Russian video Confirms the IS(IS) Beheadings of Foley and Sotloff Were Fraud – Made in a Studio

Do you remember the faked beheadings of James Foley and here as well as of  Steven Sotloff and here  by IS(IS)´ Jihadi John? Such beheadings were among Obama´s excuses for waging an endless war on Iraq and Syria- although IS(IS) is Obama´s `/NATO´s as well as Israel´s  and Gulf States´child and here.

This endless “war on terror” directed against Russia  is big business for the military-political-industrial complex.

The following is a Russian release taken from Activist Post 13 July 2015 – and I cannot verify its veracity. But i does confirm what I wrote in the above links.

These Jihadist John propaganda films were made by Rita Katz of Tell Aviv.

CAl-baghdadi-mossad-agentomically, self-appointed  IS(IS) Caliph Abu Bakr al Baghdadi is a Jewish-born  Mossad agent – acc. to rumours brought by  the   International Business Times on 14 Aug. 2014  andVeterans Today 4 Aug. 2014,  probablyfrom Edward Snowden.

The Maurice Epinay Blog 6 March 2015:
The Baghdadis are a Jewish community descended from Iraqi Jews.This Baghdadi woman Rita Katz who has been leading the U.S. intelligence and news establishment around by the nose in a perpetual Purim spiel with strategically timed releases of strategically produced terror videos, the most recent videos alleged to depict the work of an ISIS led by an al Baghdadi.

Katz is able to publish the beheading videos before IS(IS) can !!



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4 Responses to Russian video Confirms the IS(IS) Beheadings of Foley and Sotloff Were Fraud – Made in a Studio

  1. Massimo says:

    The guy from AJ Plus in the video is an illuminati puppet, just look at how many times he makes the pyramid masonic sign. Pure disinformation to confuse and deceive people

  2. R Davis says:

    US weapons manufacture:
    The world is awash with arms, they are manufactured in Europe, England, Israel is said to be one of the biggest & best manufacturers & expoters of weapons to the world.
    Every one & their mother & father & their kids & grandma & pa are ready for any eventuallity.
    G2 Research R.I.P is fantastic, it is being marketed to the America housewife, to defend the home front.
    The little woman need never fear again.
    ( I have to tell you that I watched the promo video & indeed I also would like to have one of these bullets to.
    G2R RIP 2014 youtube – if you want to have a look.
    Our ( Australia’s) prime minister Tony Abbott purchased a fleet of super strength BMW security cars for a small fortune.
    Auto’s made for total protection.
    Apparently the RIP bullet would easily penetrate the body of the said auto, seek out the target & shazam = smouldering curry on the seat.
    I think that Tony Abbott ‘got done’ a fool & the countries money, hey.
    A hand held missile launcher – Russain made – would also do the trick in a more flamboyant way.
    My point is this: is ther anyone else on planet earth to sell to – well yes there is – the US gun lobby has now targeted Australia.

  3. R Davis says:

    19 may 1536
    Queen Anne Boleyn
    Executed by Beheading.
    Death by axe was a terrifying prospect. The executioner often took several blows before the head was finally severed. The executioner struck 3 blows to sever her head from her body, Anne Boleyn had a little neck.
    The knife shown as the instrument of the ISIS victims beheadings is
    * to small
    * to thick
    * the blade is to short
    It would definately behead a chicken, the head a medium sized dog would be more laborious.
    It is said that there is a, shoot to kill on sight, no questions asked, policy in the Middle East for any & all mercaneries such as ISIS, etc. Apparently a group of 1.000 ISIS mercenaries were spotted, tracked, cornered & slaughtered somewhere near the Lebanon boarder a while ago (?) we can never know for sure, but it seems to be the only way to get rid of them.

  4. R Davis says:

    Question to Anders from Mira.
    Some of the articles do not have a comments section – ?

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