Trying to Understand Russian Psyche and Its Pharisaic Perversion: An Explosive Cocktail

Summary: This is an attempt by an outsider to fathom the  psyche/soul of the Russian people. For  the US / NATO are now claiming a war with “our sworn enemies,” the Russians, is increasingly likely. So who are these people who were always isolated from us? What can we expect from them?

Some believe that the Russian people’s soul can be explained by great emotional fluctuations.
In Russia you are dealing with a major European nation, a nation of aggressive, hierarchical, revanchist, statists, brought up on the cult of war and militaristic exploits, which does not recognize the modern world system and considers the stoic endurance of hardships and privations as a part of life.  . The Russians are antiliberal, certainly no democrats  never give in and are deeply rooted in Russian history.

The Russians are a nation of contradictions: For centuries, they have been anti-Semites – nevertheless, they were for 70 years ruled by the Jewish communist revolution / Soviet Union – and are yearning for the greatness of Russia in those murderous days!
Then, they were governed by the non-Jew Yeltsyn – whom they despise as a traitor.
Thereupon, they elected 2 Jewish and Judophilic presidents: 1) Putin, (worshipped as the born-again Apostle Paul and Vladimir the Great),  equipped by  86% of Russians with a halo, although he is purportedly the chosen Antichrist of the Illuminati, a Freemason and  and a mass murderer  of  his political opponents, as well as 2) Medvedev.
Putin´s Eurasia plans (from Lisbon to Vladivostok) are as dangerous to us as the plans of the Illuminati-directed US / NATO regents about conquests in the East.

The Russian people are said to be  mostly atheists – as is the Communist and Crypto-Jewish / Pharisaic leadership of the Orthodox Church which submits to  the Russian rulers  – for the time being nationalistic Putin, previously the international Communist, atheist regime.

Most Russians identify themselves with  the Church, because it is part of their national heritage, not for religious reasons. However, in the Communist period, millions in the Orthodox communities remained faithful to the roots of the Church,
i.e. the teachings of Christ,  were tortured  and killed by the millions by the Communists.
In an interview, the Christian nature of the original Orthodox Russian Church is described.
If we had remained equally faithful to Christ the Illuminati and their NWO would not have a chance.


Many have tried to understand “the Russian mind” – and if there is such a thing it seems rather difficult to define. Considering that the Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Dempsey recently stated that war with Russia is growing increasingly possible, it seems interesting to take a look at what shakes and moves our postulated  “mortal enemies”, the Russians as a people. What kind of people are they after their isolation and repression by  czaristic absolutism, serfdom, poverty, and NWO abuse (Napoleon, Communism, WWII, Iron curtain. looting by the Illuminati)?

1) I once saw somebody postulating that the Russian mind simply is very emotional, as  described in a troika poem:
“Coachman in a homely fashion’s
Singing as we flash along;
Now a snatch of mournful passion,
Now a foulmouthed drinking-song”.
Alexander Pushkin .

2) The Russians seem to be very conscious of their national heritage, which, of course, is a thorn in the eye of  Western Masonic heads of government, since it prevents their NWO dominationof that country.

Here is what an intellectual Russian thinks of the Russian psyche
Sputniki Program 8 Aug. 2014: In Russia you are dealing with a major European nation, a nation of aggressive, hierarchical, revanchist, statists, brought up on the cult of war and militaristic exploits, which does not recognize the modern world system and considers the stoic endurance of hardships and privations as a part of life.

# The basic values of Russian society are the interactive understanding of “truth” and “justice.
#In Russia, financial motivation as a driving factor is still considered something shameful
If  things are objectively beneficial to our government (for example, the return of the Crimea), nothing will deter or dissuade us.
# The slogan “Russians do not surrender,” is at the foundation of our world view and attitude, demonstrating the willingness to bear any loss.
# Who can accept a “reasonable loss/failure” is perceived by us as a traitor.
# Another foundation is an absolute respect for the armed forces, officers, the reality of war, and military spending.
When the United States tries to shift equipment and troops close to our borders it  will in due course require an adequate response.
# “Return to superpower status” is a very popular theme.
# We are absolutely not a liberal country.
# Russia is a literature centric country in which language plays a special role
Russians are deeply immersed in Russian history. For any Russian it is obvious that the south-east of Ukraine are the lands conquered by the Russian Empire, taken from nomads, and settled by Russian colonists.
# We do not believe in democracy.
# We are not certain about God or about America.
# Even in Putin, about whom you love to write, we also do not trust (? – 86% do).

