Europol to Control Internet “Terrorism” aka NWO Criticism – while EU´s NATO Is Bullying the World through Self-invented “Right to Protect”

Abstract: Europol will be reinforced due to Internet surveillance. At the same time the European Parliament has adopted an EU Public Prosecutor’s Office empowered to prosecute citizens of any Member State on its own initiative. For now it’s all about fraud against the EU – but the authority is likely to be expanded on everything the EU calls “crime”,  including cyber-crime,  on notification by e.g. the Europol and the EU´s Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA).

In France, Spain and especially in Great Britain, “Hate Speech” offences are already being punished – e.g. street preaching against homosexuality and reporting of school children who disapprove of homosexuality. The EU  even funds a strong homosexual lobby with connection to pedophiles – although one of the EU’s main arguments for internet monitoring is to track pedophiles.


Another argument is to fight “terrorism”. However, it is quite unclear what “terrorism” means. The Europol insists to eliminate jihadist propaganda and recruiting of jihadists on the Internet within 2 hours.
Nonetheless, Islam-critics like Geert Wilders are being persecuted – currently by Austria –  for Islam-criticism. There is a widespread feeling that terrorism means criticism of the NWO/EU, their representatives and masterminds.

At the same time,  NATO (with many EU countries) is harassing the world – the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya –  thereby generating endless flows of refugees with jihad warriors to Europe in a Coudenhove- Kalergi / and Sarkozy war against the white race, although the father of the islamization of Europe, a former Danish foreign minister, is warning against ensuing catastrophic consequences.

This is not called terrorism but “the right/responsibility to protect” – that is, to protect NATO´s self-created  victims, while there is no protection for us indigenous Europeans – only increasing persecution (eg the European Arrest Warrant and the European Framework Decision on Racism and Xenophobia)

The actual intention was expressed by EU Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos: ” The challenges we face today go well beyond the response capacities of any single Member State.” In other words: The  mass immigration  created by the EU/NATO is not to be handled acc. to voters´ desire – but acc. to the EU/NWO plan. That means ethnic cleansing in Europe and communist redistribution of our hard acquired prosperity to Muslims.

Meanwhile, the Danish government is doing  everything it can in order to deprive the Danes of their last protection against the twisted anti-EU-citizen “legal” machinery of the EU by an uninformed referendum implying  violation of the Constitution.


(Glenn) Greenwald, who now writes for The Intercept, pointed out that nebulous and undefined terms such as “extremism” and “radicalizing” are vague and elastic. “And in the hands of those who wield power, [the definitions] almost always expand  to mean: anyone who disseminates ideas that are threatening to the exercise of our power,” he explained. “That’s why powers justified in the name of combating ‘radicalism’ or ‘extremism’ are invariably  applied to activists, dissidents, protesters and those who challenge prevailing orthodoxies and power centers (The New American 14 July 2015).


The Europol, the EU´s “secret police” is being reinforced (see below) to control the internet for “terrorists” more and more meaning NWO dissidents. What will be the consequence for internet “criminals” is unclear – but at least they can expect to have their blogs shut down.
Already, the “European Arrest Warrant” leads to the arrest of thousands of Europeans for offences which are not even criminal in their native countries, surveillance in the public space is pervasive   and in case of too big protests, the EU´s Eurogendfor is ready to crush them.

IRUBank Info Security 1 July 2015 : Europol has cooperated closely with the EU member states and European Commission to develop its new capability, aimed at reducing terrorist and extremist online propaganda,” says Europol Director Rob Wainwright. Europol says the unit will “identify and refer relevant online content towards concerned Internet service providers and support member states with operational and strategic analysis.”
One aim is to ensure that jihadist propaganda gets removed within two hours of it being posted.

rob-wainwrightEuropol´s leader, Rob Wainwright: “Terrorists are exploiting Tor darknets to be anonymous on the internet, and he criticised Apple for allowing customers to encrypt data on their smartphones. Encrypted IM apps are also cause for concern as well as Twitter which is being used by ISIS for recruitment”.
So, if you have nothing to hide – don´t use Tor as it arouses Europol´s suspicion of you

In 2008 I wrote: Europol’s primary task (2005) is to gather and analyze intelligence data from the EU’s  member states and then to channel the information to ongoing investigations. The focus these days is on organized crime, drugs, human trafficking and terrorism.

