowthetruth says:


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