Who Got the Bail-outs Granted to Greece? The Name Is Rothschild

For Greece, the membeship of the Euro zone seems to be drawing to and end. If it does after the referendum on Sunday it would be a gain for Greece who would suddenly have the mechanisms to regulate its currency: 1) Interest rate increase and 2) devaluation. A big NO to the Euro is expected.
This will mean poverty – but what is going on so far is a cure that is worsening the disease: With every bail-out the country sinks deeper into the debt quagmire, and new austerity measures are placed upon a people already on the verge of revolution.
Oddly,  it is impossible for me to find a list of  Greece´s  private creditors and their outstanding credits.

And who has benefited from the bail-outs? Rothschild´s banks – not least his blankfeinGoldman Sachs  – the scourge of the world.
Although being very similar to the black rider of the Apocalypse, Goldman Sachs CEO Blankfein (left) says: “I´m doing God´s work”, his God being Mammon/Rothschild. (Heinrich Heine: The god of our time is Mammon. And Rothschild is his prophet)

The Guardian 29 June 2015: Only 10% of the €240bn total bailout money Greece received in 2010 and 2012 found its way into the government’s coffers to soften the blow of the 2008 financial crash and fund reform programmes. Most of the money went to the banks that lent Greece funds before the crash.
Athens was forced to dramatically reduce its deficit by squeezing pensions and cutting the minimum wage.

Debts relative to GDPs



The troika of lenders first stepped in during the spring of 2010 after Athens could no longer afford to finance €310bn borrowed from a wide range of major European banks.
Two years later, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), European commission and European Central Bank (ECB) came up with a second bailout that centred on a €100bn debt write-off by private sector lenders.

Private bondholders saw the value of their bonds drop by 53% and took a further loss by exchanging the debt for securities with a lower interest rate.
This eliminated about €100bn of debt, but €34bn was used to pay for various “sweeteners” to get the the deal accepted. That €34bn was added to the Greek debt. Greek pension funds also suffered terrible losses.

Below Greek debt from Forex 12 Oct. 2011 relative to other expenditures. Already then staggering.


Then €48.2bn was used to bail out Greek banks which had been forced to take losses, weakening their ability to protect themselves and depositors.
Lastly, €140bn has been spent on paying the original debts and interest.

Greek government debt is still about €320bn, 78% of it owed to the troika (Rothschild´s ECB, his IMF and his Masonic EU Commission  with  Jesuit Juncker as President). As the Jubilee Debt Campaign says: “The bailouts have been for the European financial sector, while passing the debt from being owed to the private sector to the public.

How did Greece manage to fare this badly?
Like the Devil, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein sneaked to the Greek government at the time it badly wanted to join the Euro and let the Euro zone pay for its extravagances.

The New York Times 13 febr. 2010:  Countries like Italy and Greece entered the monetary union with bigger deficits than the ones permitted under the treaty that created the currency. Rather than raise taxes or reduce spending, however, these governments artificially reduced their deficits with derivatives – Italy with JP Morgan.

As part of the deal, Greece got cash upfront in return for pledging future landing fees at the country’s airports and the revenue that the government collected from its national lottery. (This means, the government has lost revenues to pay interest with. It staked on Euro zone bail-outs).

Bloomberg 6 March 2015:  Goldman Sachs cheated Greece who did not understand the complicated loan.
On the day the 2001 deal was struck, the government owed the bank about 600 million euros more than the 2.8 billion euros it borrowed.
said Spyros Papanicolaou, who took over the country’s debt-management agency in 2005. By then, the loan had almost doubled to 5.1 billion euros, he said.

Goldman is ruthless about ensuring that its interests aren’t compromised — it’s part of the DNA of that organization.” The Goldman Sachs transaction swapped debt issued by Greece in dollars and yen for euros using an historical exchange rate to make about 2 percent of Greece’s debt disappear from its national accounts. It also used an off-market interest-rate swap to repay the loan.
The trading fees on the swap rose because the deal had a notional value of more than 15 billion euros, more than the amount of the loan itself.

Sardelis was forbidden by Goldman Sachs to check the market  price of loans,” said Papanicolaou, who retired in 2010. Goldman said that if he did that, the deal is off.
Greece would have to pay Goldman Sachs 400 million euros a year, he said.

mundell“The wages of sin are death”. Greece has deceived the EU – or did the land-greedy EU know all along?
If Greece gets along well outside the Euro it may soon be followed by Italy and Spain. This would pave the road for unravelling the economically impossible political Euro, making the vision of the Euro´s father, Robert Mundell, who just saw the Euro as a temporary transition to a one-world currency, come true. No wonder: He was the first Rockefeller Research Professor of International Economics at Rothschild´s  Brookings Institution in 1964-65.


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5 Responses to Who Got the Bail-outs Granted to Greece? The Name Is Rothschild

  1. Carbonscam says:

    Go Greece get out of Rothschilds scam, every nation on earth needs to follow, Governments are designed by the people for the people thats why we have them , NOT private bank Scum stealing the peoples wealth, Good night Rotschild! Iceland have done it so has Hungary, but you don,t here about it on mainstream media Why, ? Cause the cunts own the Media, you can,t hide the truth any longer!

  2. R Davis says:

    “this will mean poverty”
    The US Federal Reserve has taken the US currency to infinity
    because they can
    therefore it is better to have a wallet full of Mexicam pesos
    than to have a shipping container of US dollars .
    The European Centeral Bank has taken the European currency to infinity – also.
    so the euro is also worthless.
    if it were a third world country it would be a very different story.
    The Reserve Bank of Australia has also taken the Australian dollar to soaring heights.
    I suspect that fear has prevented them from going the whole hog.
    Independent Greece willl also be able to take their currency to extravigant heights n’est pas ?

  3. R Davis says:

    According to Australias CEC party on their CEC Report several months ago.
    Robert Barwick & Craig Isherwood – the CEC party. Craig Isherwood runs for election in Will which is my electrate, they are next door to where I fill up my car with petrol = local, real & credible people.
    Only 3% of the monies that made up the loans to Greece actually went to Greece
    The remaining 97% of the monies went to bail-out the International Banks.
    But Greece is up for the whole 100% plus a heifty rate of interest.
    This is FRAUD no matter how you look at it.

  4. R Davis says:

    Gerald Celente – Fox TV 2009
    “Wall St is Washington & Washington is Wall St:

    Obama – 2009
    “It is time for the world to move in a new direction. Our work must begin now.”

    Lloyd Blankfein – Born 1954 60 years old.
    The old guy has big dreams still.
    BUT: all this is being done with money that is being spun out of thin air.
    How does that work in the real world ?
    Silly me, I am confused here – I’m just a woman in a man’s world & I don’t get it.
    Has this been the financial system in play from the begining & they pretended it was not.
    ( I watch Max Keiser – Max is an expert & he also says that it it funny money & that the bubble will burst) – where as Lloyd Blankfein is DRUNK with the ILLUSION of wealth only. Because if what Max says is true THE BIG BOOM TO COME will find Lloyd & his DIVINE Buddies in a heap of trouble.
    I can print all the money I want & therefore I am the BOSS –
    (p.s. I also have dangrous weapons & mercenaries who can use them to effect just in case you buck the system) is the insurance of compliance.
    Because I tell you this, Lloyd Blankfein may be under God’s direction & doing His work – however I would not buy a new car from Llyod Blankfein let alone a used one.
    The Rantings & ravings of an old & mad man, is Lloyd Blankfein; who believes he has the MIDUS TOUCH – on a computer key board.
    Dear God save us from the fools in Dream Street Paradise.

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