Putin´s, China´s and IS(IS)´ Wars on the Petrodollar Is Making the US Desperate – and WWIII Likely

LATEST: DWN 3 Juli 2015:  For the first time since 2011, the US government has published a new military doctrine. Therein, China und Russland are being pointed out as great dangers and threats to the US. General Dempsey (Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) considers a war between the superpowers increasingly possible. 


Summary: While the world is focusing on the Ukraine, a bloodless, but even more dangerous war is going on in the oil markets: the petrodollar, which is crucial for the superpower status of the United States and has  for 70 years been the world´s reserve currency, is losing this status  in favour of national currencies. The reason for this is a concerted action by Putin, China (AIIB Bank) and the BRICS. The BRICS banking  system is  based on gold, silver and genuine goods – while other Rothschild central banks are printing  fiat money out of thin air without solid backing! (Thesis / antithesis).

Now, even the US / NATO ally IS (IS) is no longer selling its stolen goods (oil, art treasures, stolen bank money) in dollars – but in its own IS (IS) gold dinars to the western fence.
If the petrodollar collapses, the US will be losing its short-term loans and the opportunity to import oil for free for worthless dollars that it can print at will out of thin air. This would break not only  US but world economy, which is based on a mega-bubble.

Attempts to abandon the petrodollars in oil trade were dearly paid for by Saddam Hussein (Iraq) and Gaddafi (Libya): This leads to war with the US and ite vassals. Something indicates that the United States is just desperate. Therefore,  inter alia, it is  preparing for war with Russia. In the case of Russia, the forced introduction of a Rothschild central bank – as in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria – is a a non-issue: The Russian Central Bank is owned by Rothschild’s US Federal Reserve and ensures that the Russian money supply is much  too scarce – and that roubles can only be delivered proportionally to Russian oil sale to the West.
Both Putin and Obama are Freemasons – and therefore Rothschild stooges for the violent apocalyptic plan to reduce mankind to 500 million.

The reason why the US and its allied Arab oil producers lowered world market oil price  so dramatically, was to crush the economy of the major oil-exporting country, Russia. But this economy was much stronger than expected. Now, Putin can  even crush  the economy of the United States, the Rothschild banks and the world by promoting oil flows and thus reducing oil prices to even lower levels. 40% of the turnover of the Wall Street banks is derived from oil trading.

Western banks are the financial force behind the organized crime syndicate (OCC), which is said to be responsible for all the different terrorist attacks under false flag around the world, particularly ISIS / ISIL / Daish (also known as Al-Qaeda or Al CIA Version 2). In fact, the OCC is enabled by the Rothschild banking system and its main franchisee (the unconstitutional coup), the Federal Reserve System.

These forces are behind the NATO war preparations against Russia (and China).


Something remarkable has taken place without arousing the attention of the mass media, of course: IS(IS) – the disgraceful NATO ally in the fight for the creation of global chaos, which will totally destroy the old world order, and from which chaos then the Rothschild/Rockefeller Syndicate wants to build the global NWO Agenda 21 one world state – has suddenly gotten its own gold-based currency (DWN 26 June 2015) in which to sell  its stolen oil, art and bank money to Western  fence-buyers skipping the petrodollar. An IS (IS) gold dinar currently costs $ 139.

Notice: IS (IS)  aims atworldwide acc. to its gold dinar




The petrodollar is the basis of the US superpower status and its armed forces.
If the petrodollar falls, the dollar – and world economy – will collapse. So far, the US has punished  such initiatives by war (Iraq swabbed its oil trade to Euros – Libya to African gold dinars). Now the US is waging a similar, but this time, amazingly ineffective war on only 30,000 IS (IS) / Al Qaeda warriors, whom the US trains, equips and funds!!

But more deeply seen, there  is still much more to it. The United States wanted to make Putin economically broke. Now  Putin can increase his war by lowering oil prices even more,  increasing Rssian oil sale in the world market, while the BRICS countries further withdraw  their oil trade from the petrodollar system. Thereby, Putin could break the economy of  the United States, the Wall Street and London Citybanks, 40% of whose revenues are  based  on oil trade, and thus crush  world economy.
And despite some western media claims, Putin and the Russian Republic are actually prepared for an economic war with the West and situated rather nicely.