3) Russians have inherited a long tradition of Antisemitism. Pogroms were James de Rothschild´s  notive to establish Jewish colonies in Palestine – and to develop them into what became Israel (Years 1895-1957). Nevertheless, Russia has long been governed by Jews: The Russian Revolution 1917 was Jewish, and  Lenin’s maternal grandfather was born Jewish  and more than 80% of the first Soviet Government were Jewish acc. to Putin. It all had its origin in the “Communist Manifesto” by Jewish  Karl Marx, who was paid by his cousin, Jewish Nathan Rothschild  for this revolutionary paper.

Putin-datan-horns 4) Vladimir Putin has grown part of Russian identity, is becoming a new  Stalin. Vladimir Putin was in all probability born a Jewish Epstein. Nevertheless, he is the idol of most Russians (86%). And his power is to a large extent dependent on Jewish oligarchs  – as is Putin´s enormous wealth. And Putin embraces the Jewish community in Russia, in particular the Doomsday sect  Chabad Lubavitch. Besides, Putin is a member of the Royal Arch Freemasonry – like other Masonic lodges a Rothschild/Jesuit tool. He is even said to be the elected Antichrist of his Illuminati masters. Right he is making the Masonic sign of the Devil´s horns.
Putin is often being presented as a good Orthodox Christian. But he is not – cf. his many murders of political opponents  and his Freemasonry.

Here are some of the silovarchs that exert strong influence on Putin. A big part of them are Jewish Oligarchs. Here is a list of former Jews with key positions in Russian government. Putin has very tight connections with the supreme Russian Chabad Lubavitch rabbi, Berel Lazar. As for Putin´s Jewish Talmus education, see the New York Times. His sympathy for Jews is so great that he appointed Jewish Dmitry Medwedew  temporary president.
Putin wants a new world order based on Eurasia: the old Soviet Union and Alaska as well as the EU in the grip of Putinism. This world order clashes with that of the US. Putin is being spurred on to this by his Rasputin, Putin’s brain, Alexander Dugin (Russia must conquer Europe“). As an old KGB officer, he  rules by his buddies from the FSB (KGB successor), where he was the boss, and that is practically autonomous.
A Putin cult has arisen, seeing Putin as the reincarnation of the Apostle Paul and Vladimir the Great.

5) Furthermore there is a decisive factor which is generally overlooked in the West: The Orthodox Russian Church. Russia and Putin are strongly attached to this church.

SPutinsecretspiegelKirill, Patriarch of Moscow and all of Russia – previous highranking KGB agent with a personal fortune of 4 bn dollars in 2006 – recently gave Putin a certificate honouring him for the preservation of greater Russia. “We know,” Kirill said, launching into a hymn of praise for Putin, “that you, more than anyone else since the end of the 20th century, are helping Russia become more powerful and regain its old positions, as a country that respects itself and enjoys the respect of all others.” This is Antichristian since Christ said that his kingdom was not of this world. 

The Russian  Orthodox Church  has been infiltrated by many Crypto-Jews hailing the rulers and taking the highest positions in that church  to promote the Pharisaic NWOas did the cryptojewish  Jesuits in the Catholic Church and here.
Here is one example:  “Arnold Bernstein with his Jewish heritage as a foundation came to the conclusion that the faith of his forefathers was fully honoured and brought to completion only in the Orthodox Christian Church”. (Christ and Jewry = Pharisaism and here??? – this smells of Antichristianity).

Another ideologic Crypto Jew is Brother Nathanael Kapner, who is praising Putin as a true Christian – in spite of Putin´s many murders of dissidents and his Freemasonry. He cannot distinguish between Christ and the Antichrist. Then he maintains that not one Jew has authority in Putin´s Russia!! He forgets Putin himself as well as  his pal, former President, now Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev and the oligarchs.

The orthodox Church considers Masonry to be Jewish religion for Non-Jews and incompatible with the teachings of Christ and the Orthodox Church. Masons are excluded from the Church – unlesss your name is Putin!

There is nothing spontaneous about the conduct of the Orthodox liturgy (many rituals). Every word and act is prescribed in minute detail, and every aspect of the service is symbolic.
Comment: Christ avoided  rituals – stopped visiting the synagogue. I once heard a Russian complaining that the orthodox Church had stiffened in empty rituals and words.

The following is an interview on the Russian orthodox Church with The “Saker”,  a pseudonym for a top level American military analyst who lives in Florida, the author of the leading blog covering the Ukraine crisis, The Vineyard of the Saker, which gets an astounding 50,000 page views per day. (August – September 2014). His articles are some of the most popular on  Russia Insider.

