Turkish President Erdogan seems allied with IS(IS) in War on Syrian Alawite Pres. Assad and Kurds

Turkey´s going on the war path against (IS(IS) is nothing but a blind for warfare against his Alawite enemy, Syrian President Assad. Erdogan is now also attacking the Kurds, with whom a peace agreement was made on 21 March 2013. All of a sudden, Erdogan has unprovoked broken that accord – after IS(IS) had claimed responsibility for the Suduc bomb attack  –  the excuse for going to war.
In spite of many postulated IS(IS) terror attacks in Turkey the country has been hesitant to attack IS(IS). In fact, now Turkey is attacking IS(IS)´worst enemies, the Kurds!!

erdogan-daughterVeterans Today 21 July 2015 and  Infowars 21 July 2015: A discontented nurse working clandestinely for a covert medical corps in Şanlıurfa—a city in Southeastern Turkey, close to the border with neighboring Syria— divulged information about the alleged role which Sümeyye Erdogan (Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan´s oldest daughter – left) plays in providing extended medical care for ISIL wounded militants transferred to Turkish hospitals.

“Almost every day several khaki Turkish military trucks were bringing scores of severely injured, shaggy ISIL rebels to our secret hospital and we had to prepare the operating rooms and help doctors in the following procedures,” she said.
“I was given a generous salary of $ 7,500 but they were unaware of my religion. The fact is that I adhere to Alawite faith and since Erdoğan took the helm of the country the system shows utter contempt for Alawite minority – Alawite faith is an esoteric offshoot of Shia Islam,” Said the nurse.
Comment: This explains Erdogan´s hatred of Alawite Syrian President Assad.

London-educated Sümeyye Erdoğan more than once announced her intention to be dispatched to Mosul, Iraq’s once second-biggest city and ISIL’s stronghold to do relief works as a volunteer which drew public ire and vast condemnation from Turkey’s opposition parties.

Erdoğan who always sheds crocodile tears for the plight of Syrian trapped between the hammer of hunger and the anvil of ISIL extremism, conceals the fact that his own son, Bilal Erdoğan, is involved in lucrative business of smuggling the Iraqi and Syrian plundered oil. Bilal Erdoğan who owns several maritime companies, had allegedly signed contracts with European operating companies to carry Iraqi stolen oil to different Asian countries.

Turkey has long been engaged in NATO´s attempts to oust Syria´s Pres. Assad.

Vus-trained-rebels-invade-syriaeterans Today 26 April 2015Yesterday, a 1200 man force invaded Syria from Turkey, a force armed with American M16 rifles, the latest TOW missiles and advanced Stinger air defense systems. The roads are strewn with burning Syrian tanks while the Syrian Air Force tries to slow their advance through the city of Idlib and into Syria. The armored brigade that invaded Syria was the first unit trained by the US under the command of General John Allen.

This unit was supposed to fight ISIS and Al Nusra. Instead, perhaps no surprise to many, it immediately changed sides, joined ISIS and Al-Qaeda  and attacked the Syrian Army.

Besides Turkey, (Russia´s ally) the  NATO, the US, Israel, Jordan and the Arab Gulf States are engaged in this  war against Syria´s Pres. Assad.  IS(IS) is their child and excuse for the war in the Middle East.

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