“Europol must make the transition from its former focus on strategic analysis to operational analysis. This operational analysis should serve to assist local police authorities in carrying out their investigations and also to lead the authorities in their investigations”

Second, to replace intergovernmental financing with Community funding. Europol became an EU agency in 2010, meaning closer involvement with the European Parliament, notably in its capacity as budgetary authority.

dimitris-avramopoulos_0The New American 14 July 2015:  In typical globalist fashion, Dimitris  Avramopoulos, EU Commissioner (left) claimed that “the challenges we face today go well beyond the response capacities of any single Member State.”
Comment: I.e.far beyond the reach of pesky voters who might not approve of censorship. Again,  Europeans have “no other choice” but to surrender more sovereignty and liberty to the EU.

Under the guise of battling the Islamic State (ISIS) and jihadists on the Internet,  “Europol,” is launching a new bureaucracy to supposedly combat “online propagandaand “extremism” with censorship. The so-called EU “Internet Referral Unit” (IRU) will be charged with monitoring the World Wide Web, taking down and flagging “extremist” material. Critics are expressing concerns — both about the EU usurpation of the awesome power to unilaterally censor the Internet, and with the constantly changing definition of “extremism” to cover increasingly broad swaths of the population.


Right: Politically correct speech

EU “Counter Terrorism Coordinator” Gilles de Kerchove  said a “coordinated” EU response to online propaganda was “vital, and that by coaxing industry to participate, the power-hungry super-state would make a “key contribution” to reducing the amount of “terrorist material” available online.

New Middle East New Map of the Middle East Project: Unofficial NATO and US War Academy map. The above map was prepared by Lieutenant-Colonel Ralph Peters. It was published in the Armed Forces Journal in June 2006, Peters is a retired colonel of the U.S. National War Academy. (Map Copyright Lieutenant-Colonel Ralph Peters 2006).

It is unclear how much taxpayer money would be spent attempting to censor the Web. Presumably, though, it will not amount to the sums the EU and US pays to finance Syrian (Al Qaeda/ISIS) rebels against Pres. Assad.
Some 15 Europol bureaucrats and “experts” from the EU will form the unit initially, but the number and capabilities will grow over the coming year, culminating in what Europol described as “full maturity” by July of 2016.

geert-wildersWho is the terroristmuslim-declarations


In France, authorities, like jihadists, have been fiendishly pursuing anyone who is accused of “illegal” speech, such as criticizing Islam.
Criticizing homosexuality and immigration or exhibiting racism also constitutes “crime” across much of Europe.
The Spanish government, which is also pushing for a UN “terror” court, recently banned the use of social media to call for protests in what numerous analysts said was a package turning Spain into a “police state.” Also included among the measures was a ban on joking about the royal family.

Of course, in many EU countries, even speaking the truth is against the law if the truth happens to run afoul of the myriad restrictions on speech. The EU itself even recently considered banning criticism of feminism under the guise of promoting “tolerance.” It also funds homosexual activists with links to pedophile groups.

As The Telegraph asked on 23 Sept. 2014:  “Are the US-led air strikes in Syria legal?” 
Well if not, the “International community invents a “legal” reason. This reason is called “Right/Responsibility to protect” also called R2P. It gives the US/NATO a right to attack any country they /the Illuminati bankers do not like.
Nevertheless, Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians feel attacked and not protected by US/NATO and their child and pretext,viz. IS(IS) for warfare on dictators unwilling to submit to their dictatorial NWO.