Clergy attend the ceremony of crowning New Orthodox Patriarch Kirill as the 16th Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia in Moscow's Christ the Saviour Cathedral, February 1, 2009. The Russian Orthodox Church enthroned Kirill, seen as an outspoken moderniser, as the leader of its 160-million flock on Sunday, amid hopes he might lead a rapprochement with other Christian Churches.  REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin  (RUSSIA)

Clergy attend the ceremony of crowning New Orthodox Patriarch Kirill as the 16th Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia in Moscow’s Christ the Saviour Cathedral, February 1, 2009. The Russian Orthodox Church enthroned Kirill, seen as an outspoken moderniser, as the leader of its 160-million flock on Sunday, amid hopes he might lead a rapprochement with other Christian Churches. REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin (RUSSIA)

The pompous dresses of some Russian Orthodox priests have just nothing to do with poor Christ and his disciples.

It describes the ideal faith foundation of the Russian Orthodox Church but not its dominant reality
Veterans Today 1 July 2015:  In Orthodox tradition the monarchy and the Church live in a “symphony of power”, one ruling the country and the other in charge of the spiritual realm. Currently, I would argue that the moral authority of Vladimir Putin is way bigger than his legal authority. That is neo-monarchical, if you want, and most definitely traditional for Russia.

The other aspect of Orthodox ethos which is present today in Russia is the strong support of a “social state”.
De facto Russia has a capitalist market economy but the social ideal is definitely not the capitalist model.  Here  Russia is much closer culturally to her Asian neighbors than to the capitalist West.

Yes, we do believe that there will be an “end times,” many believe that this will happen pretty soon, too. However, we also believe that we can delay the events described symbolically in the Revelation by prayer, asceticism and by our struggle against evil.

In our lives, we are supposed to imitate Christ who was crucified on the Golgotha – that means that we accept  being killed by others for our faith is a real possibility, be it in a direct persecution by the worldly powers or by a long distance nuclear weapon. And while we all want to live and we are not allowed to seek martyrdom, we are also taught to be prepared for it and accept it if this day comes. We live by the words of Christ who said “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him (God) which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”
Thus our struggle remains primarily a spiritual one.

In other words, to be considered Orthodox a teaching has to be one which Christians have believed in all parts of the world, at all times (i.e. from the times of Christ and until today) and by truly all Christians (not the personal opinion of this or that bishop, saint, Patriarch or group of people).

Unity: The Orthodoxy Church has no central power (Pope) , it is a fully de-centralized entity which understands unity not in a bureaucratic/administrative sense, but as the result of having the same faith.

Spiritually and culturally, the Orthodox Church is much closer to certain form of Islam (Sufism) and Hinduism (Dvaita Vedanta) than to western Christianity. Nowadays the western society cannot be described as Christian any more, it tends to be speculative and scholastic. In contrast, Orthodoxy is much more mystical and ascetic.

orthodox-putin-alexei_IIThe Telegraph 23 Febr. 2008: Left Putin and Patriarch Alexei II.
Although he has never confirmed it, the patriarch, like the president, is a former KGB agent codenamed Drozdov, according to Soviet archives opened to experts in the 1990s. Many in the Orthodox hierarchy are also accused of working as KGB informers.”Essentially, the Orthodox Church is one of the only Soviet institutions that has never been reformed,” said one priest. His colleague Gleb Yakunin was defrocked in the 1990s when he called on Church leaders with KGB links to repent.
However, many  orthodox priests, congregations, in fact Christianity, were eradicated. They gave their lives  following Christ in the Soviet era.

In the Tsarist era, the Church was a committed supporter of the imperial rallying cry “orthodoxy, autocracy and nationhood.” Critics say that Mr Putin has adopted the same mantra – making the president and the Church ideal bedfellows. Most Russians say they follow Orthodoxy for national rather than moral reasons.

russian-priest blessing weaponsPriests are regularly seen on television sprinkling holy water on bombers and even nuclear missiles. The Church has even supported Mr Putin’s repression of democracy, with a senior bishop last year comparing human rights activists to traitors.

The 20th century has been terrible for the Orthodox world. Not only did many millions of Orthodox Christians die at the hands of the Communists, but many autonomous local churches were infiltrated by secret agents of influence (for the Bolshevik state in Russia and by Freemasons in Greece). As a result, a new pseudo-Orthodoxy has appeared. It’s ethos and practices put these modernist denominations much closer to modern version of western Christianity than to the original Christian Church.

In contrast to the western speculative and scholastic theology, Orthodoxy takes literally the words of Christ Who said: “Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.” We do believe that the way to achieve such a purity of heart it to engage in a life-long praxis of asceticism (fasting, prayer, holding vigils, standing, etc.). To put it simply: we do not believe that the Church is a club for saints, but rather we believe it to be a hospital for sinners. We do not seek to mortify or otherwise suppress our human nature or flesh, but we seek to sublimate them by re-directing our natural impulses towards the correct goal. The word “sin” in Greek means “missing the target.” So when we sin, we do not anger some vindicative old man sitting on a cloud, but we fail to fully realize our real spiritual potential.
Comment: This reminds of Masonic self-salvation.