Veterans Today 6 June 2015: The new BRICS Development Bank is up and running now, is part of Putin´s master chess strategy, and is known to be seriously stressing the US Petro Dollar.

petrodollar chart_0Putin has declared he wants Russia to sell oil and gas in roubles as the petrodollar harms russian economy.The BRICS has formed its own worldbank working outside the dollar system. Germany is apparently foreseeing a dollar collapse and mulls to join the BRICS-Bank system.  This is said to be the reason for the scandalous NSA watching of Chancellor Angela Merkel.
The graph shows declining petrodollar exports – disastrous for US.
(This development will be accelerated by the worldwide Chinese AIIB Bank which will not use the dollar as reserve currency). As the Telegraph wrote on 19 July 2014: The Dollar´s dominance is coming to an end.

Tgutlehe Western Banks are the financial power behind the Organized Crime Syndicate (OCC) which is responsible for all the various False-Flag Terror attacks around the World, especially ISIS/ISIL/Daish (aka Al Qaeda or Al CIA Version 2).
TIn fact, the OCC is empowered  by the  Rothschild Bank system and its most important franchise (the unconstitutional coup d´etat), the Federal Reserve System.

Seized oil, art works and robbed and sacked banks and factories are the assets ISIS/ISIL/Daish are selling and/or using to self-finance. This is the same way the CIA aka the “Enterprise” has been and continues to raise vast amounts of untraceable money for the secret operations of the OCC except that the CIA also uses illegal narcotics trafficking on a massive scale to raise off the books to raise additional large amounts of untraceable cash.

greenspan-quoteThe Greenspan quote to be seen here

Many Top World Leaders are now realizing for the very first time that the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) that Gordon Duff and the Top Veterans Today Directors exposed as the real cause behind all Terrorism at the Damascus Conference in December of 2014 is actually empowered by the Rothschild Banking System and its main Franchisee the (unconstitutional coup d´état)  Federal Reserve System.

The BRICS Banking System is known to be based on Gold, Silver and real commodities.

The private  Federal Reserve System is based on Fiat private money (aka the US Petro Dollar), best considered counterfeit money. And with the special deal negotiated by President Nixon at Henry Kissinger’s request, America was taken completely off the Gold and Silver Standard in 1971.

The US Petro Dollar was negotiated as the World’s Reserve Currency and the only payment the Mideast Oil producers would accept from that point on in exchange for the USA protecting the Oil Producing Countries (or rather for their corrupt regimes).

How come some major oil distributors are showing up with new quantities of oil that show no clear trail from the field of production? Could it be this crude oil ISIS has been “confiscated” and is selling at such a deep discount?

Foreign policy experts have claimed that this Al CIA Duh strategy to sell oil at such a deep discount has had approval from the Saudis and other Gulf Oil producers at the bequest of the OCC. This ploy is designed to collapse the Russian Ruble and drive President Putin and Russia into submission of the Rothschild Banking Empire.
The OCC’s action to use ISIS/ISIL/Daish to collapse the World Oil Prices and stress the Russian Republic into submission can easily be interpreted as an act of war.
The World Zionists and the OCC have also been running and deploying their specially constructed mercenary forces to take Iraq and Syria in a CIA type self-financed war.

Three factors decide world events:  1) ISIS/ISIL/Daisch (Al Qae da or Al CIA Duh) was started by the Organized crime Cabal lackeys Senator John McCain, and Generals McNierney and Vallely.
AIPAC-Obama2) IZCS is the International Zionist Crime Syndicate aka World Zionists (WZs) run out of the City of London Financial District through its main action-agents, Israel.
These agents and assets use such Israeli espionage fronts inside America as AIPAC, JINSA, the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

For many years the FBI has been the secret handmaiden and errand boy of the WZs and done a great deal of their staged terror, harassment, suppression and murder of dissidents and politicians that threaten their exposure and ability to manipulate Congress and US Administration Policy.