NATO fighting terrorism – or?  The Sbrenica-massacre in Bosnia was the cause why NATO attacked Serbia. However, the study of a Swiss researcher (Global Res. 28. Febr. 2010) sows doubt about the veracity of that massacre. 






The U.K. government, though, has been at the leading edge of the war against “extremism” — even “non-violent extremism” — from cyberspace and the classroom to the United Nations General Assembly. Already, authorities arrest street preachers who quote the Bible about homosexuality, politicians who quote Winston Churchill (when the quote is deemed hate speech), and people who post “insulting” comments on social media (video).

This month, the education minister announced a plan to force teachers to report even children who disapprove of homosexuality to police and social services under the guise of fighting “extremism.” Before that, Prime Minister David Cameron called on the UN to help wage a global jihad on “non-violent extremism.” Among the examples of proscribed non-violent extremism were belief in unapproved “conspiracy theories” and religious prophecies.

NATO fighting terrorism? in Afghanistan (above) and Libya (below) – making Chaos out of order

Afghan men search for the bodies of people killed in a NATO airstrike in Logar province June 6, 2012. Officials and villagers in Logar province, about 30 km (17 miles) south of Kabul, said a NATO air strike killed 18 civilians, including women and children, along with six Taliban insurgents. REUTERS/Stringer

Afghan men search for the bodies of people killed in a NATO airstrike in Logar province June 6, 2012. Officials and villagers in Logar province, about 30 km (17 miles) south of Kabul, said a NATO air strike killed 18 civilians, including women and children, along with six Taliban insurgents. REUTERS/Stringer

nato-bombing-libyaLast month, the disgraced U.K. “intelligence” apparatus was exposed in leaked documents operating a vast army of government trolls paid to spew pro-government propaganda on social media, pushing conformity and obedience online. Indeed, the EU’s censorship regime is reportedly based on the U.K.’s so-called Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit (CTIRU), which operates much like the EU IRU  in terms of censoring the Internet. Congress is also now working on a bill that would purport to conscript social-media companies in the “Terror War.”

In order to have the Danes skip their EU Justice opt-out – given them to lure them into voting for the Nice Treaty – which had been rejected in a previous referendum – the Danish parliamentary one party system has decreed to hold a referendum on that opt- out. “For otherwise, we shall stand outside the Europol”, as the Danish Prime Minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen said.

NATO fighting terrorism? in  Iraq (above) and Syria (below) – making chaos out of order.

US-bombing-iraq2But what they are not going to tell the electorate is, that 3 unconstitutional elements were deferred to the justice opt-out in order to avoid a Danish referendum on the unconstitutional, illegal Lisbon Treaty.
US-air-strike-in-syriaThis means: when the unsuspecting Danes accept to abolish the Justice opt-out, they have been tricked to recognize the Lisbon Treaty as our constitution on Justice, accepting death penalty under given circumstances.

Well – there are 6 more unconstitutional elements in the remaining 3 Danish opt-outs – but they will be tricked out of existence later!

Nor will the Danes be told about the EPPO (EU Public Prosecution Office) – and here authorized to prosecute from Brussels any citizen of an EU member state  – widely skirting national law and judicial authorities. This institution was adopted by the EU Parliament on 28 April 2015.
It is to start with investigating fraud against the EU – but is expected to gain increasing criminal investigation authority (“terrorism” and anti-system propaganda reported by the Europol, or the EU´s Fundamental Rights Agency e.g.).

So, we see the ancient system: Autocratic EU/NATO rule waging offensive wars previously called crimes against humanity – while people who protest against this are seen as “terrorists”.
Geert Wilders is being persecuted –  now by Austria – for speaking the truth/Koran quotations about Islam -the supporters of which can unpunished in the public space demand critics of that ideology killed! Now the internet will soon be scrutinized for anti-system “terrorism” of any kind.

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