Finally, we do not believe that God has ever “left” us.  He sent us the Comforter – the Holy Ghost.”

We believe that the Church is not a wordly “organization” or “administration,” but we believe it to be literally the Body of Christ filled with the Holy Spirit. Thus in the Church we all are directly exposed to the sight of God, albeit in the two persons of the Trinity which He has chosen to show to us: Christ and the Holy Spirit.

This Church embraces the whole register from the teachings of Christ to the corruption by Satan and his NWO rulers of Russia. It seems that the latter factor has gained the upper hand  – and devotes itself to demagoguery.

The Russian people is so different from us and brainashed – reminding of the Germans in the 1930´es.
This people who is admittedly atheist (as is the opportunistic framework of its  Orthodox Church which the people only supports because of its nationalism/previously its Communist internationalism), phanatically nationalistic, enduring, antidemocratic, contemptuous to political and other lies and rather die than give in – brought up as it is in a cult of war presents a mortal danger to us right now, due to irresponsible US/NATO´s ignorance of the Russian psyche.

Putin´s Eurasia is just as dangerous to us as are the Eastern expansion plans of the Illuminati governed US/NATO rulers.

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4 Responses to Trying to Understand Russian Psyche and Its Pharisaic Perversion: An Explosive Cocktail

  1. R Davis says:

    I am up to paragraph 3 :
    Several months ago, I read an article on the website of a man who lives in the US, but his origins are Russain & he visits his native country regularly.
    His article was about the people who had died of natural causes & accidental deaths in Russia.
    It is not unusual when you look at each incident of death by itself, but when the deaths are look at together & when you know the background of the deceased, you now that it is not likely that a substantial number of, only one group of people with similar political views died one after the other.
    Maintaning a particular cultural stance by discretely culling the undesirable element, is not unheard of.

  2. R Davis says:

    I looked at The Daily Mail article – only to say that The Daily Mail writes the most unbelievable RUBBIH I have ever read.
    Only my brother in law & my sons father in law – both Sicilian – can talk bigger rubbish than The Daily Mail.
    This is no reflection on you & your article.

  3. R Davis says:

    In this world of knowledge & learning & upgrades of technology, it is impossible for
    * organized religion
    * the banking & financial sector
    * the political arena
    to stand upright in the same position for to long & yet they do
    * brute force
    * deprevation by means of withholding wealth
    * austerity
    * 7 yearily recessions deliberately contrived to skim off any wealth accumulated by the populations of the world
    * war
    You name it – they would stop at nothing to maintain their pay packet & lifestyle.
    Alexander Gelyevich Dugin ….
    calls for all out war – restoration of the Russain Empire –
    Alexandr – unless he is totally insane or demented – knows full well that he is talking rubbish AND the impossible – the day is long gone where this could happen.
    Alexandr is seen as a driving conceptual force behind Vladmir Putin – these people need to stick together like they have been super glued or they are finished – it is that delicate a power structure.
    Alexandr is a mimic of a relic of a century ago.
    Tomorrow is banging at the door.

  4. R Davis says:

    Author: ERIC FROMM
    First published in England 1942
    Chapter II
    page. 52
    ……the impact of the social & economic changes on the individual……
    The individual is freed from the bondage of economic ties. He also gains in positive freedom by the active & independent role which he has to play in the new system. But simultaneously he is fred from tose ties which used to givehim security & a feeling of belonging. Life has ceased to be lived in a closed world the centre of which was man; the world has become limitless & at the same time threatening. By losing his fixed place in a closed world man loses the answer to the meaning of his life; ….
    Chapter III
    page: 69
    But Luther did more than bring out the feeling of insignificance which already pervaded the social classes to whom he preached – he offered them a solution. By not only accepting his own insignificance but by humiliating himself to the utmost, by giving up every vestage of individual will, by renouncing & denouncing his individual strength, the individual could hope to be accepted by God.
    PAGE: 70
    Luther says –
    God would prefer to suffer the government to exist, no matter how evil, rather than to allow the rabble to riot, no matter how justified they are in doing so … A prince should remain a prince, no matter how tyrannical he may be. He beheads necessarily only a fewsince he must have subjects in order to be ruler.
    Calvin was much the same.

    I have never heard so much rubbish in all my life but it is the spin & by expert tyrants to keep us their victims. That we survival as thinking individuals today is amazing & most likely due to our numbers – our capacity to breed.
    Wouldn’t they love to have our minds under their control, for this they still strive today. I am sure the imagined that the pharmaceutical companieds would excell to achieve this for them. Alas !
    But they still hang on for dear life to the power & wealth, albeit by their fingernail.

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