Francis of Assissi´s Prophecy on the Satanic End Time Pope

I am not a Catholic and do not believe in saints like Francis of Assissi.
I do not believe the latterday prophecies  nor  revelations. However,   shortly before his death Francis gave a statement that I will not conceal to my readers.

Everyone can opine as he likes. Is the following aimed at Jesuit Pope Francis, who is unequivocally committed to the satanic NWO and is preaching that Jesus Christ is the son of Lucifer, leading a church which in 1963 enthroned Satan as its head, has taken a murderous oath against all heretics, is mixing Christ’s teachings with Christian-persecuting, heathen religions (Interfaith),  chose pagan symbols for his coats of arms, and who is obviously working towards leading the world into anti-Christian world Communism (Agenda 21) ?

St-Francis-prophecyThe Works of Francis of Assissi








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3 Responses to Francis of Assissi´s Prophecy on the Satanic End Time Pope

  1. R Davis says:

    I was baptised into the Roman Catholic Church & was sent to a Catholic school, for a time.
    I understand quantum physics so I know that bump in the night is real.
    I also went to the local picture theatre on Saturday afternoons as a child, admission cost one shilling – the Adelphi which is today Sanremo Ball Room in Nicholson St Nth Carlton, opposite St Brigids Church & school where I used to attend Sunday mass as a child.
    They played Cowboys & Elvis Presley mostly, hence I am still a fan of both – indoctrination.
    When the sherif & his posse went after the outlaws, they got them all & not just the leader.
    Jesus was the leader of the outlaw gang, & the 12 apostels were the gang itself.
    So I wondered – how come the arrested Jesus & not the gang as well ?
    Because it was all the 12 apostels who betrayed Jesus.
    God gave me a brain, so I use it.

  2. R Davis says:

    How do miracles work ?
    Perhaps we should first ask – what are miracles ?’
    A miracle is something that happens & yet has no explanation – (?)
    A miracle is something that happens / an occurrence that is impossible but it happens anyway – (?)
    I have a miracle for you –
    Double Slit Experiment explained! Jim Al-Khalili
    Professor Al-Khalili says that there is a Nobel prize for anyone that can explain this – so I emailed him with my opinion – there is money that comes with the Nobel acknowledgement.
    I believe that I have the answer but they will never admit that a lowly old woman worked it out when they could not.

  3. R Davis says:

    Double Slit Experiment:
    The atoms are shot out of the barrel straight at a board with the 2 slits seperated by a small surface area.
    The atoms are fired straight at the middle of the board.
    The dividing surface area.
    Therefore they should hit the small surface between the 2 slits & like Newtons apple, fall to the floor
    But the atoms are actually finding their way into either slit & hitting the backboard.
    How can this be ?
    The atoms hit the middle of the board – reverse – do a U turn either upwards or a U turn downwards – to the level of the slits & go through hitting the back board.
    You find this hard to believe ?
    What we call Thin Air – Nothing – Empty Space is actually filled with all manner of things
    There is no such thing as Nothing.
    Molecules are wet
    Particles are magnetic – they attract & repel each other – and they come in a variety of sizes & are constantly in motion.
    What we call Thin Air is actually a thick chunky meat & vegetable soup with bones & electromagnetic charges amongst other things – also things that exist that we don’t know about yet.
    My question to the Professor was – ‘how did you get everything out of the room – clear the air – atmosphers – so as to do the experiment without interferance of any kind.’ (?)

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