Bush criminal cabal3) The other part of the OCC is the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) which rose to power with the help of the “Fourth Reich” Gehlen/Mueller Intel Network and Gladio Left behind Army (NATO). The BCC rose to power because of Operation Paperclip and the support of the Rothschild and Wall Street Banksters.

The BCC grabbed a great deal of power by assassinating JFK and continued their rise to power by acquiring most of the CIA under their control. During this time they combined forces with the IZCS which also works for and answers to the Rothschild Banksters and the small Circle of Twelve that control them which is run out of Denver, Colorado.

The US went to war against Iraq and Libya, because they skipped the petrodollar. What is so important about the petrodollar?
A petrodollar is a U.S. dollar that is received by an oil producer in exchange for selling oil, and that is then deposited into Western banks. It is the world´s reserve currency.
(The petrodollar is the basis for US military super power status).

petrodollar-recyclingBenefits of the petrodollar:
1) It increases global demand for U.S. dollars
2) It increases global demand for U.S. debt securities
3) It gives the United States the ability to buy oil with a currency it can print at will (i.e. have factual free oil import).
The artificial dollar demand created by the petrodollar system has
4) “permitted” Washington to go on multiple spending sprees to further create their “welfare and warfare” state .

What Would Happen if The Petrodollar System Ended Tomorrow?
And that might soon happen – so many observers
1) Foreign nations would begin sending a flood of U.S. dollars back to the United States in exchange for the new currency needed for oil.
2) The Federal Reserve would lose their ability to print more dollars to solve America’s economic problems.
3) The Treasury Secretary and the Federal Reserve Chairman would meet to determine the best course of action.
4) That action would involve an immediate and dramatic increase in interest rates to reduce America’s money supply.
5) Hyperinflation would ensue temporarily while the interest rates took time to take full effect.
6) All oil-related prices, including gas prices, would reach outrageous levels.
7) Washington would soon realize that the total amount of money in the system would have to be dramatically slashed even further, leading to an even higher increase in interest rates.
8) The clueless American public would demand answers. Those on the left would blame the right. The right would blame the left. And both political parties would seek to blame the Federal Reserve.
9) People with adjustable rate debts would be crushed and massive layoffs would occur as businesses suffered from the high interest rates.
10) Asset prices across the board would plummet in value.
11) Amid the financial carnage, an economic recovery eventually would begin to take place. But this new American economy would be tremendously smaller due to a drastically reduced money supply.

The petro dollar is the real danger in the world today: This is why WWIII is a real possibility.
It´s not just due to confronting geopolitical interests in East and West.
What makes the situation ominous and imminent is the fact, that the petrodollar is seriously threatened, meaning US economy and superpower status is endangered. Will the US attack Russia, as it did Iraq and Libya for the same action, viz. giving up the petrodollar?

What is going on is the 300-year-old big global game of the British East India Company (the world´s first global robber corporation/warmonger)/ the “British Crown”/ The City of London: Rothschild´s Jesuit/Pharisaic world hegemony using us gullible fools as cannon fodder to be reduced to 500 mio. slaves.

The US Hegelian thesis is evil – but this does not mean that the antithesis is better: Royal Arch Mason Putin is just as much a Rothschild stooge as is Obama.
Russia´s central bank is owned by Rothschild´s (see video above) and Pharisaic consorts´ FED. It is ruled by Rothschild´s BIS. Although a Putin friend, Fyodorov,  has pointed to Putin liberating Russia from that scourge such a thing is unthinkable to a Mason.


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  1. Anti-NWO says:

    An interesting article that fits to the thesis/antithesis frame Russia/USA: The Globalist Ten Point Plan to Destroy America, http://beforeitsnews.com/war-and-conflict/2015/07/the-globalist-ten-point-plan-to-destroy-america-2457658.html?currentSplittedPage=0

  2. friedrich says:

    Re “Desperate” (perhaps off topic)
    Anders, can you tell me
    What’s going on here?
    pure nonsense
    a message?


  3. Anders says:

    Hello, Friedrich

    Businesss, business, business. This is the spiritual food given to children today on computers games, TV etc.
    I have seen my grandchild looking at such nonsense time and again.
    It is amazing how easy it is to make big money.

    By such trash, people are accustomed from childhood to not think over the absurdities going on in the real world.

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