Turkey, Jordan, USA, Israel Launch Concerted Attack on Syria´s President Assad/Iraq

On 29 June, I had an article in which I described the plan to oust Syria´s legal president Assad  who is only opposed by 10% o Syrians acc. to a NATO poll  and to divide the country into small autonomic areas.

The plan was launched by  by Rothschild´s US law making agency, the Brookings Institution and included the establishment of a salafist enclave in Syria  ( (IS(IS)/Al-Qaeda)  – supported by US special troops.  All Syrian anti-Assad warriors cooperate with IS(IS) and Al Qaeda!

US Defence Intelligence Agency 2012:




DWN 9. Mai 2015:  The US wants to push  Russia out of the Middle East through a new alliance. The United States is  consolidating its alliance with Saudi Arabia and Turkey.Washington wants to overthrow Russia´s ally Assad to allow the Gulf States a pipeline construction through Syria to Europe.

Now this plan seems to be implemented with a potential risk of a major clash with Russia/Iran.
At the same time, Iran has launched a proxy war fare in Syria.

DEBKAfile  24 July 2015The Middle East woke up Friday, July 24, to two new, fully-fledged wars launched by Jordan and Turkey against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant as its forces advanced on their borders. The US and Israel are involved in both campaigns. Jordanian armored, commando and air forces are already operating deep inside Iraq, aided by Cobra helicopters provided by Israel, while Friday morning, Turkey conducted its first cross-border air strike against ISIS targets in Syria. Both governments also carried mass arrests of suspected Islamist terrorists.

It was also the first time US-Jordanian-Israeli military cooperation in the struggle against ISIS was publicly disclosed.
This operation is designed to carve out a security belt tens of kilometers deep inside Iraq as a barrier against Islamic State’s encroachment.

The mounting Islamist threat to Jordan is coming now from two directions – the Iraqi province of Anbar (now becoming a security zone) and Syria. ISIS forces have grabbed positions in southern Syria near the intersection of the Jordanian, Iraqi and Syrian borders.

Our military sources report that US-Israeli-Jordanian cooperation is channeled through the US Central Command Forward-Jordan from its headquarters north of Amman. It is staffed by US, British, Jordanian, Saudi and Israeli officers working together to defeat ISIS.

Veterans Today 23 July 2015Turkey has agreed to allow US drones and bombers to launch airstrikes against Islamic State targets from two airbases near the Syrian border (Incirlik and Pirinclik), according to multiple reports. US officials called the decision a “game changer” in the conflict with ISIS.
Turkey, who has been giving logistics support to ISIS while looting Northern Syria all during the war, is now joining the anti-ISIS coalition, which should be renamed the Coalition of the Make-Believers.
That this event has taken place two days after the Suruc bombing of the young opposition party members (killing 32 and wounding more than 100) is an amazing coincidence (False flag?). As stated below, Erdogan did not get his no fly zone over Syria for his ISIS buddies, or a safety buffer for them to be protected from coalition air attacks.
According to the agency, Turkey’s condition for allowing the use of Incirlik was that US airstrikes also target forces loyal to the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

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  1. R Davis says:

    Erdogan is said to be suffering mental illness.
    Late last year I read that he had become so paranoid after his own safety that he insisted there be food tasters on staff before he will touch a morsal. There are many & much easier ways to poison someone – an atomizer for example. – a simple can of deodorant.
    He wrongly attacked several journalists publically because he perceived sadition on their part.
    The man is seeing enemies coming out of the wood work, he is not right in the head & need to be stood down.

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